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Thoughts on Old Games

Apr 4, 2012
Old games had better stories and gamplay,graphics seemed better,now it's like watching a movie,you don't have that felling you are playing a video game.Only thing I like about new games is that you have more abilities in the game
I love playing old games from time to time. Of course I don't stretch as far back as the arcade days, however, I do duke it out to some NES favorites from time to time. This past weekend, I enjoyed Super Mario Bros. as well as Zelda II: Adventure of Link. it's titles like this that serve as the cornerstone for modern gaming and should be remembered for blazing that trail.

Old games also show that graphics don't matter. Nowadays, people are complaining how this or that is in HD but you really don't need that 1080 p and online support layering on top to make for a great title. A recent example of a game that bucked this trend is Xenoblade Chronicles. It currently stands as the second highest rated game of 2012 (one of the highest rated games of 2011 in Japan and Euorpe).
Jan 27, 2011
I personally love classic games more than modern games because of the difficulty, most modern games are much easier, there are some exceptions like Kid Icarus Uprising, the Devil May Cry series, or the modern Ninja Gaiden games but for the most part there isn't much of a challange anymore, never after those days was there another Sonic game where you fight the final boss without rings, never are hammer bros. a threat in Mario games, the hardest modern Castlevania title is Order of Ecclisia leaving the other modern Castlevania titles being some of the easiest in the series and not just because they've been using the Metroid-vania style for so long and games are overall very simple now, granted N64, PS1, and Dreamcast had a lot of easier games as well but at the same time those games had more of a balance between being easy and being hard which most games now don't do anymore, it seems to be making it as simple as possible to the point where there are forced tutorials that aren't needed because games back then never had tutorials and everyone was able to figure out what to do just fine, even with higher difficulty settings things weren't exactly all that hard and even if they are hard they're usually idiotic difficulties where you pretty much have to be perfect which was never the case in classic games.

What most people now a days don't seem to understand is that there's a gap between a game that's hard or a game that claims it's hard but at the same time is too punishing for it's own good and the best example I can give is with ROM hacks, I go on Sonic Retro from time to time and I download some of the ROM hacks from there, some of the hacks are meant to be harder versions of the actual game but more than half the time there are some really ignorent decisions like spike placements that you won't see until it's too late, bottumless pits in the same sense as the spikes, in the second zone there's a spring that launches you into a spike pit for example, things like that don't make a game hard it makes them badly designed and not fun, games that are actually hard are fun and the reason is because anything that happens to the player is their own fault, you're being tested on what you know about the game so far and use what you're given and if you either get impatient or decide not to plan your attacks then that's your own fault, a game should never be hard because of the fault of the game but the fault of the player for making mistakes because that's how you learn to play the game to be able to beat it and that's what I love so much about classic games because they do exactly that, that's just my view on it though.
Apr 11, 2012
I honestly think all my older games are more fun (such as Sonic Adventure Battle 2 and Pokemon Snap), but the newer games have some better stories. (not counting graphics)
Apr 3, 2012
I actually don't own many modern games. The ones that I do are almost always indie titles. 2D puzzle platformers and such. When I play a game that has state of the art graphics and lifelike physics and mouths that move perfectly with what the characters are saying, it... I don't know, it makes me uncomfortable. Like we've lost touch with what we were going for. Too much emphasis is put on making things LOOK amazing without actually making a game that IS amazing. I've never played the Mass Effect games, but given how uppity everyone's been about the disappointing ending to Mass Effect 3, it just seems to show that less emphasis is being put on storytelling and character. I'm probably wrong. Everyone tells me to get a modern console, and I will. But I still think we've gone downhill from where we were.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I play games like PacMan, Galaga, Xevious etc. if that counts.
My thoughts on the older games, specifically the arcade games, are that they're insanely fun and playing for days is very different than playing modern games for days. Like, the addictive quality of OoT is very different than the addictive quality of Galaga. In my opinion they're equally addictive, but different still. I love the older games for that reason and more.
Apr 22, 2012
well i personally didnt grow up during the times of pong however i do know what you mean. i grew up in the 90s and to me there is nothing else out there that beats the n64

Mayor Dotour

Mayor of Clocktown
May 13, 2012
I really love feeling all nostalgic when playing older games be them successful or not. They had a lot more creativity and difficulty in the worlds or levels. If you compare them to today's games and hand a kid from this generation Classic Super Mario Bros I guarantee he won't be able to make it past World 3. Simpler games were harder to pass and countless quarters were used at the arcades. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. I love the idea Virtual Console with Nintendo. Although we have owned these games in the past, having it at your finger tips on the Wii and play when ever without the worry of "blowing the cartridge" is amazing. Old games will forever have a spot in my home.

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Sep 28, 2010
Older games will always in my opinion top newer games in replay value just because of how fun although there are some games that Nintendo has yet to put on the VC I have a small list that I really want to see and I'm, not going to post it.

Jusy VM me if you're really that curious about the list.
Nov 30, 2011
I play a lot of older games. By older I mean N64 and some re-releases of NES or SNES games. I have played a rip-off of Pong, and I have played some old arcade games that were collected onto a computer disc. The older games are definitely not any worse than games now, they were just limited by their system's capabilities. Many of them I still love playing today. Though I do enjoy newer games I more than the older ones because the newer ones can have more content and will last longer.

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