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Things Your Teacher/Boss Does or Has Done That Makes You Mad?


Jun 19, 2010
Title explains all.In Second grade,my teacher didnt let me lick the frosting off of cupcakes.o_OI thought that was a really retarted rule so i licked the frosting off anyways.and just to rub it in her face,i licked it right in front of her and got sent to the principals office for licking frosting off my cupcake.o_OThough the principal agreed with me and made my teacher let us lick the frosting off:P.my fifth grade teacher was just plain mean.we were in the computer lab and she told the class something.i didnt hear it,so i asked what to do and she came down completly frustrated and slamed my mouse down.then she yelled at me.she did it for me and printed out the wrong pages,and then blamed me.i almost started randomly swearing at her.and thats my average day with her.:dry:What about you?


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May 17, 2009
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My boss (not my in-store boss, but the big guy in charge) has decided to cut down hours and blame it on everybody's raises. So, because I got a nice raise, I don't get many hours. What the heck is the point of a raise, then? This makes me very, very mad. Additionally, they started to make me to work the weekends more, make ME work the holiday shifts while everybody else has the day off, and also no vacation time this year. *hiss*


Feb 24, 2010
My English teacher last year had a habit of speaking in absolutes when the class was discussing the various aspects a book. In some of these situations, the area in question was very much open for debate so I'd frequently (but politely) challenge her, because I didn't think she was correct and because the class was meant for that type of conversation. However, she took all of this personally and after a bit she'd shut down the discussion with some sort of "[email protected]%k you, I have a college education" statement, and would refuse to acknowledge any of the points I had made. Meanwhile, anyone who'd simply regurgitate what she said would get serious brownie points, which pissed me off to no end.

I also didn't appreciate how my Chemistry teacher immediately disliked me after I had corrected her. I didn't do it in front of the entire class or even interrupt her, I courteously waited until she had finished speaking and corrected her in the form of a question. Personally, I'd like to be corrected if I ever stated anything wrong, and it wasn't meant to be an indication of anything, yet she took it personally. Honestly, her reaction to my correction made me lose far more respect for her than her simple mistake did, so it was rather counter-productive.


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Jul 21, 2010
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I was in JROTC in high school, and I became the batallion commander because I knew how to do pretty much anything and everything there was to do (not bragging.. sorry) and when I was a senior, the instructors would yell at me for doing everything myself instead of letting other people do it. I ended up taking a nap every day in that class just so I could prove that I literally did NOTHING. Then I'd get yelled at for sleeping. So I'd write myself a pass and go somewhere else.

Also.. this just made me laugh. My freshman Earth & Environmental Studies teacher was ********. She let me hang a "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: MANBEARPIG" Flyer in her classroom and in the hallway outside of her room. She thought he was real.


Prince of Moblins
Jun 17, 2010
In lost woods guarding the forest temple
In 2nd grade, there was clowns at school, i got a balloon, but it poped, so i went to get another one, but they sent me at the end of the line to wait longer and when i went to get another balloon the teacher said that you can't get another one, but in class, everyone had about five balloons.

In 6th grade, i talked in the hallway and get a detention, but then the next day a girl talks in the hallway really loud, but she didnt get a detention.:(


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Oh now THIS will make me release some steam!

Well, I have a certain British Professor in Philosophy. He likes to challenge students and debate on each of their Philosophy in Life every week, to check whether their Philosophy is a meaningful one or a "Bunch o' Poppycock". Plus, he is racist to mixed raced, like a Half American and Half Italian Person. And for me, since I'm half Japanese and Half Filipino, his mood targets me constantly.

Last Month my professor was doing his routine, say a few theories about Philosophy and how it affects Pseudo-Psychological Choices and Personal Choices. Then after that debate, my Professor started his usual Philosophy Debate. It was at the same time when I was ready for his so called "Debate". He called me up knowingly while acting aloft. Then I said my Philosophy in Life, which is about A Laid back attitude gives great and simple rewards. Then he contradicted me with his own. We debated for quite some time, my other classmates were silent and were listening. My Professor was nearly to the point of loosing his cool and I really defended my debate with every possible counter measure. And then, he lost it and said "That is pure Hogwash!" before pointing a finger at me and said something in Old British. I was just there wondering what the heck he just said, and then he gave me three times more homework than the rest of my classmates, and assigned me 3 Term Papers, all because I defended my Philosophy in Life. I was Mad at him being unreasonable, and mad at him for using his "Don't give me that battered' ol' excuse, you mixed bumpkin!"

