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Sign Ups Trivia Mafia: Music Edition!

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Hey there folks! Mellow Ezlo here. I am writing this because I am in need of recruits for my new trivia game.

Anybody who partook in my previous game, Canadian Mafia 2, may be familiar with this concept. However, things are going to work a little bit differently this time around. I'll get to that soon, but first, you need to know the rules of the game. So, before signing up to join me on this journey, please give these rules a gander and ensure you understand them. The last rule is especially important.
  • Typical ZD and Mafia section rules apply.
  • No outside chat unless permitted with written consent by yours truly.
    • Expanding upon this, any players who are not specifically permitted to may not discuss the game in any capacity outside this thread, with anyone other than myself, for the duration of the game. There will be no graveyard chat, meaning dead players will maintain the same restrictions as those still living.
  • There will be a vote change cap in effect each day for the duration of the game. I will elaborate on this rule when the game begins.
  • The game will be run in a 60 hour day/12 hour night format, similarly to how I ran my previous game.
  • Claims will be allowed and will be limitless. As was the case in my previous game, characters and alignments are not related.
  • Each player will be expected to post no less than four times each day phase; this amounts to 1 post every 15 hours, which should be manageable for everyone. Please DO NOT sign up if you cannot meet this requirement.
  • There will be absolutely no night posting and absolutely no dead posting and these rules will be strictly enforced. This, along with the lack of graveyard chat, will be because certain dead characters may receive the ability to rejoin the game.
  • Votes for No Lynch will be allowed and will count towards each player's vote cap.
  • There will be two factions, a town and a mafia. The town win condition will be to eliminate all threats (ie. eradicate the mafia team) while the mafia win condition will be to achieve parity with the town. Mafia will have a permanent factional nightkill and roleblock at their disposal and will know who their teammates are.
  • Generally speaking, this will be a no reveal game; characters will be revealed for flavour, but alignments will not. There will be actions that allow players to reveal their own alignments after death, actions that allow players to view other players' alignments, and actions that reveal how many town and how many mafia players are among the dead. Additionally, both MYLO and LYLO will be announced at the start of the day.
  • I do not need any specific number of players to run this game. However, I would like somewhere between 8 and 14, no fewer than 8. I will keep signups open for 2 weeks unless fewer than 8 people sign up in that time.
  • To indicate you've read and are OK with these rules, please include your best music-related pun in your signup post. Your signup will not be counted otherwise.
Now, while planning for the follow-up to my previous game, I reflected a good bit on how the generally well-received trivia mechanic worked and how I could change it to be more fair. Since questions were posted in thread and were first-come-first-serve, with the number of questions each day being equal to just over half the number of living players, many people missed out on answering questions and thus missed out on abilities. For this reason, I have come up with a way for each player to be guaranteed opportunities to answer question. Here are some points on how the trivia mechanic will work this time around:
  • Each player will be provided with a currently undetermined number of trivia questions in their role PM (the number of questions will largely be dependent on the number of players).
  • Questions will range in difficulty from incredibly easy to quite difficult.
  • In this game, there will be somewhat of a "No Googling" rule.
    • Each question is tied to an ability. Each ability comes with a strong and weak variant. In order to receive the strong variant, you may not use any search engine or website to look up the answer. You may still receive the "weak" (relative) variant if you must google the correct answer.
    • I obviously can't enforce this, so I am operating under the assumption that every player respects the integrity of the game enough to honour this rule.
    • In addition, there will be ways for players to earn hints that they can redeem without penalty (in other words, earning a hint for a specific question will still allow you to receive the stronger variant of the ability tied to that question).
  • You may answer all of your questions at once if you wish, or at any point in the game. However, you will only receive one ability per correct answer, and only one per day. No abilities will be given for incorrect answers.
  • For the most part, all abilities will be single-shot and must be used in the first night or day phase after they are received, otherwise they will be lost.
  • All questions will be related to some aspect of music trivia; there will be questions about music history, musical instruments, musicians and compositions from a variety of genres and time periods, and everything in between.
  • Answering questions Jeopardy style is not a requirement in this game.
If there is anything I think of that I forgot to include in these rules, or feel the need to make amendments, I will edit this post and make an announcement in this thread highlighting the change.

I hope I touched all the bases I needed to. Next step is to begin signing up!

I will close signups at 11:59pm MT on Saturday, January 21, 2023 unless fewer than 8 people sign up by then.

  1. Macabre Picori
  2. Dusk Breeze
  3. x
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. ...
Here is a link to my previous game, for everybody's reference and to get an idea as to my trivia question writing style.
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