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Thoroughly Impressed with Link's Awakening


Pokemon Master
Apr 5, 2012
I feel the same as I just downloaded LA on my 3DS (It was on sale) and I am loving it. Already up to the 5th dungeon and it is as great as the 3D titles. I think I'll play more of the 2D games now seeing as I am really enjoying this one.


The Windfish's Therapist
Jul 15, 2010
New Hampshire, USA
LA is my favorite game overall. I feel like it's a direct improvement over the titles that came before it. It did zelda right, and I never found a boring part in that game. I'm also shocked at all the hate on AoL in this thread. I will admit that it feels like a reskinned castlevania, but that doesn't make it a bad game. I think some people are just a little closed-minded because it's so different.

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