Then after a few weeks, I submitted everything, and got a high score, then he was SO mad at my success that he shouted something in Old British again before storming off, dragging me along to the Guidance Office. The rest after that became an annual event.


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
My 7th grade teacher never gave us out important letters, one time there was a deadline for a letter to be handed in and they had to extend it just because he forgot to give it to us.

We also has this really mean teacher in 5th grade who shouted at you if you got the answer wrong and she knocked my confidence so badly I did really bad on the test and cried during a practice test because she shouted at me for not looking at her. 0_0

One more teacher is our english teacher. She repeats everything about 5 million times and you just want to say: OH SHUT UP!!!!

Once in the third grade we were looking at metal things and there was stuff on the table and I had not heard her when she told us not to touch them (because I was developing my deafness but nobody knew that then) and two other people went up to touch the objects so I thought that meant I could aswell but typically she only saw me doing it and I had to sit out the whole workshop. I bet she feels guilty now!!!!

Not as bad as on the last week of term one of our maths teachers lets us play Go Fish for the whole lesson and the other one gives us hardcore maths!!! MEAN PEOPLE!
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Jun 23, 2010
Herts, England
Okay, so I wasn't at school when this happened and this wasn't my teacher but my form tutor but anyway.

When I dropped out a lot of people were asking why I wasn't turning up. My form tutor went and told them that I couldn't handle sixth form and was happy to live a life as a Tesco worker.

It seemed damn well below the belt when he was my form tutor for around three months, knew nothing about me, and shouldn't be talking about students who've left anyway. He could have said he didn't know, not that I dropped out because I was failing.

Deleted member 6224

my teacher kept calling me nerd as a joke because i get all a's and one day i didnt respond to that and she called me other names and i almost cried


Jun 2, 2010
Windfall Island
OK, my grade 10 Social Studies teacher is a straight-up b-word. Her name's Tooie and she does NOT teach the class anything other than her first nations heritage even though there's like 2-3 people in the class that are first nations. I would have no problem with it but she does not spend a minute of her time to teach ANYTHING else. At the beginning of the week, she spends 1 minute, writing the schedule for what we're doing for the rest of the week and she doesn't bother telling us anything about it. She just sits at her desk doing nothing. I get about 3 hours of social studies homework a night. And that's EVERY night. She expects us to write notes on about 30 pages of text out of the textbook every day. By notes, I don't mean a general summary. I mean EVERYTHING. I might as well copy the book word-for-word. It takes several hours to do it. Then when our work gets marked, she doesn't do it, WE mark it ourselves because she's so lazy. Also, whenever we have tests, they're so long that nobody can get them finished within the 1 hour and 20 minute classes.

She's psycho too. She likes to pass out rocks to the class because she thinks they give off special powers and help us focus better. She also has this really creepy music playing in the class that's supposed to relax us. She grows an onion in a pot in the class because apparently that fights off bad spirits. We also had to make dream catchers and those were worth about 20% of our total mark. She once came to school in a pair of overalls that were tie-dyed and there wasn't even a shirt underneath. I'm not kidding.

Ok, now the biggest thing that made me furious. We spent about 2 weeks on a project and we got to choose our topic. I did mine on the creation of British Columbia. We were told we had two options: 1. A poster with a presentation in front of the class or 2. An essay that would be marked harder but no presentation. I chose the latter because I'm terrified of public speaking, and a lot of other people chose the same too. I spent so long and worked so hard on it. I spent about 12 hours writing it up and making sure I did a good job. When I got it back, the entire essay was covered in read ink and almost everything was crossed out. I had failed (Keep in mind I've always gotten A's in English and Social Studies). She marked really stupid things. She crossed out every single pronoun and asked who it was. She would put things like "why did Barkerville need to be rebuilt. I don't understand" right next to a sentence. The paragraph before it literally said that Barkerville caught on fire and needed to be rebuilt. There were a ton of other idiotic stuff like that. Then I spent about another 12 hours redoing it and my mark only slightly improved. She also contradicted herself. The first time she would tell me to write it a certain way and I did that and when I got it back it told me to write it another way which was the way it already said! She told me to come in after school and go over everything I did wrong. She pretty much told me exactly how to write it and I ended up getting 100% because I just copied her exact words. Apparently the info was perfect but the wording made me fail. IT'S A SOCIALS CLASS, NOT AN ENGLISH CLASS. THEN after what I had gone through, she told me I had to present. She told us at the beginning that essay writers would not present and I specifically did that so I wouldn't have to. I had nothing prepared and refused to go up so I failed. Cool.

