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The Zelda Races Game 2


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
I'll open up a game. It's the Game of Ice! Your in ice cavern, and you have blue fire. You only have three bottles worth. There are 6 passages in each of the 3 rooms. I'll roll a die, and if the number you pick is what I roll, you move on. If not, you don't lose, just you lost one bottle's worth. If you don't make it past the first room, you get no money back. If you get to the second room, you get your money back. If you get to the third room, you get double money. If you make it to the end, you get triple money. Cost is $10.
May 26, 2010
SW I will sell you 10 bombs. What will you offer?
HoT and Tony, I wouldn't be helping each other because you guys are at war, remember?

Ooccoo Watcher

Some guy with a Clawshot.
OK, there are no :deku: to spit awful little Deku nuts I claim the lost woods for the Gerudo since there is no one there to oppose me!!

Oh, and if you say I can't claim the land because the Gerudo didn't win it in a war, I DECLARE WAR ON THE DEKU!!!

Since all of the Deku's real players are dead I won the war, which means the Gerudo get all of there supplies, rupees, and land. If any more forum goers foolishly join the :deku: race they will automatically be slaves to the Gerudo!!


SheikahWarrior, be wary of this post!!! Add the changes of supply to the original post, please. And again, I give you an offer, do you want to be an alliance of the Gerudo?

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BIg Mac

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Now that's thiking outside of the box OW I see I was wise in my decision on making you my right hand man!!! And the most fun part is that it's ALL LEGAL!!! Keep up the good work my padawan and DO NOT DISSAPOINT ME!!!

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