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Toxic Zelda Fanboys and encountering one


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Jul 19, 2016
In an unknown universe.
Since people always seem to talk about the Nintendo fanboys being toxic but almost none would talk about Zelda fanboys being toxic.
I was a toxic Zelda fangirl once but got over it, though I would say there are toxic ones out there.
Know anything about what toxic Zelda fanboys would be like and if you met one in your life? If so tell us about it.

PS. I have no hate against anyone who loves Zelda or anything like that so don't think I am.


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I dunno. The Star Wars fandom can get pretty ****ing toxic.
I mean, obviously there are outliers, but as long as you aren’t actively harassing the people behind the franchise or threatening others you’re probably fine. Unlike Star Wars where public opinion tends to be very one-sided and therefore extremism is less looked down upon, opinions on the Zelda series are so diverse in general that it’s rare to see anything actually toxic happening. The most that you’ll see on a major scale is the fanbase being split on an art style, and on a minor scale it’s mainly just people acting like the fanbase is worse than it actually is. If that’s the worst you have then it’s pretty safe to say that your fanbase is pretty “non-toxic.” Heated, maybe, but certainly not toxic.


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No matter which large group of people you are looking at there are bound to be some people who are "toxic". I don't think there is a specific way to handle someone who's a Zelda fan who is toxic over any other person you might see as toxic - I feel it's just best to stay clear of anyone you feel that way about.

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