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Spoiler Twilight Princess Ganondorf Death



I was just wondering about something. At the end of twilight princess, link stabs ganondorf. He says that its not over yet. Then he seems to falter. We see a clip of zant. Zant cracks his neck and suddenly ganondorf's pupils disapear. Then he dies. Why did it show that clip of zant at the end? Also at the end of the game was link riding away from home or towards it. If he was riding away then can someone tell me why?
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Just Some Dude
Apr 13, 2012
Are you asking how exactly/ if Ganondorf died? If so, I believe the whole situation was deliberately kept vague. I'm pretty sure one theory is that Zant killed himself in order to kill Ganondorf, because their spirits were linked in some way. Some may also say it was more symbolic than anything else- Ganondorf used the Twili to regain power, and now the Twili have been avenged in Ganondorf's death.

Also, if I remember correctly, Link did go back at first to Ordon, but left shortly afterwards. Why? Who knows. It's sort of like asking why Navi left at the end of OoT- draw your own conclusions :)

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