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Thoughts on 3D All Stars games?


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Feb 19, 2020
For those of you who haven’t played a game in Mario 3D All Stars, how are you feeling about that game now?
I’ve never played Super Mario 64 before, and I’m having a good time. Some stuff can be hard to find (still looking for metal Mario, don’t tell me where) and the controls can be pretty janky, but they often work better in some locations than others. I would say it’s definitely not better than the other two, but it’s a great time! What about you? What game are you new to?


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Mar 18, 2019
I had played sunshine before, but I got really frustrated with it and put it down fairly early, so while I’m not new to sunshine, I am new to most of it.

As for my thoughts on it now: I’m glad I never bothered finishing it before. As I said in my blog, I have never had less fun with a Mario game than with sunshine.


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Nov 17, 2011
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I’ve attempted to deal with the first stage of Sunshine. Managed to make it to the lake secret, but can’t deal with the camera. I need my down=up controls or else games very quickly become unplayable like Sunshine. Haven’t bothered to check recently if they’ve been patched in yet as I know it’s been a very loud complaint by some, but I assume nothing’s been changed yet.

So to sum up on my thoughts so far: unplayable due to camera.
It isn't like I ever stopped playing any of these games. I have Mario 64 on the N64 and WiiU VC so I'm used to the camera feeling alien when mapped to a stick.

I played Sunshine very recently on Gamecube and I'm still not the biggest fan of it. All of the secret levels and Mario's nerfed moveset without FLUDD can go to hell.

Galaxy has the biggest difference to it because now I don't need to waggle to play it, I can just press Y like a normal person.
But playing it on a controller with two sticks makes me want to reach for the non-existent camera far too much.

The collection as a whole feels meh, like it doesn't want to exist like Nintendo didn't want to make it. I feel this horrible apathy coming from it which isn't pleasant.
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Dec 26, 2017
The collection is terrible, but the games itself are still masterpieces. I didn't buy it but the hype got to me and I'm replaying them through "other means" and I'm having a blast.


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Jun 16, 2020
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The collection is a low-effort cash grab. I won't deny that. The fact that there are graphical glitches in Sunshine where they weren't before shows how little attention Ninty put into making it be the best possible. And the limited release is pretty scummy.

With that said, as someone whose emulation options are generally limited to GC at the highest, having both Sunshine and Galaxy playable in 1080p and in handheld mode as well is really nice.

64 has gotten the least amount of work, but it's still a solid game after all this time. Camera is garbage (by modern standards), but the rest of the game is still great. I've already beaten the game before, but it's still nice to have it.

Sunshine has its issues, but like 64 it can still be a really fun game. There are some jank stars, but the vast majority of them are fun to get, imo. And I love the atmosphere of a tropical island. It may be a bit samey, but I think having a cohesive art style was a great choice, and I think the HD upscaling helps Sunshine the most tbh. Sunshine also has the most enjoyable movement for Mario of any of the 3D games, imo.

Galaxy is the game I'm looking forward to completing the most, since I never actually beat the first one, only 2. So far, it looks spectacular, but Galaxy always had a great art style so it holding up in 2020 is no surprise. I love the fact that I no longer have to waggle to spin, but in handheld the pointer is mapped to touch controls. Not a fan of that. I'll probably play Galaxy exclusively in docked mode so I don't have to bother with Nintendo once again not giving the player options about how they play.

Overall, I like the collection, despite how lazy it is. I don't regret my purchase.
Sep 21, 2020
It's just a glorified collection of ports of the games onto the Switch. It's worth it if you like the games or have never played the games and are interested in trying them out, but they really don't add anything new. I personally would have preferred if they just recreated Mario 64 DS which is superior content wise.

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