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Too Old to Play Zelda?

Almost all my friends that play zelda have uncles and parents that usually come together during parties to play some zelda games, especially for swords adventures. And they sure got the moves to prove how pro they r at zelda, and they r in their 60s. XD
May 13, 2012
You are never to old. I once had a friend who loved Zelda and Pokemon. And one day, he got Call of Duty:Black Opps. He never talked to me about anything other than his best kill streak until he moved. I found another friend who actually LIKES Zelda.


Zelda Masta
Nov 4, 2011
Canada EH
Anyone has the right to play any game they want. You cant be too old or too young for a video game. Every game can be fun or boring in all depends on the players POV.
Jan 20, 2012
There are so many emotional aspects of the game that a 10 year old wouldn't understand, even though Zelda is totally make believe, their are many concepts you can relate to yourself. I'm sure it is more fun playing it as an adult as a child. I'm only 15, but i can guarentee that i will still be playing it in 10 years, hell, my 62 year old GRANDFATHER is playing Skyward Sword in the other room! You're never too old :)


well im 25 and i still really enjoy zelda and look at robin williams he is in his 60s and loves the series and even named his daughter Zelda


Transparent Perfection
May 6, 2012
No one is too old for Zelda!!! I will always love the game. It will be my favorite. My little brother's best friend has almost all the newest games and his dad knows how to beat each one by memory. I'm currently gonna get two temple medallion tattoos from zelda.
May 17, 2012
Well, they seem to be primarily aimed at children but that doesn't mean that adults mustn't play them. I love Zelda, at 27 years old.
Apr 4, 2012
You're never too old to play something good. Its already obvious what kind of games people play who say that.

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