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Three Houses Mafia Game Thread

Dec 13, 2019
@ Ex:

Refer back to a previous post of mine regarding Rubik (in particular). I know I was asked about Naga from someone to which I answered I as disinterested. At this point, Rubik is full on town for me (as I've previously mentioned) and I will consider him as such going forward no matter what. Naga is eh to me. I've got nothing against him nor for him at this current point in time.

Rubik, being a neighbor, doesn't mean he trusts Deku fully. At the least he didn't help push Deku to his demise so, as far as I am concerned, that's a point in Rubik's favor wrt to what he's claimed and how he's acting now given the pressure he's had.

So, I disagree with you as it were about Rubik.

As for Chevy, he's made it clear, over his small amount of games, that he's been adamant in how he conducts himself so as to learn from his mistakes. He's claimed that this is his ninth game over all. If anything, his wording and reaction to Fig speak to a scum!player making a slip while trying to deal with direct pressure they're receiving from someone (in reference to Fig speaking how Chevy tried to lump them together to help alleviate any sus he was getting from Fig).

And, again, Chevy is the one that is telling us that he's been working on how he plays to avoid certain things. As it were, he's borderline using a newb player defense while some others (you and one other I believe) are positing that he's too new and hasn't learned (or something in that vein -- a slight defense of him as it were).

For me, that feeds into that whole coaching thing I mentioned about you, but I could certainly be wrong. Right now I have bigger fish to fry (to include Chevy). Whether or not you end up in that pot remains to be seen.

I'd feel a bit bad because he's active and trying to do something; but overall I wouldn't mind his lynch, honestly. I always have a bit of a hard time reading him and that's probably an easy way to solve him early on.

Huh. Ok.

please help

Sure, what do you want help on? The fact that the counterwagon that wasn't shot (as opposed to those on said counterwagon) is still alive? That's me btw.


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At the least he didn't help push Deku to his demise so, as far as I am concerned, that's a point in Rubik's favor wrt to what he's claimed and how he's acting now given the pressure he's had.
Rubik wasn't around EoD according to himself, so assuming this is true if they had pushed Deku it would've been mid-phase, which would've caused Deku to publicly call him out

I think it's reasonable for a scum Rubik to not push for a neighbor lynch, specially if their life doesn't depend on it. He'd have no reason to do that unless you were the scum here. If anything this interaction excludes a you-rubik scumteam but that's it.

as for the rest of your post I don't really think chevy is able to self-analyse himself

I'd like to take a moment to comment on your overall posts, Fig.

I like them.
I... uh... why...?
I kinda dislike them lol
Dec 13, 2019
Ex, anyone can self analyze themself.

As for Rubik, what-ifs hardly matter when fact of the matter is he didn't push Deku whether by being around earlier to say something (if anything) or simply because he wasn't around EoD. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure in one of Rubik's posts he even commented on Deku insomuch as he didn't feel the need to pursue him over sitting on me the entire day.

And again, despite their interactions (or lack) as neighbors in the game thread, Rubik's claim does it for me as far as showcasing he is not scum.

As for Fig's posts, what's not to like? He's applying pressure in a decent manner over something that is completely valid wrt to Chevy (ie. lumping the two of them together as town by way of just knowing). Calling that out directly, hard susing him over it, and firmly wanting to disassociate from that is great as he's legit evaluating the intent behind Chevy's words/posts over the entire thing. Fig's whole approach is town-orientated and he's not just dropping it at an, "Oh, ok," point like some people do. *Looks at Caps.*

Why do you dislike Fig's posts?


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Why do you dislike Fig's posts?
I'm still rereading them but there's something a bit off about them.
His behaviour D1 was kinda opportunistic too with his vote making Deku vastly ahead. Scum would like a headstart here to prevent a CFD.

What's that hmm for, Ex?

Do you find it odd as well that I wasn't shot or something?
I'm not sure, a bit I guess?
I find a bit odd that Killjoy was the one killed, right? Since the one that flipped was Deku, shooting Killjoy doesn't really make much sense.
In any case they both being in your wagon is likely a coincidence because it's unlikely both kills were performed in coordination.
Dec 13, 2019
btw, did Caps ever answer your question regarding Naga jailing them? Did they have a chat together where Naga told Caps it was him or anything of the such?

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