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Things That Are on Your Mind


AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
My exact plans are still to be confirmed in terms of locations we I am figuring this out with my travel companion - but if things line up I'd be happy to catch some ZD people. I've been lucky enough to meet with four people from this forum already in the past.
Give me a Gaytime and I will house you for free :bubsy:
Apr 16, 2021
Weird story from the other day is on my mind. A coworker approached me when I was zoning an area and asked "what my political alignment was" (why ask someone that completely out of the blue that? idk) I told her I don't really have a group I support, but if I had to say something I'd probably be conservative-leaning centrist. She goes "Wow, conservative? But both your parents are therapists (???) then asked me my stance on this and that, then said i didnt sound like much of a conservative (yeah obviously, cus thats not what i said) then asked me for an example of a "conservative value". I told her that I personally think sex should be reserved for marriage, to which she asked "So do you think premarital sex should be illegal?" Like?? why on earth would you jump to that conclusion... I told her no, clearly, idgaf its a personal belief for me. After that she told me I sound like "a libertarian with conservative self values" (dont ask me wtf that even means) and then walked off to clock out for the day. Like thanks for the chat I guess but are they missing you back at buzzfeed??
Another day she approached me and asked me out of the blue (again) if my parents were ok with me drinking/smoking. I said no, not really, and she said "they care about that but they still let you ride your bike at night?" And I was just like bruh What. Huh. Those things are not remotely comparable.. not super relevant but now that im thinking about it, parents who do let their kids do that stuff are weird asf tho. Its one thing to let them try things (certain things) supervised in a safe environment so they can get a feel for it instead of dying of alcohol poisoning on their 21st birthday. But i be knowing several families who let their kids get drunk as hell or smoke weed everyday (tm) and like sure theyre having fun or whatever but. theyre teens. and its terrible for their brain development.. too many these days want their kids to be their friends instead of their kids, and in doing so dont look out for them and its really saddening. I had moderately strict parents growing up (I say "had" cus they have loosened up quite a bit now that im older) and other kids used to criticize them for it (i remember once in 8th grade, my best friend said to me "you are living your life on a chained leash") but like looking back, damn Im grateful now lol. Not that I was angry at them back in the day either, even then Id see friends with lax parents and damn those mfs are rude as ****, in general, but especially to their parents, and incredibly demanding too, to the point where it was embarrassing to be around them at times. Im kind of a ***** but at least I wasnt going off on my parents at 13. These friends have brought a lot more stories to mind but this tangent has gone on for way too long already so kthxbye
Apr 16, 2021
Should've taken the opportunity to troll

Some people are way too obsessed with labels and alignments
Oh dont worry, I did sprinkle in a little trolling as well. Wondering if itll come back to me, considering the girls on a target style team have loose lips as youd expect. If youve told one something, youve probably told them all

I agree with your second point. But she isnt really the type, I think she just wanted to kill time before leaving cus she never talks politics. Why tf she thought that was a good question to ask is beyond me though.


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A friend of mine's dad is in the hospital rn, he got sent here because he was having problems with heart failure. My mom texted my friend with like "hey keeping your dad in my prayers if you need anybody to talk to yk I'm here" and all that.
My friend responded with "thanks, I actually haven't talked to my dad in a few weeks is something up?"

RIP my mom having a crisis bc she assumed she already knew and doesn't want to tell her.

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