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Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
I'm.. sort of surprised that I'm ranked 1st in my class.

Oh, and I moved houses already! I'm really glad that I have my own room. It's sort of small and lonely, but eh, I still like it. I'll take pictures of my room later.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Today (actually, yesterday now) was good. I arrived at my local War Memorial for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at about 4:30am and was pleased to see that about half of my town was also in attendance. Myself and another school captain from my school laid a wreath during the service. The service begun at about 4am and this year marked the 99th Anniversary of the ANZACs landing on the Shores at Gallipoli on April 25th 1915. It's scary to think that many of these brave young Australian and New Zealand men were my age or even younger, they held such amounts of courage that I could only ever dream of posessing myself. These young men were all quick to enlist in the army to leave the comforts of their quiet towns and their families to travel half-way across the world to fight for a better world and for peace. ANZAC day is a day to remember and pay our respects to the Australian and New Zealand men whom have fought to protect our freedoms in not only 1915 but also in all of the 99 years following to this date in various parts of the globe. Lest we forget.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I wanted to donate blood this year because I was finally eligible, but of course my mom forgot to sign the date on my form, and they wouldn't accept it. I tried calling her (I was hiding in the bathroom, because I would probably die if I was caught by a teacher). So after 10 calls to my Mom, she still wouldn't pick up, so I had to go back and tell them I couldn't get a hold of them (which was ****ing embarrassing). They were like "welp maybe next year." Okay, BUT GUESS WHO GETS A ****ING CALL IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS; THAT WOULD BE ME (I turned the volume off, Hallelujah, but it still pissed me off). I wanted to throw my phone out the window and curse the **** out of my mom.

hi i'm att and i'm a *****

sucks i couldn't save a life or get my blood typed

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