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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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I'm so close to beating the ****ing **** out of my brother. He's a ******bag, nothing short. I'm tired of life.
Posting regularly in this thread defeats the purpose, guys. Seriously, if you post in here too much, the dynamics of your emotions are null.

With that out of the way, I'm posting because I'm really upset. And scoff all you want as this is probably over something really stupid in your eyes; but I'm really crushed. Here goes... my favorite Guitar Hero controller's whammy bar broke. I'm not exactly sure when--it seemed fine last night, but when I was playing this afternoon, I noticed it wasn't setting back where it should. I knew something broke as I kept hearing a loose component clattering inside of it.

So about an hour ago, I decide to open up the controller. Initially, it was to remove the loose piece, hoping it was a spring to slide back into place. It was not. Opening the controller proved rather tedious; once I had it all unscrewed (I had to raid my dad's workbench for a screwdriver with a hexagonal head), I couldn't detach the front from a certain spot, so I was forced to work by prying it open at the side.

I see the whammy bar's component and see that the piece that would lock the neutral position in place has actually broken off. I manage to shake the broken fragment out of the controller, but because of my tight working space, I accidentally knock around other components. Trying to keep the thing wedged open, I scramble to set things back in place but sadly not without touching the circuitboards.

After all of that, I put the controller back together and screw everything back as it was, I realize I accidentally left out a piece. Later I discover it's the thing that "locks" the coverguard in place so it's not too big a deal. Problem is, I know I didn't actually fix the loose whammy bar and it finally occurs to my to loop a rubber band around the whammy to aid it in returning to the correct position. I do so. Whammy bar issue somewhat fix.

But now, I'm dreading what might happen because I tampered more than I should have. I turn on the Wii and intend to do a controller input test but the system doesn't even recognize it as a device. So I pretty much wrecked a perfectly good controller other than the whammy bar issue and I'm really mad at myself. I guess I'm overreacting, but I get an attachment to things. You know me.

I suppose better the controller than Huey, but still. I'm really really upset. I just had to vent by telling the entire story. Probably a little unnecessary, but... ack!

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Today was just...really bad. My dad yelled at me about some really sensitive stuff and it set me off so I was out of commission for a good half an hour before I could get under control and it's getting to a point of where he just thinks I'm crazy and doesn't understand that serious anxiety is a thing that exists. It's really upsetting for me and he refuses to acknowledge it.
I also "came out" to my mom today and told her I was asexual biromantic- I had to explain it and once I did she said it was okay but I could see the look on her face- it was the "oh no my kid might be gay" face followed by a "where did i go wrong" face. She also said I can never tell my dad because he will never accept it.
Both my anxiety and my sexuality are things I cannot control and for them to blame me for it and think that yelling at me until I'm crouched on the bottom of my closet, crying my eyes out and hyperventilating is the right way to handle things...
It hurts.
It really does.

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