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This Game's a Joke, Right?

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May 26, 2010
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The only thing you brought up that wasn't in SS is more aggressive enemies. I think the combat style makes up for that, as you have to think before you strike. It covers up how the enemies just stand there and ask politely if they can attack.

Enemies...still ask to attack. Just like you said, thinking before you strike covers up said asking. Ever play a turn based RPG, like the kind where you have an ATB bar and enemies attack you while you wait for the bar to charge up? That's exactly how SS plays out – the enemy attacks when you're not, but the up/downside to this is you're rarely if ever not attacking. Nintendo introduced a Stamina system that limited the amount of uber 1337-spin attacks we could pull off, but we're still allowed to hack and slash like it's nobody's business. That just means battles are more of a chore than they need to be, battles aren't as intricate as they're made out to be.

You're only 15. You wouldn't know. :\ I'm talking back in the 80's when FPS' didn't exist as far as I know. I know people who were playing games back then that would say these things.
I would know, partner. I didn't live in The 80's –- PacMan, Galaga, Defender, Pong -- the arcade classics. Back in the day, no one spoke of "hardcore". They spoke of "awesome", and I must say they're not analogous in the simplest meaning of either term. Nowadays, people who lived back then (again, not me) would say today that those crazy achievements (48 hour high score on Pacman, Level 256 etc) are hardcore, but not back then.


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Nov 21, 2011
You're contradicting everything I love about this game:

- The motion controls are amazing and I like them because they are innovative. I didn't like the idea at first, but after playing for a couple of hours I love it now, and unlike previous Zelda games where you just swing your sword like a crazy man, in SS you have to hit the enemy at the right time and in the right spot to kill them.

- About the graphics, I love how colorful they are. Like someone above me said about TWW, that game is 9 years old but it looks like it was released yesterday because its graphics make it look unique, fresh and ageless.

Now, I'm not saying I hate realistic graphics like OoT and TP. I love the style of those games. I just like variety in the environment.


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Nov 29, 2010
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Guys, please try to refrain from making replies that do not answer the OP or contribute to the discussion. I understand that a lot of people have some strong opinions against the OP but please let's just not make posts that are just short comments calling someone out as a troll.
Sep 4, 2011
How did you join this site!? You cant even remember 'the GIRLS' :mad: name! You never used the name of the 'CITY IN THE SKY' :mad: either! So what about graphics, so what about few content in the sky, you are obviously trolling. You got someone to help you join so you could just send people away from the game. Your are a troll, there's no argument against it! You are probably one of the 'Xbox or PS3 criticizers' who skip all of the story line, and if it was quick you probably skiped some enemies too. It seems though you are testing the game so you get to criticize it! Though we all have our opinions (like me for not caring too much about OoT even though it was a flawless game) you probably played OoT3D too, thinking all about the graphics is just what death gamers think of. This is what I believe anyways, this thread should be deleted immedetly :devil: (sorry about that) your basically trolling in so many ways.


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Oct 2, 2011
EXACTLY! It's been 20 years! Let's see some new stuff! Some better graphics, stronger systems. I still implore you to admit that Nintendo is mostly catering to the casual crowd, and they're using the Zelda franchise to do this. If they were really devoted to their dedicated users like us Skyward Sword would have looked MORE LIKE the Zelda Wii U demo, and would have an overworld more like Skyrim's(in terms of freedom and size). ADMIT IT.
I have a solution... GO PLAY SKYRIM! Did you want them to just copy Skyrim but put Zelda over it or something? Oh, and its been 25 Years... It says that everywhere. How does a fan miss that? Im not trying to be rude and all, And am not trying to insult you in anyway, but come on.
Aug 1, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
Enemies...still ask to attack. Just like you said, thinking before you strike covers up said asking. Ever play a turn based RPG, like the kind where you have an ATB bar and enemies attack you while you wait for the bar to charge up? That's exactly how SS plays out – the enemy attacks when you're not, but the up/downside to this is you're rarely if ever not attacking. Nintendo introduced a Stamina system that limited the amount of uber 1337-spin attacks we could pull off, but we're still allowed to hack and slash like it's nobody's business. That just means battles are more of a chore than they need to be, battles aren't as intricate as they're made out to be.
I don't see what your complaining about. Nintendo managed to add a level of challenge creatively and without ridiculously overpowering the enemies. Let's look at two examples: skulltallas and lizafos. The skulltallas are challenging not because they can jump off the ceiling without warning and insta-kill you. They are challenging because you have to take a moment to figure out how to get to their bellies. See what they did there? They made the enemy challenging, gave potential for joy at figuring out how to own every skulltalla they see, and incorporated the motion controls in the same moment. How many games can you name with first level mooks that challenging? And now the lizafos, they are much harder than skulltallas. The AI has been improved a bit, as they are very good at blocking and take advantage of the opening you leave in your defenses by counterattacking. How many games have mooks that can counter attack?

