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Things That Are on Your Mind


passionate open autistic european female
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Apr 7, 2019
Oh how I'm gonna fire up a new Final Fantasy XV file. After the emotional teardown of Fata Morgana, I long to dive into something so deliciously dumb.


Keep it strong
Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Trying to fill out a form for the Health Assessment Advisory Service. It's so hard to talk to people about things in person, doing it to a piece of paper from a faceless beuracracy that could use it to sever lifeline is a lot harder.
I'm really f**king angry right now because I was working on an art project and right when I've spent over an hour on it and I'm almost done and it looks nice and my hands hurt from working on it...my fking app decides to crash and it's all deleted and unsaved omfg

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