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Things That Are on Your Mind

Jack Slothington

Forum Volunteer
Dec 2, 2012
Immediately ban one person even though two people were spamming?

Same thing happened when wolf and I were spamming horizontal lines and Garo only decided to get up my *** about it because Wolf is to precious of a member to discipline. Staff just sees me as a worthless prick.
Yes, I spammed a little. I did... 2 emote chains? You were the one that posted all those random characters in the SB. When I entered it, all I saw was all those random characters. And your ban wasn't even immediate, you were banned after clearly being told to stop.

Yes, you blame the lag. But you can't use that as a defense. K4K's post clearly came before yours.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
Curm, I love mozzarella sticks. Easily my favorite appetizer. You best be sharing some with me next time. And I'll make sure there's a next time.

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