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Things That Are on Your Mind


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Jan 29, 2011
I won't tell anyone but I' terrified, some days even depressed. I am starting college in 10 days. While I am excited, I am still so so so nervous. About a year ago, I started having these really awful anxiety attacks. Every day I would wake up with that feeling in the back of my throat when a sob is caught. My heart was always racing, and basic human interactions set me over the edge. But in April I finally starting dating this really wonderful guy, who I had confided in during the worst months of the attacks. Once we started talking about dating and taking the friendship further, my attacks went away. He is and was my best friend. He is a year younger than I, so needless to say, he has to complete his senior year of high-school. My worries are not about the relationship withstanding, because quite frankly, we are so perfect together that I don't think anything could tear us apart. Cheesy, I know. My real fear is that I have become dependent on him for happiness and security. I worry that a phone call won't be enough to calm me down during an episode. Granted I will only be an hour from home, but that's an hour that he can't possibly drive every time I have an episode. I guess I'm just really really nervous. :(
It'll be okay. =) Don't worry, you'll be able to call any time and see each other often enough. Although it may be hard to settle into this lifestyle at first, this distance may help you to become more independant, and make your relationship stronger with him, too. Hang in there! ^^

I suppose I've been a little unhappy. Things have been piling up on me. Im having issues with my family, my phone isnt really working anymore and I'm unable to get a new one, and i have the most terrible luck with guys. But even though things have been rough, im holding my head up high. And besides, my cat had three teeny tiny kittens today and they are so precious!
Keep rockin' and keeping yourself on your feet! If you need help, its always good to talk to someone. Although they may not have good advice sometimes, it helps you when you just say it out lous to someone. It releases some stress on you, and it helps you put things in perspective. =) Keep going and I'm praying for you! ^^

I am...... Hurt....... :kawaii:

I'll leave..........

KIDDING!!!!!! I'M HERE TO STAY AND CONTINUE TO ANNOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D :party:


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I'm heading off to work now, finish at midnight. Going to be very tired tomorrow, I'm getting up at 6am so that I can go to friends to an anime expo in the city. Should still be a lot of fun regardless, looking forward to it :)

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Jun 15, 2010
Renaissance Italy
I guess the schedules everyone got are even more crazy then I expected. For one, the issues are district-wide, beyond just my school. Some honor students were put in intensive class, while others are completely missing integral subjects like Reading II and World History; instead they just have electives. The majority of students want a schedule change for one reason or another.

The problem has to do with a new system where schedules are computer-generated, not carefully discussed between teachers. Because of it, staff members are working crazy hours trying to get everything sorted out and the students are stressed out because they are retaking classes they already got the credits for or should not be in to begin with. Since the problem are so widespread right now, I'm torn between submitting for a schedule change and assuming that most issues will be sorted out over the weekend. I guess I'll fill out the form just in case.

Luckily, the situation is so bad and unprofessional that a lot of people can laugh at it.

P.S. My cousin got married today. :party:


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Finishing this house-sitting job with two dogs and immediately going to another house-sitting job with two dogs and a cat for just over a week. Money is money though, so it's worth it. I hate being alone though.

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