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Too Old to Play Zelda?

May 17, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
anonymous said:
What 21 year old would want to play the legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?

This is what i get most of the time, when playing any Zelda game, whether it is by peers or by people on the internet. I have taken this for too long and it is really getting on my nerves, and I finally flew off the handle when "Anonymous" asked me that simple yet complicated question.

Now this is where i defend myself, the first and obvious point I'm going to make is that Zelda is rated E for everyone on most games. This means that people 6 and up can play these game, but that doesn't make it a childish game, it makes it a game for everyone including Adults. Next I am going to bring up the fact that the legend of Zelda has been around for 25 years, meaning that fans of the series will either love the new stuff or hate it. I haven't been a fan that long, but for those of you who are still fans of the series it is quite effective. I have been a fan for 8 years, which is plenty of time to be considered a veteran.

The reasons why i still play Zelda games are the same reasons anyone would, I love the series, it has a great storyline and there is always something new and interesting to learn. Every time I pick up a Zelda game i learn something new about the characters or a different way to solve a puzzle or even some glitches. I can go on and on about why I love the series but there is no need to.
Jan 17, 2011
21 Jump St.
Honestly, unless the game is Blue's Clues or Winnie the Pooh, I don't think a game is ever too childish for an adult or semi-adult to play, and even then...

I still play Rugrats in Paris for the Nintendo 64, because it actually has awesome mini games. I don't let the fact that I'm playing as a bald kid in a diaper get in the way of a good gaming experience.

Similarly, you're never too old to play Zelda, even Windwaker, which I actually don't find that juvenile.
Jan 27, 2011
Zelda will always be fun no matter what age you are, i also love how people get on Wind Wakers case for this because it may look childish at first glance but when you progress it gets pretty dark which can catch the closed mind off gaurd

El Bagu

Wannabe Mr. 1-8-1
Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
I am the Elder of this forum (I think so?) and I believe that Wind Waker belongs to my top 5 Zelda games. It is just great. If I have understood things correctly there are a lot of people in my age playing video & computer games. The gaming started with my generation and Zelda is one of the best series ever. I have met people that were 40 years old and enjoyed Zelda. Some things in life do not relate to age but can be loved by anyone! :)

(If I do not make sense my reason is that I just woke up, still a bit sleepy :S)


Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
i'm only 13, but i've been playing Zelda since my brother (who's 31 now) got my hooked to OoT when i was 3. yeah, that's why me and my bro get along so well, we both have a strong passion for Zelda. he's anticipating Skyward Sword as much as i am, and he's 31 and i'm 13! you are NEVER to old to play Zelda. My dad even cheers me on as i'm playing, and even likes to play himself. ^^


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
I'm only 16 and I get the same thing. The world is full of idiots who think M-Rated games that they shouldn't be playing in the first place are real games. They just want to feel older and mature when in reality they just look like stupid kids. They probably haven't played a real game, just games with guns and blood. Mindless killing to pass the time instead of getting an actual experience that lets you follow a story, care for characters, enjoy the scenery, listen to the mood fitting music, use your brain, and explore a vast world. Now that's a damn game. And people wonder why I hate people. I was once told that I play "kid games" for playing a Sonic game oh and get this and for playing Batman Arkham Asylum.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
I honestly got to thinking about that the other day. Personally, though they may look like childish games to some people, they were made by adults to be enjoyed by everyone, which includes adults. :)

I've been a fan of the series for years, ever since I played ALttP back on that fateful day when I was a child. Once I got my hands on some other games of the series, I found myself loving the series more. This series has just about everything in it that I'm interested in and I love the story that each one has. The puzzles and environment are awesome as well. So yeah, I don't think anyone is too old to play Zelda. (Heck, even Robin Williams played Zelda and he's nearly 60, so yeah, that gives me enough incentive to think that no one is too old to play Zelda. :P )


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I'm 27 and I've been a Zelda fan for 13 years and I have no intention to ever "put the games away", I highly dislike the idea that "growing up" means you suddenly can't do something you find fun. I've had people tell me I'm too old to buy action figures and such and it annoys the crap out of me. I mean, seriously? Statements like that was the reason why I for years refused to be referred to as an "adult" simply because I couldn't recognize myself in the "adult role" that people had described to me.

As for age, I read the following tweet by the guy who organize all the conventions I go to (I don't know how old he is exactly, but I think he's about 40 or so): "Just got Occarina of Time for my 3DS, my life is now complete"


(not really)
May 20, 2011
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
It's the same play anything but (insert boring shooter here that gets old within a minute is better than insert awesome game with a gripping storyline here) scenerio. About 99.9% of the people at my school (not counting teachers) all play the shooters instead of the fun awesome games such as Zelda. So naturally it gets boring talking about Zelda with ONE friend. Oh, and NO-ONE is too old to play Zelda.


I'm 27 and I play zelda since 1999 when ocarina of time impressed me in a way that make Link my favourite hero. Anyone is never too old to play Zelda, I Believe we need to keep what is inside us young forever!!!
Jul 6, 2011
I have never been called "childish" for playing Zelda...yet. Although I do have alot of friends who play Zelda, 90% of my peers play M rated games because it isn't "childish." I am 15 years old and I have been playing Zelda since I was 3 years old. Now any age can play Zelda, (well depends on the game, TP was pretty dark) there isn't alot of gore or bad words. But not everybody is going to beat a Zelda game because for one there is alot of thinking involved. It is a free roaming game and people might get lost. What I'm saying is that the Zelda games are not going to be played by everyone even if they are recommended for every age because they are family friendly.
Jul 8, 2011
Somewhere in the known universe
My dad is 33 and he likes Mario and Zelda. I've played since I was three. I only know two other people who play Zelda. You know what i'm surprised about. People who have never heard about either one but they all play M games even though their 11.

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