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Things That Are on Your Mind

After having left it for a few days to dry out I managed to turn my laptop back on. It seems to still be working (although a bit slower than before I think) but the keyboard is very sticky and difficult to type on. I managed to find an old external mouse and keyboard I had laying around so for now at least I have something to keep me up and going. It is the tail end of the semester now, I have three group assignments due in the next two weeks or so plus a few exams and the like to do.

I'm also pretty stressed since I'll be finishing my degree this year and am still not sure what happens next year. This is particularly stressful because I don't know how COVID will impact my first steps and options after graduation. Graduate roll positions are closing soon so I need to get applying for those. There is also a Japanese Government scholarship that would cover tuition costs and living costs to do a Masters degree in Japan (starting in August/September-ish 2021) so I am very much considering applying for that too. Life decisions are hard, it is like back when deciding what to do after high school all over again.
Sending hugs hun. :hug:


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Jan 31, 2010
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So I got my "old" pc back. I'm very happy with it actually. The keyboard is better, the pc in general is waaaaay faster and I forgot it's still a gaming pc and not even 2 years old! The only downside.......updates...ugh:dry::dry::dry:


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Jan 22, 2016
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I can't find a bottle of Longmorn 16 Year Old scotch anywhere. And I hear it's delightful, I wanna try it, but no bueno on hunting a bottle down.

Also, I have no more Ardbeg 10 Year. :(


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Nov 28, 2019
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I was watching a documentary on Japan’s cat culture, and now I want to live there lol

They have cat cafes! And trains with cat themes, and book stores that sell only books about cats, and cat shrines, and cat themed food, and cat themed toys and figures! And, they even have a island that has more cats than people on the island!

It’s amazing❤

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