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Three Houses Mafia Game Thread

Dec 13, 2019
Also also, I wouldn't call me being absent less than 24 hours as AWOL.

Deadline is simply shorter than normal (for me) and you'll get what you get out of me as I can provide it given the constraints in place. Hardly classifies as AWOL.
Feb 3, 2019
A couple of things:

1) Naga has not met postcount, a lot of people seem to be struggling with 48 hours instead of 72, I'll make it 72 instead from now on. I will not replace or modkill Naga. Any future failure to meet postcount will result in replacement or modkill.

rubik (1)- lg
KoD (4)- rubik, naga, Minish, Killjoy
kirino (1)- KoD
deku (4)- Caps, Ex, fg, fig
lg (1)- kirino
ex (1)- Deku
fig (1)- chevy

there is a tie, I will get this resolved now, assuming the following votecount is correct
Feb 3, 2019
A tie vote has occurred. Random.org has decided that DekuNut is to be today's kill over KingofDominaria.

DekuNut has died. He was...


Night 1 will last 24 hours ending at 10:00 PM Eastern Time Saturday, September 4th.

Night 1 begins now.
Feb 3, 2019
In the night...

Morbid Minish has died. She was...


Killjoy262 has died. He was...


Day 2 will last 72 hours ending at 10:00 PM Tuesday, September 7th

Day 2 begins now.


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Sep 29, 2020
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I mean, you are one to talk yourself. Even if you had posted a response every now and then, at best it is just white noise and didn't really provide much conversation given how it then swayed to be Light and Deku bringing attention to themselves for their quarrel.
I'm just trying to show that I'm present and making an effort, because contributing is more likely to yeild something than lurking imo.
Dec 13, 2019
One of Rubik or Naga is mafia.

Honestly, Rubik may be scum here compared to Naga if only because his activity here (and general approach) is vastly different than on NGA where, while active though not hugely, he's usually more reserved and focused on his own survival. More so if he's self, less so if he's town though he, again, is reserved in his approach.

With respect to Naga here, I feel that being among this group a second time, in a more interactive way this time, isn't indicative of a scum behavior.

That being said, I'll make this simple.

Lynch Rubik. He deserves to die.

Vote: Rubik

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