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Thoughts on the YES! I Got First Comment!

May 13, 2012
Eh...it can get annoying if you visit a couple sites and all you see are "FIRST" comments everywhere you go. I don't blame people for being competitive, it's the only way you win one internet. Hmm....I don't mind "good video" comments. It's a relief to see sometimes, but it bothers me when outside of NicoNico I see comments like "GJ" that are first or top rated.
May 10, 2012
I find the posts that are giving the person saying "FIRST" more annoying then the FIRST post itself, is it really that hard to ignore?


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
People commenting with the words "first" is like a trend to me. On someting I have worked hard on, I would appreciate useful commentary that would help me to improve my work. "Great piece", "I love this" or "keep it up" and be just as much of a let-down when I get a review for a fanfiction or something.

But there is a related joke to all this horsehockey"

"What did the YouTuber say when he came in fifth place?"

May 14, 2012
It's annoying and unnecessary. Who cares if you got the first comment? I mean seriously, it's not a big deal. And people who say things to people who get third of fourth comments are immature and can be hurtful. Most people don't think about this of course, but it's really really not right. Just let people comment and tell the person of the thread/post what they think.
Or even worse when people comment "great vid" or "keep up the good work" because they think this is better than yelling "FIRST!!!"...it isn't.
I have to disagree with this statement as well. It's something to encourage and motivate them to do more posting and it's positive. Better than something obscene, rude or negative.
Dec 29, 2011
United States
I have to admit that it is funny to see peoples personal reactions to the "first," comments. In reality however, it is quite annoying. How often do you post a video for someone to leave their "mark," rather than get feedback on the video itself. Besides if it's a popular video, who is gonna waste their time, and search for the 1st comment of that video. I consider "first" comments to be a form of spam. Going quickly to a video and typing a ":D" or "new vid!" does not help the person who made the video at all. Oh well. That trend of "first" comments will never end. It's even more tedious when people say "second," or "third," after realizing they are to late. It's also funny when a person is not fast enough entering the first comment, and ends up being the 3rd comment saying "first." The following reply's to that are extremely funny at times, up until the author removes the comment realizing his mistake. Thank god Youtube made that "Show Comment" option to a reply, because you can now track down peoples silly comments. Well that's my overall opinion of the "first comment" trend. I'm probably forgetting something important to say about it but whatever.

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