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Things That Are on Your Mind

Blue Canary

Your Friendly Neighborhood S***poster
Feb 11, 2012
Right Behind You
Trash Can

Have you ever thought that maybe I unfollowed you because you're rude to me and get super defensive and act like I just insulted your entire family when I just ask you a question? I don't want to follow someone who ****ing expects me to take everything you say without so much as questioning it. I'm sorry, but unlike all your other bull**** followers, I've actually been taught to question other people and to think for myself. *****.

And also, I'm pretty sure those "lies" are probably true, considering what I know about you.


Rock and roll will never die
Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Same here.

Also, because of recent events, I'm thinking of posting something that's been an issue for almost my entire life in Life Advice. I've had enough of this and I just don't know what to do anymore.
Yeah :( sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved anyway but you can talk to me any time too!


Jun 11, 2015
I'm think of how tired I am after a 12 hour straight work day followed by a 13 hour word day leading into today which is 14 hours straight. In three days I have almost done a normal 40 hour week for most people.

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