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The Zelda Game of Your Dreams


The Creepy Uncle
Feb 10, 2012
Swaggin Roost Island
My ideal Zelda game...wow that's a tough one

* Back story would definitively be that Link is the male that was born into the Gerudo tribe and therefore King of the Gerudos. (I feel like there is so much that hasn't been said about the Gerudo) (I actually really want to write a fan fiction about this, but have never sat down to do it)
* An overworld the size of Xenoblade
* Lots and Lots of towns instead of only having Castle town and Kakariko Village
* Tons of minigames in those towns
* Very unique NPC's with interesting stories like Majora's Mask.
* Epona would return
* The ability to use other weapons other than a sword with an interesting upgrading system.
* An actual love connection between Link and someone (not necessarily Zelda, but it would be nice)
* The magic bar to return with items that actually used it (A Link to the Past)
* Have lots of hidden goodies inside of previous dungeons that are not required, but can only be accessed later after you have some sort of item (Metroid games)
* Cave of Ordeals to return
* As for Villain...I would really like to see a brand new guy
* The return of Dark Link
* Voice Acting
* Have the tutorial outside of the actual game so veteran Zelda gamers don't need to do one.

I'm sure there's a lot more things I would have in my ideal Zelda game, but not coming to mind at the moment
I can't begin to imagine what kind of story Nintendo could pull for the next Zelda and don't even know what my dream story would be, I'd like it to be dark and emotional like TP or beautiful and heartfelt and breathtaking like Wind Waker. Though if we're going to have cel shading I want young Link, if we're gonna have traditional graphics then i want adult Link. I also wouldn't like to see a full on romance between Link and another character, hint at it all you want but i much preferred OoT where link seemed to have his pick of at least 4 different women.

However, some gameplay elements I'd like to see would be:

Magic -Item enchantments- using the magic meter (like WW's magic armour) to temporarily charge up weapons very much like Eternal Darkness's system.

Transportation- Flying would be nice if we could actually fly over the overworld instead of being in an empty segment above it, like riding the Loftwing over TP's Hyrule. I'd also like to see some flight combat- link using his sword/bow/boomerang etc like in TP, the bird knowing more than one move. And hopefully making it feel as relaxing and making it looks as beautiful as WW's sailing.

Items- no more than 10 very well implemented items like WW, no upgrading. TP had too many, at least in WW i got attached to my items. I'd like the items to all have more than one function, like the deku leaf in WW, you could glide with it and use it to repel enemies and solve puzzles.

Skills- i'd like to see the dash from SS come back, i'd like Link to learn an array of moves like in TP, (i'd like to see enemies be able to take more of a beating to make good use of these skills)

Bosses - two/three phases OR two bosses at the same time, like Twinrova but a lot more vicious.
Dungeons - not too big like MMs stone temple or the ones in TP.

but thats just me =]
Apr 10, 2010
1 -
A 2D Zelda with updated crisp graphics, in the same style as A Link to the Past (similar to Four Swords Adventures but with updated HD graphics)
-Increased difficulty similar to older Zelda titles
-Lots of different items and weapons that can be upgraded
-A deep story that doesn't worry about where it fits on the timeline and just tells a good story
-No voice acting or dialogue for Link

2 -
A new original virtual console game with NES or SNES graphics, similar to what Capcom did with Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Story is optional


God of Goddesses
Feb 20, 2011
An ideal game I'd like would have to involve Ganondorf's birth and how Hyrule was affected by it. Maybe The younger Twinrova began harassing all of the other races because of this. The graphics would probably be dark like that of TP, and the controls would probably be motionplus.
May 5, 2012
A zelda where the universe is kindof like in Ocarina of time and majora's mask.
Termina and Hyrule + other countries would be accessable
You'd have a second quest completely different after you've finished it with another story and new places.
Dragons, A dragon armor once you defeat all of them
Realistic zombies (re-dead)
More magic powers like the masks, the skyward thingy and the spells in oot
Upgrades on items and weapons
More swords available
An awesome story
A comeback of the majora's mask
Ganondorf has to be in it
Lasts long, super super long
Awesome music and graphics
plot twists and loveable characters (I loved the ones from oot and Midna!)
That's about it.
Feb 1, 2012
I would like to have a long game with a good 12 dungeons, many mini dungeons, a large over world that doesn't have areas that are just empty are useless, TONS of sidequests, and when I say TON I mean a good 30 hours worth of them. I would want to have the 5 pieces to a heart container, a large varity of items like in LttP or OoT but with many upgrade options for all of them more than SS had, a partner that was similar to the King of Red Lions (by that I mean someone that isn't glued to your side and explaining the obvious), somewhat difficult bosses that don't quite reach the extent of making me rage quit but are a real challenge and make me use every ounce of skill I have, a good meaningful storyline like in SS, a final boss fight that I would always remember I would want it to have several phases a few awesome cut scenes and killing the final boss would be as epic as it was in WW (when link does the flip and ending blows into Ganon's head), a larger amount of treasures to collect like in SS, some kind of animal like the loftwing or epona to ride around instead of a train or boat, AND overall I would want a truely memorable experience and just pure awesomeness that would be so great it would put all the past Zelda games to shame.
Creating a trilogy series. Come up with a story and have it take three games to complete. That would be something completely different for Zelda.

