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TPHD-Wii U TPHD the last Zelda remake?

We've had a fair few remakes over last few years; OoT3D, MM3D, WWHD and if you wanna be picky and call ALBW a pseudo remake then i wont argue...

TPHD is all but confirmed at this point and with its release we'll have seen four of the five 3D Zelda games remade leaving only the majority of the 2D games and Skyward Sword left.

If TPHD becomes a thing then I can see the version they choose to build upon being the Gamecube version with analogue control and the un-mirrored overworld so that more gamepad features could be implemented like they were in WWHD rather than using the wii rotation and controller. (Some people who own a wiiU dont own a wiimote so why make a game for a console that uses previous gen hardware when you're meant to be advertising current gimmicks?).

This got me thinking, Aonuma did say not to rule out TPHD but he also said not to rule out SSHD too, however, whereas TP turns ten years old next year and has an analogue base code, SS only turns five next year and will always need a wiimote.

This begs the question, will TPHD be the last remake? Considering that SSHD will need a wiimote and for the console it appears on to be compatible with the tech... Its likely that if SSHD ever happens that it'll be on the console after the NX... Which is a long time to try and keep wii tech alive.

So, what say you all, will TPHD be the last Zelda remake?

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For now, I hope so. I'm getting tired of remakes. The only remakes I got excited for was OoT and MM 3D. WW HD I wasn't too excited for at first, but I've learned to accept it, and now I'm glad it happened. Although I'll take TP HD if we get it I won't be happy to be forced more remakes rather than new games.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Perhaps for a while, but even remakes will eventually become dated and need to keep up with the newer formats. I know OOT 3D is a thing but no doubt in a few years there will be an HD 4k remake.
Sep 21, 2014
They will never stop remaking Zelda games. They will keep remaking them until the sun expands and swallows the earth. And even when that happens, you can be sure they'll quickly release a new Zelda game called The Legend of Zelda: The Sun Swallowed Earth just so they can release a remake of it before we all burn and die.
Sep 30, 2015
Zelda will probably have more remakes but who knows ALTTP had "2" remakes and WW one then came TPHD(if leak is true) but I expect a Original game to be remade


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Jan 31, 2010
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Nah, it won't be the last remake for sure.I'm pretty sure more will come in the future. Who knows, maybe in 4 years from now we'll get SSHD? Plus a remake of remakes might be another option because with the latest technology and things changing so fast, all current remakes might become outdated and need an overhaul as well.
Aug 12, 2015
Wether Skyward Sword HD can ever happen depends on wether the NX supports Motion Control. As much as some people hate it, the game just wouldn't work without them. I can't imagine playing the game with a controller without seriously dumbing it down and taking out content.

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As long as the NX is compatible the the wii mote I assume we'll get an HD version of SS on it. Sony released the last of us remastered about a year after the original came out. There's no such thing as too soon for a remake/remaster nowadays.


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Oct 28, 2012
Well...if they're gonna do an SS remake, now's the time, while the console still uses a Wiimote.


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Nov 13, 2012
I sure as hell hope so, unless they want to start remaking the 2D games with updated graphic, not so much ALBW graphic but upgraded graphic fitting the mood of the game itself. I would love too see LA/OoX as a three game collection set up as episode, so they can be played as one coherent story.


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Nov 21, 2015
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I wouldn't mind seeing them remake the old handheld games like Link's Awakening and the Oracle games. Seeing a redone original would be sweet as well. As for your question, I doubt it - I could definitely see Nintendo remaking some other games. They did talk about Skyward Sword at some point, but I think that one's best left alone at the moment.


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Mar 27, 2015
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Perhaps for a while, but even remakes will eventually become dated and need to keep up with the newer formats. I know OOT 3D is a thing but no doubt in a few years there will be an HD 4k remake.

This is the only game I care about them remaking. What I would absolutely love is if they gave Ocarina of Time a Final Fantasy VII treatment. Completely redo the game with modern technology. Keep the gameplay and story intact, but give it that "new game" feel. That would absolutely make me die. I could die the day after playing that and be happy.

I want to make clear: I don't just want the game in HD. I want it completely redone. Imagine walking up to Death Mountain and it looking like this (you have to use your imagination, of course):


How amazing would that be? Seeing something like that when you walk into Kakariko Village for the first time? Doing the Bottom of the Well with super amazing lighting effects—imagine how creepy that dungeon could be!

I'm getting chills just thinking about it.
Nov 13, 2015
Skyward Sword won't be a hard game to remake. It already has a good art style: Just switch to 1080p and make extraneous dialogue/tutorials/fetch quests optional. And it's a perfect game right there.

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