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Things That Are on Your Mind


The Rising Sun
ZD Legend
Sep 9, 2019
Just thinking about how tired I am and how I really need to get to bed sooner tonight.


chunky plant goop
Staff member
Comm. Coordinator
My phone is in such bad shape. It started locking up last summer because it can't get cellular data and just gets stuck in a loop or something... and I resolved the issue by disabling LTE so I only ever get 4G for service now. Well, it's starting to do it again, but I'm on wifi at the moment, so it's troubling me. It did this the other day while on wifi, too. Ever since switching to 4G, I've only ever had it have this issue again twice (both while on data). It happening again so suddenly is really worrying me. Had to reset it like four times to get it to even respond.


BoDoc Horseman
Staff member
Nov 24, 2012
It’s starting to look like my classes are going to transition to being online for the a few weeks because of the corona virus.

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