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Things That Are on Your Mind


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I'm actually pretty keen for my classes this semester. I'm taking Japanese Level 4, in which we are not allowed to speak English in the classroom anymore and our assignment is to interview students from Hokkaido University over the internet (who will interview us for their assignment). In Fundamentals of Security we are learning about creating secure IT systems and briefly touching on hacking. Finally, in Routing and Internetworks I'll be learning about Routing protocols in great detail. I'm in a group assignment with two students whom just did a six month internship at Cisco, so that's going to be fantastic.

Also, it is my first time taking three classes instead of four. So yay, somewhat less to stress about :)

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So my N3DS has finally been repaired, and it was only gone for about three days. However, when I got it back, the graphics had recieved a major downgrade. It looks like an old 3DS. I'm super salty becuase that's why I purchased the N3DS in the first place.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Two cats were on my drive when I arrived home. A Siamese which is new to my area but has already decided it loves my drive and I found it sleeping under the car one time. Today it was with it a black and white one. They seemed to be getting on well.

I'm off to see Suicide Squad soon and have a cheeky Nandos. Which will probably be the most enjoyable part of the evening considering what I have heard from people who have seen the film.

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