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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
A couple of my bandmates are going into the studio overnight to do guitar overdubs. I don't need to go, and it's good that I don't so that I don't screw up my sleep schedule.

Last time I went I got all of my overdubs recorded, but I had to spend most of the next day sleeping and I had to miss work. My sleep schedule also inverted on a dime: Over the course of 3 days, I woke up at 5:30 am, worked a 10-hour shift, napped from 7-8 pm, recorded for 9 hours overnight, crashed at 7 am, woke up at 2 pm, and then went to bed around 9:30 pm.

TL;DR: it was crazy!

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Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
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A few tattoos I think I'm planning to get when I have money:
#1- Jack's chain wrist tattoos from BioShock 1:

I want these partially as an homage to my favorite game series and how much it means to me (which is A LOT) and partially because the chains (I may modify the design so the chains look broken rather than whole) will cover some old scars and if I do decide to go for the broken chain design it'll really symbolize how much of an independent person I am, my individual freedom, how my ultimate goal is freedom for everyone (ie. breaking the chains) and that I'm not really tied down by the chains of my past anymore (covering the scars etc). I'm very much my own person and it would mean a lot to me.


i just threw this together in photoshop so I could get a visual, haven't settled on a font or anything but yeah. this one's elizabeth's bird symbol from BioShock Infinite, again, really important to me. elizabeth as a character is a big deal for me. I figure if this was to go anywhere it'd be on my back/shoulder or maybe ribs. the quote is also from bioshock infinite (noticing a pattern?) and I guess it represents that life will always go on for me. i'm always gonna live despite the odds, ya feel? i mean, i already have, hence the "lived" part. and yeah.


vincent van gogh's signature, likely on my ankle. he's my favorite painter for a number of reasons both personal and also just because i really like his style and i'd love to get some of his artwork on me but i don't know if i want any colored/complex tattoos, I prefer minimalism.

it could also be a reference to the fact that i am clearly a work of art

anyway yeah I wanted to organize my thoughts on this somewhere so here we are. not sure if my parents will be on board or if i'm even ready to get any of these yet, but I really want to. we'll see.



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Feb 28, 2010
New York
Have you READ what they have written all over the box of a Nutribullet. Oh my gosh. It's hilarious.

"We often hear, you are what you eat, but really, you are what you ABSORB."
"Unlock the hidden nutrition inside the foods that you eat"
"The unique combination of the all-new Nutribullet Extractor Blade and our exclusive Cyclonic Action generate the power to break down, pulverize, and emulsify foods so you can access the hidden nutrition inside."
"Load. Extract. Twist. Nourish."

Maybe it's just me, after my dad read all of it with his dramatic acting nature.

I'm going to start making so many jokes of this now.

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