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Spoiler Top Ten Favorite Skyward Sword Moments


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
Hello, Zelda Dungeon Community! I have finally decided to make my long overdue return to this forum. My absence as of late is mostly on account of my lack of time, as well as my overall vow to abstain from any online Zelda discussion until I had completed Skyward Sword (this, of course, was an attempt to keep my initial playthrough as “spoiler free” as possible). In any case, as you (the reader or readers of this post) have likely guessed, I have since completed the game (two days ago, to be exact) and managed to find enough time to write this post. I must say that I was quite pleased with Nintendo’s latest installment in the franchise (a horrible understatement), but will refrain from expressing my full feelings about this game until my “Skyward Sword Impressions/Review/Analysis” is complete (which may be a while, seeing as I have yet to begin). Either way, as I slowly once again immerse myself into the Zelda Dungeon Community, I feel it is only appropriate that I write a brief article to satisfy my overwhelming desire to write about the game (if I were to immediately write my “Impressions” article, I would surely rush through it and leave out many important details). Therefore, I have taken the time to prepare for you “the Happy Mask Salesman’s Top Ten Favorite Skyward Sword Moments”. Yes, there are far too many great points within this game to single out only ten, but, due to my own lack of time, I feel it should suffice.
Also, in case you haven’t already determined this (or, for some reason, haven’t yet played the game), there ARE SPOILERS below…….

What? That isn’t good enough?.... Fine….


As this is a “top ten” list, I feel that I should warn you that it is entirely subjective. For this reason, I wish to avoid replies that say things such as, “Why isn’t the part where Link gets his sword on this list???”. Rest assured, I did enjoy that part, but there are two major things that I looked at while composing this list:
Firstly, it was a storyline or HEAVILY story driven moment in the game. There are gameplay instances in this list, but I tried to focus on those that showed great character development or storytelling.
Secondly, and, perhaps, most importantly, the selected moments struck me, making me want to declare Skyward Sword truly one of Nintendo’s best work, possibly the greatest game in the series.
Either way, without further ado, “the Top Ten Skyward Sword Moments”…

10. The Ancient Cistern
At first, when considering what would make it onto this particular list, I deemed it best to include Koloktos only (if at all). However, while researching the boss of the Ancient Cistern’s name (yes, I had forgotten), I stumbled upon a comment by someone that declared the entire dungeon an adaptation of the Buddhist “Spider’s Thread Story”. Intrigued, I quickly checked one of my reliable sources (*coughGooglecough*) and found the tale. Suddenly, I was struck with the countless parallels between the dungeon and the tale, leaving me with both a profound appreciation and greater understanding of the area. The well thought out level design, dramatic descent and eventual struggle out of a hellish wasteland, and what might be the best boss fight in the series all secure the Ancient Cistern’s spot on my list.

9. Tad Tones
At this late in the game quest, I was struck with nostalgia. The world is doomed, and I need only one more piece of a song to fulfill my great destiny. I have battled countless demons and slain many a foul creature. However, I still must prove myself. How, you might ask? I must retrieve a collection of “Tad Tones” unleashed by the Water Dragon (the Dragons being great additions to the storyline, furthering the feeling that this game’s setting is very early in Hyrule’s history). How many, you ask? Too many. This proved to be the quest that I hated so much that I enjoyed. Seriously, what the Farore are Tad Tones???

8. The Resurrection of Demise
Seriously, just look at the guy. This is, perhaps, the coolest looking villain in the series.

7. Obtaining the Triforce and the Final Dungeon
This is something that Zelda fans have wanted to occur in a modern Zelda game for a great deal of time. The moment we learn that Link is to obtain this golden power, we are instantly overwhelmed with satisfaction…. As for the Final Dungeon, it may well be the best in the series. If there is one aspect of Skyward Sword that I do not wish to spoil (for anyone who hasn’t played but is still reading this), it is this dungeon.

6. The Final Battle
Though it lacked the fancy multi tiered combat of Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword’s finale was perfect for the beginning for the series’ history: a simple sword fight between the predecessor of all future Links, the embodiment of the Goddess’s good, and the Dark Lord, all in the a beautiful yet empty realm. This is the first of many such fights and the perfect conclusion to the game.

5. Trailing Fi
The mystical feel of this journey to the eventual Master Sword mixed with frantic combats is made perfect only by the accompaniment of my favorite song in the game.

4. Fi’s Depature
Perhaps it was the fact that my heart was moved at this servant’s, who we thought incapable of understanding human emotion, final words of thanks to her “master”. Perhaps it was the realization that, in almost every other Zelda game, I’ve unknowingly carried this loyal companion through my quests. Just think of the satisfaction that this spirit has felt knowing that she was once again being carried by an incarnation of her friend, and the sadness that she could not speak with him. Nintendo till knows how to evoke tears.

