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Top 5 games you have the strongest nostalgia for

Nostalgia is often a double edged sword, we often look back on things and think of them as better than they actually were, and when we interact with something we havent interacted with in a while we're often overcome with strong emotions that can overpower us and bring certain emotions and memories flooding back.

Nostalgia and video games go hand in hand and can enhance the way we feel about them after years of not playing them.
Although sometimes nostalgia can be negative and you could also end hating something you only slightly disliked to begin with.

So, be it positive or negative, which are your top 5 games that you have an overpowering sense of nostalgia toward?


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Feb 23, 2014
This is in no particular order but:
1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Final Fantasy IX
4. Pokemon Red
5. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Usually I can fill a Top 5 list, but my history with video games only goes as far back as the gamecube. I got into gaming late but took to it with a passion. But I haven't really got the long history to build up nostalgia for nes, snes or genesis/sega era games.

One exception is Myst, my first gaming love affair. Everyone remembers their first time and Myst was mine. To this day a simple sound effect, screen grab or a few notes of music is enough to get the nostalgia juices flowing. Hit me up with that rocking opening scene and I'm instantly floored! Myst is so achingly quaint by today's standards but for the nostalgia stricken it's like an old flame~

Other than that, Ocarina of Time was another one of my early video game ventures and holds a lot of nostalgic appeal for me. I first played it on the gamecube but it was soon enough after I really started playing video games that it was a fresh new thing for me. I am fond enough of Twilight Princess and have spent enough steamy moon-lit evenings with her to build up quite the nostalgic rapport.

So I s'pose my Top 5 looks something like this:

1.) Myst
2.) Riven: The Sequel to Myst
3.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
4.) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

yeah, that's a top four. But I've really got nothing to put in the no. 5 slot. Maybe given enough time I might start getting nostalgic for games like Arkham City or Sleeping Dogs or Dragon's Dogma or Witcher 3 or Fallout 3 or my abusive love/hate relationship with Mass Effect and on again/off again affair with Dragon Age, but that takes time...


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Okay a strong contender for no. 5 is Xenoblade Chronicles. That one's really close to nostalgic already for how long it's been around. It even has that old school look and feel and the characters and story are whole worlds of endearing. I can definitely see it occupying the 5 slot in the not so distant future.


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Oct 8, 2016
2. Mario kart (snes)
3. Final fantasy VII
4. Yoshis island
5. Donkey Kong country

They're all games I played with my mums best friends son who was an extended part of the family and died about 8 years ago so all these games take me back to when we used to play them as kids
1. Super Mario 64 - My first game ever
2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - My second game ever
3. Pokemon Blue - My first handheld game ever
4. Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World - My most played handheld game ever
5. Halo 3 - The first real multiplayer blockbuster I got into


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May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,beat me to this thread

-Wind Waker
my nostalgia level for this game is too strong,pretty much by default,no zelda game can ever move this from my number 1 spot,no matter how good
-Super Mario Sunshine
another game i just simply cant express in words how much nostalgia i have for it,also among my favorite mario games
-Super Smash Bros Melee
spent so much time on this as a kid,really hard to believe i almost passed this up
-Grand Theft Auto Vice City
honestly if any game,this game is a physical embodiment of my nostalgia,just looking at this game screams childhood
-Sonic 2 [Game Gear]
one of the earliest games i've ever played,it didn't last me as long as the other games [only found out a few years ago i played this on my bro's game gear],but boy do those 8 bit sega tunes bring me back

these games i played 3rd grade and under
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Lanky Kong

May 27, 2016
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Pokemon HG/SS, Pokemon Ranger (Shadows of Almia), Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Sunshine, and Angry Birds (I wasn't young when angry birds came out, but my little brother was a HUGE fan and got really into it. I remember playing against him and trying to see who could beat the most levels.)
Oct 14, 2013
5. Tyrian / Tyrian 2000 - A game I played a lot of as a kid. Was totally fun and a great shump.
4. Secret of Evermore - Played this do death as a kid. Not the best game ever but it has everything I wanted out of an action RPG. (I'm not even a dog person, I'm a cat person, ironic as this game is all about a boy and his dog)
3. Secret of Monkey Island 2 - Lechuck's Revenge - I loved the point and click adventure game genre as a kid. This was my favourite game in that genre.
2. Terranigma - This game brings back the feels. So many memories had there.
1. Master of Orion 2 - Battle at Antares - In my opinion this was a game so good it's still playable today. I really got into this game hardcore. I mostly played it single player so I could think out every turn. Sure it could have been more, but what was there was totally amazing.

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