I think you get my point. Yeah, the enemies won't be killing you every five minutes, but they manage to be as challenging as any other video game mooks without resorting to cheap shots. I wish all games had enemies that functioned more like this. It's how a real fight works and requires you to use your head.
Sep 25, 2011
Not true. We can have complete overhauls by way of story, graphics, NPCs etc and it'll still be Zelda. It won't be the same kind of Zelda that fans are accustomed to, but Zelda it'll be nonetheless. For example, take a block of aluminum. Smash it 'til it becomes foil. Is it still aluminum? Yes, but in a different form. Or, if you don't like that, use water. Water evaporates and eventually forms some basis for clouds. The vapor – is it still water? Yes, just not liquid. Ice is still water, but in a solid form. Zelda can do that; new (slightly better?) story and HD graphics with the advent of the Wii U are entirely possible. We got better story with Majora's Mask and slightly better graphics also with MM (they weren't markedly much better than OoT, but if one analyzes what the expansion pack did – draw fog and the like – one could argue MM's gfx were way better than that of OoT's). Zelda can pull off realistic graphics, they did with Twilight Princess and THAT got such a positive reception. So I repeat, Zelda can get a MASSIVE change and still be Zelda.

Using a scientific background I'd like to point something out here. What you are describing is a physical change, in that you're changing the physicalities of the object while it is still the same, for instance, what Zelda does. It changes things about it physically so that it appears, and in a sense is, different, while still remaining true to the series and formula.

NOW! The opposite of that is a chemical change, wherein you change the empirical formula of a compound so that it actually is something different, for example: the burning of wood and turning it into ash. This is a chemical change. If you change the formula of Zelda, it's not Zelda anymore.

So... now using these analogies I can safely say that making a physical change to Zelda has worked quite well for 25 years and making a chemical change, that is, changing the formula, is just making Zelda into a different type of game; in which, if I wanted to play a different type of game... I WOULD!

What you described with the water and aluminum block is exactly what Nintendo's done with the series. They've changed things here and there to make it different but they haven't taken away from the Zelda that defines the game itself. If Mario didn't play the way it did as a platformer, people would get upset and it wouldn't be Mario. If Call of Duty changed the fact that you used guns and say made you use a bow and arrow for everything, it's not Call of Duty anymore. Take away the acrobatics of the Prince of Persia games anymore and they're something totally different from what the game theme is.


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Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Hello Raykay, sorry if you've been receiving some harsh reactions for your opinion. I must say though, with the tone of a thread title like "This Game's a Joke, Right?" it's already setting itself up to attract some negative responses. People are naturally going to get defensive about a game they are enjoying, especially when they read something like:

What the hell is this sh**?? Is that really zelda??

Take how you said that you're very fond of Ocarina of Time, and lets say you saw someone come in and say exactly that about it alongside a laundry list of cutting complaints. Naturally, you yourself would also get defensive in such a scenario.

That being said, I could try to address each of your points individually as many people in this thread have already been doing, but I don't think that's the way to go about this.

This is because beneath all those finer points, how you see the game is really driven by your mentality. I could sit here and try to shoot your points down one by one, but I don't think that's going to help you and I don't think that's what you came for.

Raykay, here's what I have to say to you instead of that, and I'm hoping it'll help:

First of all, it looks to me as though you are going into the game with predefined expectations for it, and you are constantly comparing it to other games, such as Ocarina of Time (Super Mario 64, The Wind Waker, etc). You need to stop doing this. Clear your slate a bit instead of trying to place it side by side with your past game experiences, and try to play the game for what it is in itself. Otherwise, I don't think you will be allowing yourself to enjoy it properly.

Second, you have given up and gotten too frustrated based on some things you didn't like thus far that have caused you to view the entire game in a negative light, and thus your mentality to play the game overall is pessimistc: because you are predisposed to this mentality right now, its not going to allow you to enjoy the game when you sit down to play it now regardless.