3. Groose’s Revelation
Groose has to be one of my favorite characters in the franchise. Throughout the first half of the game, all the way to this particular scene, this citizen of Skyloft was portrayed as an egotistical villain of sorts that any player of the game would hate. We, the players, are inclined to a natural dislike for Groose. However, the when he first sets foot (or face, rather) upon the surface below the clouds, we are treated to a comical scene of his terror aroused by the presence of nearby songbirds (as accompanied by a beautiful musical arrangement). Soon after, both Link and Groose head towards the sealed grounds, where Impa explains another portion of Link’s quest. Headstrong and arrogant as ever, Groose brushes Link aside, declaring his full intent (and apparent ability) to rescue his childhood love. Soon after, the Imprisoned beast at the bottom of the nearby pit awakens, and all rush out to face it. Of course, Link proves to be the only one capable of sealing the beast once again, while Groose is left only to look on in fear. Afterwards, we are treated to one of Nintendo’s greatest achievements in character development. Groose, suddenly realizes that Link is the one that is truly destined to save his beloved Zelda. Struck with a mix of this revelation and grief, he wanders off, declaring himself useless. At this point, my feelings for the would be villain changed dramatically. Suddenly, we are treated to a new understanding of his character. Up to this point, he truly believed himself capable of rescuing Zelda, the one that he has always loved. He merely wished to be the one that was “destined” to save her. However, fate did not play its cards in his favor. Of course, as the player sees the world through Link’s perspective, it takes a scene that is as dramatic as this (filled with many of my favorite storyline mechanics) to truly understand what can only be called “the Legend of Groose”.

2. Girahim’s Epic Kick
“Epic” is a severely overused word in today’s society. The youth of today seems to throw it about carelessly, with little regard to its meaning. Much like previously abused words in our world, it has slowly lost its meaning. Not often is it that a self proclaimed “epic” occurrence truly is worthy of the word. I, however, have always made an attempt to preserve the its meaning. For this reason, when I use the term “epic”, I truly mean it. When two of my newest favorite characters in the Zelda series face off, each at the epitome of their character respective development, I feel it most appropriate to use the word. Throughout the entire second half of the game, I had awaited Groose’s moment of triumph. Yes, he had aided Link in the defeat of the Imprisoned on multiple occasions, however, he had not yet faced the evil that threatened his beloved Zelda head on. At the same time, Girahim, at the peak of his flamboyantly sadistic plan, portrays another example of Nintendo’s character creating genius. When the two faced each other before the Gate of Time, the Zelda fan within me was screaming its praises. I wasn’t very surprised at what transpired in that instance of the game. In fact, I would have been disappointed had it not occurred. No matter, the climax of the scene was what secured its spot on the list. Just before kicking aside the now heroic Groose, Girahim snarls an insulting innuendo filled comment about his opponent’s hair that could only be one of the greatest lines of text that has ever appeared in a Zelda game. “You’re in my way, and the sight of your appalling hair makes my gorge rise.”

1. Demise’s Curse
How could this not be the number one spot on this list? Not only is it the conclusion of a one on one sword encounter with the arguably coolest looking villain in the series, but it fulfills every Zelda fans dreams of a reason for the constant struggle between the holders of the Triforce. Who’s fan fiction wouldn’t explain this recently unveiled mystery with a curse from a being more powerful than Ganondorf (of course, the argument could be made that Ganondorf holds the Triforce of Power, which Demise failed to possess…. But that is a discussion for another time)? As the dark lord draws his last breath, his fading body soaked with the eternal rain, he rises, pointing to the Goddess’s champion. With a hatred wrought in the fires of a thousand years, he curses the mortal and all of his descendants. This battle will forever continue lest the spell be broken. Anyone else recall the Tale of the Children of Hurin? Perhaps you, for some reason, have not read it.

Do you agree? Disagree? What is your top ten?


Dragon Demon
Mar 5, 2011
Spirit Temple
Nice though you missed one thing. THE FINAL BLOW ON DEMISE. Do you know how "epic" that was. The final battle with Ghirahim was also awesome, especially that Monster Onslaught


Boy Wonder
Jun 22, 2011
Behind you
I definitely agree with these, but I'd like to add into consideration the wonderful moment when Link first talks to Zelda in the Temple of Hylia. Not only do we get a healthy dose of mythology and story expansion, but we also get perhaps the most heartbreaking moment in the entire game as Zelda encases herself in crystal in an effort to keep Demise at bay, and Link helplessly pounds on the crystal as Zelda asks him to promise he'll come wake her up when it's over.
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Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
Girahim's onslaught is perhaps the only moment that I wish I had room to throw on this list.... It reminded me of the thrill that any game maker (or hacker) experiences when they cause a mass spawning of enemies, just for the sake of looking cool. I was reminded of the Lord of the Rings. Despite the fact that this IS a top TEN, list, I suppose I could make this one go to eleven (if you get the reference, which I hope you do, you'll earn a larger quiver).

