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Breath of the Wild Transportation in Zelda Wii U

Apr 28, 2013
West Clock Town
I don't know if this thread exists already or not, but I couldn't find one.

So with link to the past 2, announced, we know there probably isn't going to be any mode of transportation to get around in. But what about zelda wii u? DO we want some kind of transportation? Do you want them to bring back epona? Or do you want something else like flying or sailing? I personally think they should come up with a brand new form of getting around., What do you guys think?


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
I prefer Epona, but really I can live with any transportation so long as we have a good warp system.


May 18, 2013
I hope there's no transportation at all, it might lead to the detached overworld style from ww, ss and the ds games and I don't like these styles.

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
I like the system in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. There was a form of Transportation, but it was possible to traverse the overworld and explore without using transportation. In The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and to a lesser degree Skyward Sword, we were forced to use transportation to get around, and the overworld was very much split. I am not a fan of this system since it limits the amount of possible exploration, and I also find traversing the overworlds to be rather boring. I am not saying Nintendo should bring back Epona, but I do not think we should have what was in TWW, PH, ST, and SS.

To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind if there wasn't any transportation at all. The 2D games don't have transportation, and it works fine. Unfortunately, since it is a 3D console game, there is a very high likelihood that we will have transportation, I just hope it's something like OOT, MM, and TP. We need a game that has an easily traversable overworld, yet one that is full of exploration. Zelda is an action-adventure series after all, I think it's about time we had a return to the adventure aspect.


If they used the tech Demo artstyle I think it would be a crime not to have Epona to get around as I think she would be amazing on a glorious HD screen with that specific style, but if it was SS style then I would opt out of any Epona as I can't see her looking as good, I especially enjoyed flying the loftwing but this probably wouldn't go with the gamepad (flapping was half the fun) so perhaps a new unseen transportation system for that artstyle. Any how Nintendo never fail to disappoint, whatever they chose to do I'm sure it will be fantastic!


That 3D Guy
May 25, 2013
Pretty much echoing what thecoolmana said, it all depends on what kind of approach they take and where it is set. I still think I'd prefer a horse over any other kind of transport; it gives a more heroic feel. Got some great memories of riding Epona across Hyrule Field in both OoT and TP. It also links to the whole concept of just being an average boy going on an adventure, as a horse can be as casual or as epic as you want it to be :)


The King of all Rocks
Nov 12, 2011
Death Mountain
Horse. Epona was the best mode of transportation ever. You could even use her in combat! Riding on the back of a loftwing was cool, but Epona was more useful.


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
I'm honestly hoping for another seafaring adventure! If Nintendo managed to fix the Great Sea's flaws, to make the sea more engaging, I think an ocean-style overworld would work well!

As much as I do want to see something of the sort, I do think that the game is going to sink back to it's previous styles. With the art style that they showed in the Demo back in the day, I feel as if Epona would be the best choice, but as the art style, as far as my knowledge is concerned, hasn't been confirmed yet, I ultimately am hoping for some sea travel. With sea travel, I found it engaging to find enemy boats or crow's nest towers, and it was fun to find loot in that sense. Also, a good warp system never hurt anyone!

The Jade Fist

Kung Fu Master
Jul 17, 2012

Or for something a bit cooler, Link could slam down on the ground and like a portal like door way rises up out of the ground, and then Link walks into a room that has door ways to all over the world. And to have it be near seamless, so Link could literally just walk the entire map in with in seconds to go places he's already been. Like fast traveling on other games, except cooler.
Jun 16, 2013
Desert Wastlands
I want no transportation at all (accept for some warps). It needs to go back to the classic walking everywhere just like in A Link To The Past. If you wanted to get somewhere fast, they could give you an item that does that (like the Bunny Hood).

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