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Things That Are on Your Mind


The Artist Formally Known as Deku Shroom™
Jan 21, 2011
Fun Guy
Goodbyes with some friends have started, and I've found myself in an odd position with a few of them.

Life is weird.

Firice da Vinci

Distinct lack of Leonardo
Jun 15, 2010
Renaissance Italy
How is it that I get more opportunities to draw in class than I do after school? I started shading a portrait on Sunday and I haven't touched it since, but I made a couple drawings in my sketchbook I carry around with me at school. Maybe I should stop taking notes on this book assigned for AP World History and just read it. That takes the fun out, but I need more time to draw. :c


default setting: sarcastic prick
Dec 17, 2012
main class this semester doesn't have a major paper. after last semester when i had three and 20,000 pages of reading, i'm practically on vacation.

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