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Things That Are on Your Mind


Proud Jesus Freak !
Jun 17, 2014
Yonder Thicket
I wish this crap in furgesun Missouri would stop I wish everyone would stop protesting obviously we cant control ourselves enough to protest peacefully.


What's Life Without Adult Humor?
Jan 13, 2012
I hate it when you know everything you want to say, but you just can't get the words out right.... and like- a few days later, after everything is said and done, you FINALLY get the right words to say to make your point most clear.

It's like- COME ON, BRAIN, couldn't you have figured out how to say that SOONER!?

This is also an issue with good comebacks.
They never come when you want them to, and when they DO finally come, you hold on to them like Gollum and the Ring hoping that one day that topic will be brought up again, and you will have your few seconds of awesomeness...... but it never does, and you forget it anyway...


The Artist Formally Known as Deku Shroom™
Jan 21, 2011
Fun Guy
Goodbyes with some friends have started, and I've found myself in an odd position with a few of them.

Life is weird.

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