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Link Floyd

Fab Floydian!~
Sep 22, 2014
You'll be waiting for a while... like, forever :P

Anyway, I just discovered that my sister is pregnant. This will be my third and final sister to have kids, and i'm really excited to be an uncle again. My oldest sister had her baby just this past October, my middle sister had her fifth child in November, and now my last sister is 5 weeks pregnant. Not to mention my unoffial stepsister is having a boy in October this year. So many children!

And now I have a lot to live up to lol
Awww it was so good too. :c

Congrats btw! :D
Jan 13, 2015
An Attack Roflcopter
I wonder if the Sims 4 shaped up to be good.

I used to be a really avid Sims player, from the very first vanilla game, but after my gaming laptop died last spring, I haven't touched the series in well over a year and missed out on 4 entirely. I played briefly once on my brother's computer, and it felt like a hollow version of 3, without the rest of the neighborhood growing old with you (which, imo, was the best part of 3). I've heard 4 was met with a lot of criticism by the fanbase and that EA was working on changes, but... not sure what they entailed of or if they made much of a difference.

Honestly, though, 4 or otherwise, I think the series lost a lot of its zany charm after Will Wright left. '90s Maxis games were uniquely weird. in a fantastic way. but weird.

Skip to 3:15 to see why I hate EA.. *facedesk of shame*


Rock and roll will never die
Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
If i share something with people here about my life it's because I assume I'm amongst friends it is not so I can be ridiculed later on by a bully. I'm sick of people getting away with absolutely everything on the pretext that they're "joking". Why do people's feelings matter less than "humour"? I don't find it funny and nor do most people I've spoken to...

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