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The Zelda Races Game 2


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
Oh, never mind then. I won't pay you because we don't need anything done. I WILL clean the castle if you want, Big Mac.
Apr 16, 2010
I DECLARE WAR ON THE GERUDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stabs OW because he didn't leave* 2 more for you *complete surrounds self with boulders with no room for others*

Ooccoo Watcher

Some guy with a Clawshot.
But you didn't come to death mountain, Epwna. And you don't have a fairy. Hehehehehe.

*stabs HoT*

12:00 for HoT

*drags HoT down death mtn., shoves him on horse, brings him back to gerudo fortress, and locks him up in a cell with daggers coating the outside, so you cant get in. Locks cell door, and padlocks it, coats the outside of the door with daggers. Coats the inside of the cell with daggers as well.

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