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A white husky with blue eyes appeared on our front porch and hasn’t left all morning, I think she’s lost, poor thing. We gave her some water and stayed outside with her to keep her company while posting a pic of her online so her owner could find her. I hope they come soon, she seems really sad and lonely. :(
Update! The owner saw the post on Facebook and came to pick up the husky. I’m glad she’s okay now :)


A caring crazy comforting cool cat lover
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people look so perfectly happy and full of friends in social medias ugh
Sometimes people can act like they’re perfectly happy and bright all the time, but not be. Something could be troubling them and they don’t want you to see it. I admit, I’ve done a few times. Nothing very devastating has happened to me recently, but small things piled up on each other can make me feel depressed at times. But online I act happy so others don’t have to worry. I seldom do it, but I know I’ve done it at least once.

I try my best to help you be happy, I’ll always be here if you need me. Just remember got me as a friend <3 <3

AND twin ;) <3


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Jul 5, 2017
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The hotel that our company works out of still isn’t open yet, and industry sources of mine says it’ll be last to open. My president is telling me mid to end of August, however business is extremely slow in Vegas right now, and conventions/shows are mostly cancelled.

Torn between staying home and safe, versus being open and sacrificing some safety for a lot more money.
I still hate how cheap and flimsy PlayStation 3 controllers feel.

Also my PS3 still reminds me of a George Foreman grill.

I also still hate the UI.

Come on, Bamco, please port Xillia to something else so I don't have to use this thing.
Finished cleaning up my Switch screenshot flashdrive and it's all nice and tidy again. Finally got to delete that portable version of gimp off of it that I didn't even want but was forced to download last summer because people didn't take my computer situation seriously. Liberating to have that reminder gone.

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