We aren't that far off trilogy Zelda games. Minish cap, Four Swords and Four swords adventures are pretty much the same story aside from FSA being in the future. The Oracle games were meant to be a trilogy. and Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass are direct sequels and Spirit Tracks takes place a little after those with a different Link so we're pretty much there.

Though if there was a trilogy title i'd be a bit disappointed as i think you're meaning no gaps in timeline, don't resolve anything until the last game in the trilogy.. that would really make the other 2 games quite redundant, it'd be dangerous to do too, since if it was an SS type game the others would follow suit and some people dont want another 3 SS games, nor do i think they'd want three TP or WW types right off the bat either.

though who knows, we might. Nintendo may pull a story with Ganondorf in one game, girahim in another and vaati in another or who ever and make each game different one WW style one TP style etc but in the same land, though i still think people would accuse nintendo of cutting more corners there and i'm sure they'd rather ride out individual games. Though a big part of me would like to see it happen.
Dec 3, 2010
Sunset. A softly red-lit, calm scene on a graveyard. The wind is whistling through the leaves. A figure is seen standing before a gravestone.

A warm, desperate female voice: "I never wanted any of this, Link. Please, you have to understand. I wasn't strong enough to help you. I just couldn't do it."

*puts a flower on Link's grave, while tears begin to slide down her cheeks*

After a moment of utter silence: "May the Gods watch over you, my brave knight. May your deeds never be forgotten amongst both friend and foe. Rest in peace, Link. My... Link."

*bitter-sweet music starts playing, Zelda turns away from the grave and starts walking towards the camera*

"I never thought it possible. It doesn't make any sense. But I have to believe the last words of a dying hero."

*The camera's movement stops. Now Zelda is getting nearer and nearer. She is seen slowly raising a hand, glowing in a greenish tone*

Zelda reciting Link's last words: "I've seen it. They've shown me. The future looks so bright! Evil will perish. And the deed will be done by one brave stranger from another world, where everything is so much different, more complex. You have to call this stranger, Zelda. It's the only way. When the time is right, you'll know what to do."

*You notice that the music seems to creep into your room with every step Zelda is taking towards the camera*

"A brave stranger from another world... one that will overcome the hardships of a hero and defeat the root of evil. I don't like it, to be honest. Putting our every lives into the hands of an unknown soul, which has yet to reveal its true face."

*Zelda stops walking. She is standing right in front of the camera now, with a close-up view of her beautiful face. She seems to be looking - somewhat sceptical - directly into your eyes. You get uncomfortable, sitting in your room, waiting*

"Be that as it may. The Gods have truly made their decision. There is no turning back now."

*While Zelda's speaking, her green-glowing hand reaches for the camera, and you realize with a growing sense of horror that the edges of your TV and the wall behind it reflect the green shimmer.*

"Come hither, child. Take my hand. Let me guide you into this world."

*Your whole room seems to be filled with that bitter-sweet music now, and everything is glowing in that weird green tone. It seems surreal.*

"You cannot back down now. The kingdom is in need of you. Make haste, young one!"

*You should have seen it coming, but seeing it in real still causes you to freeze on your chair, horrified. Zelda's hand reaches through the monitor, directly into the empty space in front of your TV.*

"Please, you need to take my hand."

*Wondering how the hell Nintendo managed to pull that off, you stand up and start walking towards the TV. As you approach it, you can finally see Zelda's hand in all its details. And there are many details. Too many for a video game character. It's a real, human hand. You shudder.*

"Do I frighten you that badly, chosen one?"

*Somehow relieved that Zelda seems to understand the state you're in, you manage to say no*

"Then do take my hand, and be quick about it. There's a kingdom to be saved."

