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The Zelda Races Game 2

Apr 16, 2010
Come to Death Mountain to play Bomb-a-Wall!

Rules: Pay a mere 5 Rupees and you can play this game! Here's how to play: You are inside a room and one of the walls is bombable! If you pick the correct wall you go to the next room. In each room there is a treasure chest except for the first. The second has 5 Rupees, the third has 10, the fourth has 20 and the fifth and final room has 100! I will roll a die and if the number I roll matches the number you picked, then you move on.

And while you're here in Death Mountain, come by some bombs of your own! Buy a bomb bag and 10 bombs for 15 Rupees, or a big bomb bag and 50 bombs for only 50 Rupees!
May 26, 2010
I will chose..... *voices from the crowd- FOURTWONEFOURTHREEONETWOFOURONETWOTWOFOURTHREE!!!!!!!!!!* I will choose...... wall number 3!!! *blows up wall* *crowd cheers and claps*
Apr 16, 2010
Sorry, no, it was wall number 4. Good luck next time, would you like to buy some bombs or rocks while your here in glorious Death Mountain?

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