Another teacher I had was Mr. Maxon. He was my grade 9 art teacher. He was a serious stoner and he looked like Mozart. Lol.. Art has always been something that I've put a lot of work into and did a very careful job. I always get A's in art. He really didn't care about his job so what he did is pick it up for about a second and say everything was a B. Art was something I took seriously but it really made me angry when he just didn't care. He also was permanently high and had no clue what he was saying. He would go outside for a cig every half hour (it was really pot) and he'd come inside and eat an orange to hide the scent.. Then he'd make us do all these trippy designs like optical illusions with waterfalls coming off of them and it made no sense. Another time when my parents ran into him at the store, Mr. Maxon told my parents I had been slacking off and I wasn't doing my work. My parents were so mad at me. The next day he told me that he was being absent-minded and he was thinking of another person with the same name as me. My parents didn't believe me. :( On the good side though, he only gave us about one assignmment every 2 weeks and each assignment took about an hour to do. The rest of the time he sat at his desk and read books while we just talked and drew on desks. :P


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Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
There's a lot of arguments with and my teachers... like that time on the 1st grade, we had an eating break and for some reason I haven't finished my food in it so when the break was over I tried to eat my apple very secretly but my teacher caught me. so I threw the apple away but then she told me to spit the apple pieces that were in my mouth into her hands. isn't that gross and annoying?
Lat year (8th grade), my teacher started to invent things that I didn't do and punish me for them. she invented that I didn't do my homework, she said that I do nothing while I was working and more similar events... she punished all of those times till I just yelled at her cause she told me to stay few hours at school on friday. That teacher just hate me, so she sent me to my class main teacher and I told her that this teacher is inventing things. now that teacher is trying to be nice to me, I'm tortured her a little bit.
My sport teacher is an idiot, I'm in a math class, sport teachers don't like math so much so he kept yelling at me things that suppose to be connected to math, physics and science. things like "what are you guys talking about? nuclear physics?" and "why can't someone stop thinking and kick the ball?!" and even "try to catch the ball you chromosome!".


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Jul 12, 2010
San Antonio
My boss won't let me look at Zelda Dungeon while I'm on the clock! :P
WTF, right?
Well, if he knew I were on right now he would stop me which would be messed up.

Fureals though:
I'm a goody-two-shoes so the one complaint I have is with a teacher who wasn't teaching the right curriculum:S
We were supposed to be learning chemistry, and this was his first teaching job. Pretty much everyone loved this teacher because he would give out brain teasers and used all kinds of cool classroom technology.
So he would make a plan for what he would teach us and then no more than 10 minutes into that plan we would be on a tangent usually not related to any kind of science at all. This happened daily and when test's came they were really easy if you did any of the reading.
Not so bad, right? It wasn't, really, until I got to chem 2 and got pwned...


Pretty much everyone who had my science teacher hated her. She had this weird, not-quite-southern-but-I-honestly-can't-really-tell accent, and she called rulers straight edges. She made us use a notebook and number each page with the date. I can understand that, but she would do these notebook checks that were worth most of our grade, and she would take off several points if you hadn't written the page number/accidentally taped something on the wrong side. She also made us to a ton of vocabulary in a specific way (Word in the middle, sentence containing the word, colored picture, and several examples), and she never even checked at least half of it, but you would have to do it because the notebook checks were always a random page with vocabulary on it. She also wouldn't count the vocabulary if you hadn't colored it.

Another thing that made me mad at my school, is that to qualify for Honor Roll (Which my parents put A LOT of pressure on me to make) you only have to have good grades in the one semester they choose, which is the only semester I had a C because the of aforementioned science teacher. So, while people who, by the end of the year, had D's and F's made Honor Roll, I didn't, though I had passing grades. This happened to me the year before, too.

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Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
Well currently, the boss I have for this summer internship lacks any kind of hygiene :|

Yeah, understandably that pisses me off quite a bit when he's standing there, breathing, being smelly over my shoulder, offering very ambiguous criticism on the graphic design work I'm doing for him. Sir, you're not paying me... The least you could do to thank me for my time is BATHE REGULARLY!

As for teachers... Oh ho ho, I don't think this website has enough bandwidth to contain my full complaints about teachers; so lets leave it at this: Most of them were sad, unfulfilled people who joined the teaching profession as a means to feed their superiority complex and preach their personal opinions to large groups of impressionable students. Of course, this doesn't apply to all the teachers I've had, but certainly the majority of them :silent:

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