You need to relax your impression of it a bit thus far and open yourself to the notion that your experience is likely to evolve into something else entirely if you just allow yourself the chance to really delve deeper into the game.

To be honest, I think what you've seen thus far has barely grazed the surface of all the content in the game, not yet far enough in to have developed an accurate impression of the game as a whole.

If it helps reassure you as to what I mean, take a look at this quote from Kotaku's Review:

Kotaku's Review said:
In its first 10 hours, it is a slow starter, establishing its version of Zelda standards; in its next 20 or so, it repeatedly shows off how its version of those standard might, mostly, be better; and in its final 10 it finally defies expectations, remixing the series' hallmark dungeon-exploration progression into something almost unrecognizable as Zelda formula. And then it ends, immediately sorely missed.

[Full Review here]

(Actually I do really recommend that you read this review, I think it'll speak to you specifically because of the concerns you've mentioned, and help instill some sense as to how you should approach returning to the game.)

Hopefully that helps you to open your eyes a bit and venture a little bit further. :)

A bit off topic, but I just wanted to address this bit:

This is exactly what irks me here at ZD lately. As much as I enjoy this community here, premature closure of threads and even bans seem to get out of hand, just because people have different opinions that don't conform to the apparently desired mainstream. People have the right to dislike parts or even the entirety of a Zelda game, we as fans should be able to deal with criticism and counter it if we think it's wrong.
If someone is on a minority opinion here, and the majority/you doesn't agree then you should be able to counter with good arguments and not with censorship. It's not that this guy has been just trolling for attention (that's an accusation made too quickly on the internet nowadays), there were some valid points we can discuss about, it's not that everyone else besides the OP has the same opinion here and that "everything is said".

I'm not sure what you're referring to with regards to the bans, but I think you are misinterpreting the reason for premature closure of such threads. It's not to discourage or smite out varying opinions that 'don't conform to the mainstream.' Rather than that, they are closed if they seem like topics that are going to invite more flaming than actual discussion, and upset people more than allow for a thoughtful exchange of ideas. While you may try to say this:

We as fans should be able to deal with criticism and counter it if we think it's wrong.

The keyword you used here is should. This is an ideal with no guarantee that everyone posting in a thread will adhere to whether they intend to or not. Therefore the margin of error wherein people will come into the thread and cultivate drama has to be accounted for; premature closing of threads is done an effort to differentiate the topics that are likely to lead up to that from the ones that will manage to stay civil. The fact that this thread is remaining open just testifies that it is managing to remain an acceptable discussion. It'll only be closed if it spirals out of control, which I think is fair. Hopefully that clears up the qualms you had about such thread closures. ^^
Sep 26, 2011
Between Hyrule and Termina
I never understood the arguement of Zelda becoming a casual gamer series. Not at all. This game is as true Zelda as is the original, comics, you name it. I feel they did great new things covering all aspects they could, with the system they could. I can't help but feel Nintendo is going to quickly become Next-gen, and this will be one of a few truly quality Zelda titles to hold us over, until they blow us away with a nextgen Zelda. It'll happen. Everything about Skyward sword seems fresh, new, and bold. and mostly, believable. Enjoy it for what it is, and it will become as nostalgic as OoT,or other favored title. I say this as a hardcore fanboy/Zelda lover, whatever.

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Oct 3, 2011
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Personally I have only played for 4 hours(one of which trying to throw pots and sling pumpkins to hit Beedle's bell) but I feel skyward sword seems to be delivering much of what I missed and what I felt were lacking in the more modern ones. Such as:

* Having many tutorials be optional (yet not hard to find if you are new enough to need them)

* The feeling of having a large world with something new around every corner [Yet allowing for quick progress when backtracking (something I've wanted for a long while)]

* enemies that take more than random slashing to defeat (annoying at times but always rewarding) that make you want to have shields and potions on hand just incase

* NPCs with distinct personalities and backstory that you don't know.

* Beautiful graphics and characters (I don't Like Groose or the fortune teller guy) smoother than TP in my opinion

* Saving Isn't a Problem as statues are everywhere.

* You can get to any Island in the sky in less than 5 min.

Alot of these are my opinion but I think SS is one of the best Zeldas yet.
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Oct 27, 2011
I see no point in joining a Zelda site if your going to abuse Zelda. SS is a good game in many ways, and comparing Zelda to Skyrim just doesn't work, they are two completely different games, one's a sandbox game the others just completely awesome.
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