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Twilight Princess Re-Make -- Master Wish List

Sep 21, 2014
Huh. That's odd. I see TP almost every time I go to any used games retailer in my area… must be one of those YRMV type dealies.

But yes, to the second thing: not only do i feel no need for a TP remake/boot/master, I will actively be angered by any such announcement until we have a confirmed release date for Zelda U. Don't divert development resources to something important.


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May 11, 2014
United States
Save-anywhere wouldn't be a good idea because you can just abuse it to avoid dying.

I will actively be angered by any such announcement until we have a confirmed release date for Zelda U. Don't divert development resources to something important.
Agree. They should make it after Zelda U.

The thing is with TP people feel like out of all other games it's one which might benefit from a remake. Lookout because SS remake debates will probably pop up in early 2021!
Agree. TP is a game of big scope which has a lot to improve on. SS remake could actually happen now ; HD visuals and some surgical fixes is all it really needs.

Full graphical overhaul so it looks as good as the Wii U tech Demo
Agree with most of your list, but this one might be pushing it. To ask for a whole giant overworld with like 500 areas to look as good as one room that devs spent probably months on to create in non-playable cutscene. At this point, it would be easier to just make a new Zelda game.

If TP looks as good (from a technical standpoint) as Dark Souls, I'd be happy enough.


Apr 22, 2011
I don't think a remake should be ever made, would be like a huge middlefinger to the fossils that have been waiting for Zelda U. I don't think I would even play it since TP isn't that outdated to need a remake, the same could have been said for WW.

The lists people are making are something that I wished SS lived up to since it was '11 it was released, around the same time Skyrim and witcher 2 popped up. But I can't really blame the devs too much for having a poor console to work with, since it is sort of like trying to win a race against a ferrari with a bicycle.

Although I can say that all the upgrades people have been talking about should definitely be used as an absolute must & standard for Zelda U.
-Put it on the WiiU. WW and TP were on the GC, their remakes should share the same console.
-Use the same gamepad item equip function so there's no pausing the game.
-Have the gamepad bee the HUD so we can have a clear screen like WWHD
-1080 widescreen with some better textures
-Bloom lighting!!

-Don't have Link turn into a wolf every time he warps, its annoying to turn back into human form when you land.
-Have wolf Link run faster.
-Add a boss rush mode.


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Jan 16, 2013
Inside the Moon
The ability to flip the game to acknowledge the two release platforms. The gamecube version has a map clearly in line with the OoT one and is preferred by fans for its controls. The Wii one is what most people played, at least initially. They should acknowledge this games complex history by granting fans the option to choose which way theyll play.
Aug 28, 2015
If Twilight Princess is remade in HD, that would be good enough for me. If I can play TP in HD with an actual controller and not a Wii-mote, I would be happy.
Jul 1, 2011
Tournament Of Power Arena
Sumo wrestling a full blown minigame

Make items such as the Ball and Chain, the Dominion Rod, and the Spinner more useful, especially the latter two.

Less muddy.

Add an extra, optional dungeon with a new tunic or something. Hover Boots. ADD something, rather than just revising.

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