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Tips on eating healthier lunches


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Jan 19, 2018
I work a Monday to Friday job and I find myself getting fast food or takeout most days during lunch out of laziness.

Does anyone have any tips on foods that are at least somewhat healthy that I can bring for lunch or I can try to find in my area that are at least decently healthy? I have access to a fridge, microwave, a toaster, and a toaster oven at work.

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Jan 17, 2011
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I have the same problem with my job. I don't have much variety in my options either. I rotate between a sandwich and a salad every other day. At the very least, they're both homemade. That would be my recommendation; buy things you can prepare the night before and can be eaten cold. Personally I can't bring anything that can be eaten hot because I don't have any microwave safe containers and I can't seem to find any in stores around me. Might have to resort to online shopping for that one, but that's a different topic. Homemade cold stuff is my recommendation to you.


Aug 16, 2019
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If you can find rice with a very low level arsenic, then it's great.
Fry cumin seeds in hot oil. Add rice and salt to it. Add water to rice 2:1 cover it and allow it to boil in high flame. Then steam the rice on low flame until all the water is absorbed. Add a few green chillies for taste

If you have time the day before, then I'd recommend soaking legumes like chickpeas, green gram or lentils.
And then boil it in morning


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Jul 6, 2011
You can cook up some chicken the night before, jerk chicken, curry chicken, peri peri chicken. Loads of different ways to make the chicken tasty then you just microwave it in work.

You can either reheat some quinoa or rice that you have cooked the night before. Or you can bring a sweet potato. The fastest way to cook a sweet potate is in the microwave and usually a 300g sweetie takes 7mins in a 750 watt microwave. Just score a line in it first so it doesn't explode.
Aug 31, 2019
Having worked a Monday to Friday desk job, I know the struggle firsthand.

As the others have said prepping food the night before is the healthiest option you have, as you control what you put in home-cooked food.

If the temptation for fastfood is a problem then just try to have it one day as a treat to yourself for eating clean throughout the week.

If convenience/time is the issue you could always take some healthy snacks/fruit to munch on & try to have a larger breakfast & dinner.

Never hurts to have a spare protien/granola bar in your desk/locker as a backup plan either.

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