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Things That Are on Your Mind


Oct 19, 2021
The Silent Realm
I'm in an inbetween spot where I really want to be around once/if ever we make official contact with an advanced alien civilization, but I'm also very reluctant on that b/c that'll mean permanent changes to the way of human life as we know it, for better or for worse
dang it, I don't know what I want
It largely depends on what kind of alien contact we get. Are they seeking to anihilate us? Or are they seeking to bring us into an alliance to face a common foe? Perhaps we are going to be slaves or seen as equals or apprentices to their knowledge? Are they Duke Nukem style or Mass Effect style when it comes to more personal relations? And are we the invaders or are we the ones they approached?
I have so much stuff I need to do, but ever since that incident with my dad in the car a few weeks ago, my energy has been nonexistent and all these things are piling up and I wish I could just make myself do stuff. I think about doing them, but they somehow get lost in translation to where I would actually physically do them.

I hope I'm able to knock a lot of this stuff out when I'm at my mom's next week. Not really a vacation, though.

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Got a little christmas shopping done for myself today. Bought a new jacket cuz I needed one that's in between "light raincoat" and "heavy winter coat". Also bought a short-sleeved hoodie because I've wanted one for years but never found one til now. Aside from clothes, I bought a bunch of pins to put on my work bag. Monstly Zelda, but also a MonHun one. Really wanted an Ys one too but it's like impossible to find good Ys merch. I search for it and I get maybe three results and then the rest is ****ing YellowStone National Park lmao. rip me.

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