The essential massive exposition in the Temple of Hylia was a great moment, though the knowledge that Zelda would be free kept me from feeling too heartbroken at the time. No matter, I greatly enjoyed seeing such a deeper side to Link's emotional state. Of course, he did look rather disturbing at some points...


Aug 29, 2010
So far, my favorite moments is (so far), fighting Koloktos, fighting Ghirahim 2nd, and finally getting the True Master Sword was epic.


I enjoyed the scene with Zelda entering the crystal as well.

But it sort of confused me. If Zelda did this in order to keep Demise at bay, then why can The Imprisoned still release itself in the present?


I agree, but I believe you missed 2 things.

Any given time that Ghirahim licks his lips with that Gene Simmons tongue of his. I mean come on. That guy just SCREAMS fabulous. More Ghirahim PLZ. xD

And furthermore, any time you defeat The Imprisoned. Monster scales (or as I like to call them, chunks) everywhere, then they shoot to the center. And the way you seal it up. Amazing. Love it. But apart from those 2 missing, I agree with the list.
Sep 23, 2011
-The scene before the second Ghirahim battle
-Ghirahim's maniacal laugh when he splits up Zelda and Link after Zelda wakes up
-Ghirahim's dance right before he begins the ritual
-Ghirahim's fury and the way he tosses Zelda in the air when Link battles his way through the horde
-Groose seeing the birds and Gorko
-Groose hugging old Impa
-Groose blowing steam out of his nose as Zelda scolds him
-Link banging on the crystal as Zelda speaks her last words before she falls asleep
-Impa's chastizing of Link in the Earth Temple
-Asking Impa "Am I late?" at the Temple of Time
-Battling the horde
-Koloktos standing up and swinging those six swords around
-The stealth section in Eldin Volcano
-The Silent Realm
-Wishing on the Triforce
-Battling the Imprisoned

Yeah, thats more than ten. I just listed what ever popped into my head.
Jun 13, 2011
Girahim's onslaught is perhaps the only moment that I wish I had room to throw on this list.... It reminded me of the thrill that any game maker (or hacker) experiences when they cause a mass spawning of enemies, just for the sake of looking cool. I was reminded of the Lord of the Rings. Despite the fact that this IS a top TEN, list, I suppose I could make this one go to eleven (if you get the reference, which I hope you do, you'll earn a larger quiver).
Spinal Tap reference. When will I be getting my bigger quiver?
Nov 28, 2011
10. The Temple of Time is just behind this rubble.

9. Finding out I'm going to acquire the Triforce.

8. Moldarach boss room is Tower of Spirits foyer.

7. Zelda is Hylia/Demise's Curse

6. The Hoarde.

5. Levias' stark resembelence of The Wind Fish.

4. Original Zelda Main Theme is Song of the Hero.

3. The Final Dungeon

2. The little clips of "What Zelda was doing" at the beginning of the credits. Throughout the game I was wishing Nintendo was with the age of DLC and we could play as Zelda and maybe Ghirahim who said he went through "many hardships" to revive the King...I wanted to play through those scenarios.

1. Nintendo Racetrack logo at the end of it all. "Nintendo: Yeah, we know what we're doing!"


so far for me this is only a top five since I haven't finish the game yet but spoiler still for those either not past the third dougeon or got the game

5 your first time sky diving. oh man I just love diving from the highest air and soring down to skyloft.

4 meeting Ghirahim the first time

3 groose evloving moment, just i hated this guy and when I saw that he was accepting the fact it how should I put you can not hate him anymore, like this guy thought of himself so high that when he reliese that he not destiny to save zelda, you just got to feel sorry for him.

2 impa degarding you in the earth temple. finally we get a impa that not nice to you and who degarde you for being late, wow i hate to see what she would say if zelda was taken away.

1 meeting Ghirahim a 3rd time at the temple of time, words can not express this, you meet zelda and impa and both you and zelda are happy and you rush to her, only for this guy not only blowing up the block off wall, he creat a wall to stop you, and then gose onto pummeling Impa barrior. then you come at the last second. and your giving a option and I just had to go with either am I late (I didn't do on this playthrew) or Go. and I pick go. and Ghirahim reaction to you stoping his plan for a second time is just funny how he move. I think someone need some anger magenment classes. lol

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