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Things That Are on Your Mind


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
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May 20, 2012
West Coast Best Coast
Why the **** are pop tarts giving me flashbacks. I swear to every god worshipped by humans I've ****ing had it with every little thing bringing back loads of memories.


Sep 19, 2011
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South England seems to be getting an influx of North Englanders and this is rather disturbing. I went to buy a dress today, it's for a fancy dress party and it literally has a fancy dress theme. Anyway I walk in through the doors pick out a dress out of random because quite frankly I can't stay in clothing stores for too long as they have that rich sort of air to them which is quite hard to breath in plus has a uncomfortable yet slightly pleasant feeling to it. I go to the counter and say "Picked out my dress and ready to party" and my god in this horrendously thick Northen accent(Not even exaggerating) laughs and says "What you natterin on about". Wtf is up with this, I'm in a store that's financially secure enough that it can at least employ people that can speak coherent English and I'm faced with this. I try to end the conversation and say "Oh yeah just got a fancy dress" and she burst out into this huge thesis on an experience she had at a fancy dress party and my god she just wouldn't shut up I couldn't even understand her hardly, it was horrible, I just smiled awkwardly at her hoping she would shut up and then she says "oh bloomin ell i'm sorry didn't mean to babble on like that haha" At this point I was very careful with my choice of words and said "It's fine" and she took it as me confirming that it was okay to carry on talking, probably the worst store experience I've ever had.

I know it's important for customer service to be friendly but for **** sake don't make them so overly friendly that they won't shut the **** up and are more of a pest than a help, AND DON'T MAKE THEM ****ING NORTH ENGLISH I SWEAR!

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