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Too Old to Play Zelda?


The game is on!
One can never get too old for Zelda! Honestly, I don't think that my interest for the Zelda series will ever cease. I will play Zelda all the way to the grave! The I want to be buried with all of my Zelda games!
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Jul 6, 2011
Everyone's always hating on windwaker cause of the graphics... Why can't they just understand us??? LEAVE ZELDA (Brittney) ALONE!!!
Jul 6, 2011
I hate this generation. Back in the 90's nobody called any kind of game childish. Now if it doesn't have mindless violence it's too kiddie.
Nov 29, 2010
Im 36 and i still play Zelda.
I have been playing Zelda since LoZ came out for the nes on a gold cartridge.
Which i have right beside me.

I love it as much as ever i did.
What do i love about Zelda,i love the exploring aspect of the series.
The wonderful music,trying to work out puzzles etc.

I bet those who say we are to old to play Zelda would love it if they played it.
Its so unfair to criticise a series unless you have tried them.

In fact as time foes on i love Zelda more and more.


Boy Wonder
Jun 22, 2011
Behind you
The only way you can be "too old" to play Zelda is if aging renders you physically incapable of playing, be it lack of motor controls to work the controller, or blindness.


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
My dad's friend is 35, and still plays Zelda. If Zelda is as "gay" and "childish" as the stereotype, then I am too old for Zelda. Pop culture has turned 75% of people my age into complete MORONS.
I'll probably follow the Zelda series until the end (be it of me or the series; whichever comes first).
Feb 23, 2011
Being too old for Zelda (or any game) has never been an issue for me, as most people in my family (and friends) play it (and other rated E games), too; many of which are much older than I. It was my older brother - five years older than myself - who got me hooked. My first game was A Link to the Past; I was at least 6 years old back then, and I'm a veteran, I guess.

Hmm, I did not know people still thought this way about video games in this day and age, but I guess I often forget how many people there are on this earth and that there as just as many opinions... I think it's a video game's look that makes people say stuff like "You're too old to play this".

I once got scolded, not for being too old, but for being a "girl" for playing "The Little Mermaid" stage on Kingdom Hearts 2, but completing the stage was necessary for 100% completion (but let's just save that story for another day, shall we :yes:).

By the way, the oldest person I know to play Zelda is well into her 50's. Go figure. ;)
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Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
I too have to agree with all of you who've said that one can never be too old to enjoy Zelda or any other E-rated game. I've never been called childish for just that but some of my friends actually were like "OMG, you're almost 24 and you still bought a Game Boy[!]" when I got my 3DS. Yeah, most of them don't play video games a lot, and if they do then it's almost only those same online shooters on PC/Xbox. Don't get me wrong, I like to play me some good old CS with a couple friends at a LAN party once a year (we usually play 2-3 days for 6-9 hours/day) or so but that's all but I don't do any online gaming, I'm actually feeling a little old for that.
BTW, when I got my original Game Boy back in '93, even my Grandpa had quite some fun playing Tetris on it :) (he was 50 back then and as a farmer in our small village of 3500 he doesn't exactly have a very technocratic background)


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Only people who think games are made for kids are really close minded or are sticking to the fact that it's for kids. I beg to differ.

I find games, or Zelda to be for everyone. I mean come on, I see nothing wrong with it. Wind Waker? I can see a 40 year old man play it because they love Zelda. Sure it may look childish, but the quest itself shows little signs of being childish, it's perilous and full of adventure. The same goes for any Zelda game. You are on your on, you against the forces of evil, aided by the Princess of Destiny, by a fairy or by an ally whom you befriend.

Skyward Sword

I'm 20 and i play what my mom considers "Kids games" and i watch what she considers "kids shows." but anyway, i don't like playing M rated games either. they are just mainly shooting and killing games with way to much Gore, blood and Bad language. Same with R rated movies, they are either way too Adult or too gory for my taste.

All and all i think you're never too old to play zelda, i mean i've heard of some retirement homes have a wii. so your never too old in my opintion


Call me Micky
Jul 19, 2011
The Middle of Nowhere
One thing that always bugs me is that as soon as you tell someone you play Zelda these days, they classify you as on over-obsessed creepy nerd.

I only tell people that I am a Zelda fan if I am really close to them. For some reason they think it's so nerdy and weird (like I care). But then if you tell them you play trigger-happy mindless shooting games you're suddenly the coolest person in the world.

As for age, my uncle (who is in his fifties) often comes and plays Zelda with me. He is extremely smart and helps me through the puzzles. He says he bought the original LoZ right after it came out and has always loved it!:triforce:

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