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Spoiler Treasure at Eldin Dragon Room?

Jan 6, 2012
Hi everyone!

I really like to explore Zelda games, something that I only do with other games if I am bored. SS was no exception, I am exploring everywhere looking for details I missed and pointless treasures, and yeah, I found many, along with things I didn't expect, small things like Erla giving me Goddess Plume for finding him again or others like that Groose can launch me to various places with his Groosenator, and pointless things like learning how to read "beltconveyorsystem" in hylian

Just yesterday I was exploring Eldin, when I did a visit to Eldin the Dragon. I noticed the 5 sections behind him

And I just had to look at them, I used my beetle, but I could not see a thing, I was about to go out when I decided to try one more time, but this time I finally saw something, a treasure chest, one of the blue ones, at the second section from left to right:

I tried to look around for something, but there was nothing, then I thought that since you can see the dragon from there, you can only get to it after the volcano eruption, I looked in the accessible areas after said event but I had no luck, I even went to the fire sanctuary where I didnt planned to go this time because I was there enough for the volcanic gases to affect me
I have the feeling I am just failing to find how I can get to this treasure, but if I am lucky enough, this would be one of the fake and small mysteries I was looking for The Eldin Dragon treasure, but Fi says there is a 99% chance it is the first one

Have you been able to get this treasure? if it is possible I would like some SPOILER warning so I can find it myself please :P


Dec 16, 2009
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^Woah. So I wasn't hallucinating when Erla went missing? Where do you find him (or is it her?)?

I haven't noticed the treasure chest though. I'll go look for it.
Jan 6, 2012
^Woah. So I wasn't hallucinating when Erla went missing? Where do you find him (or is it her?)?

I haven't noticed the treasure chest though. I'll go look for it.

About Erla, is nothing special to be honest, he doesn't appear in your map because he is hiding, but is not hard to find him, I don't tell you more so you can look for him. Oh! and if I am right, Fi calls every Kikwi a he even if I could bet that Lopsa was a she

Yesterday I was around the volcano looking for some treasures and some ornamental skulls from the bokoblins (I find those really hard to find, I have even more golden skulls). I decided to look again for a way to get the treasure, but I still cant find it, I am sure it will be something obvious, but I have no look. If you want to look it yourself remember it is in the second section from left to right, and you need to use the beetle.

Oh, and I just want to confirm it is a treasure chest you can open, is not a fake chest like the one behind the fortune teller.
Jan 6, 2012
So, no one has been able to get this treasure?

the area where the treasure is located doesn't seem to have a way to get in, and if you look at the map it is out of the limit of the room, the map shows the limit to the lava, and not an area where Link would be able to walk

That seems really strange. Maybe it's a chest that the delvopers scrapped or forgot about?



This is half-solved I just found a video with it! THIS VIDEO IS NOT MINE

and guess what is inside!
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Jun 15, 2010
Urgh, just when I thought there was something that I missed... It turns out to be something that seems inaccessible. There's really no reason for the harp to be in there, obviously. XD

That's interesting, though. I can't believe I missed that. I used the Beetle to go flying around the room just a few days ago, and that never caught my attention.
Jan 18, 2012
Jan 6, 2012
What the hell? What the **** that is doing there?
That guy used cheats?

probably, because I don't think there is that kind of glitch, he used some cheat to go through the walls and walk in the air, but for the item in the chest, I guess its some un-scrapped thing, I think there is some example of his in previous games, but I cant remember

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