*And as you start reaching out your own hand, the music changes. There's drums and violins and flutes. It's the Main Theme of The Legend of Zelda. And oh, how you've missed it. But what's definitely lifting your spirits into unknown heights is the feeling that this time, the music is all about you. As you touch Zelda's hand and take it into your own, you feel a strange power floating through your body, unlike everything you've experienced before. You feel capable of accomplishing everything, in a heartbeat.

"[Insert your own first name], are you ready to become Hyrule's savior? Do ye have what it takes? Will you fight honorably and till the end?"

*As the music approaches its peak, you smile, and finally answer: "I am. I have. I will." And just like that, you're being pulled out of your room, and into the glorious world of Hyrule, where you'll face experiences like never before.

Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
The Zelda game of my dreams would have a large Overworld like Wind Waker's with lots to do but doesn't take as long to travel and the areas like Skyward Swords areas and nice sized and challenging Dungeons like Ocarina of Time and a dark and creepy but still up lifting story like Majora's mask. Out those together and I would be the happiest person ever.
Apr 3, 2012
Here is a few of mine:
1. Huge overworld
2. The game has to be like 200hrs long
3. Great story with out being boring at any time
4. Be able to walk, ride on Epona, and fly on a Loftwing
5. Set before SS
6. Good graphics like the Zelda Wii U Demo
7. Awesome gameplay
8. New items
9. Use items every where not just in that dungeon
10. A good side kick
May 21, 2012
The Netherlands
A console game where the three goddesses get more attention. :) If they did that, I would be very happy. ^^

Ah, and much, much more people in the game! :D (Where you can actually talk with, not like with the town in TP.)

And another appearance of the Gerudo tribe!


May 10, 2012
epic orchestrated music
Twili race return with a backstory- maybe even an ancestor of Midna as a main character
Link being able to travel to parallel universes
long (time wise) and lots of optional side quests (think Majora's Mask)
puts Skyrim to shame with exploration and graphics but has the beautiful colors of Skyward Sword
longer trade sequences like in Link's Awakening
transformations (like the masks in MM)
Jan 20, 2012
1. Amazing Orchestrated Soundtrack, featuring Zelda's Lullaby.
2. Graphics of SS/TP mixed.
3. Somehow involving Time Travel
4. Features the following races: Zoras or Parella, preferably Parella, Kikwi or Koroks, preferably Koroks. Gorons.
5. At least 9 dungeons, all focusing on different elements, no repeating of elements, such as fire, water, etc.
6. Link has a relationship with Zelda like he did in Skyward Sword.
7. Large overworld with Epona
8. Some musical instrument that features all the abilities of the Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time.
9. A ton of side-quests.
10. Features the beetle from Skyward Sword
11. Makes references to other Zelda games
12. Tingle is involved in the main plot.
13. Plot focuses or features the 3 Golden Goddesses.
14. 4 pieces to a heart container.
15. Multiple mini dungeons.
16. Ganondorf has to be the main villain, and i would like to see him featured throughout the entire game.
17. Master Sword and Triforce HAVE to be featured in it.
18. Magic Spells & Upgrades, such as Farore's Love
19. Link should have a love interest that isn't Zelda, he and Zelda should just remain friends.
20. Great Fairies must be featured and give you upgrades.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
These are in no particular order. I just numbered them so it's easier to see when I've gotten to a new idea.

1. I think Ganondorf should have two right-hand-man type of guys. One of them is a new character that's always next to Ganondorf and protects Ganondorf at all costs. The other would be the Skull Kid and he's constantly running off on his own and doing whatever he wants. A lot of the time, he's just going out to fight Link and slow him down so you have to fight the SKull Kid multiple times throughout the game.

2. I also think the three golden goddesses should be actual important characters in the game that help Link along the way and help him in the final battle like Zelda always does.

3. I also think that all of Hyrule should be bigger. A couple specific places that just need to be bigger are Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Field, Death Mountain, Kakariko Village, and Lake Hylia. (Lake Hylia is by far, small enough to be called a pond in all the games I've ever seen it in and Death Mountain sounds like it should be really scary and then you have to climb a hill.)

4. I also think Link should be able to use "Triforce mode" where by using the full power of the Triforce, he gains super-strength or something really special like that. In Triforce mode, Link's body would turn the color of gold; the symbol of the Triforce would appear on the back of both of his hands, his forehead, and his chest; his eyes would turn white; Link would give off a type of yellow/golden-colored aura-thinger. (I really can't describe it.)

5. I also think that the soundtrack should just be altogether different. Not in every game but it would be nice to have a completely different style of soundtrack in just one LoZ game. Like this should be a theme for one of the bosses and this would be the theme where in a cutscene, Link first uses activates "Triforce mode."

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