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The Zelda Game of Your Dreams

Feb 4, 2011
We always have that little "Nintendo should do this for the next Zelda game" or "Nintendo should reuse this for the next Zelda game" or something like that. For that, we dream up the "perfect Zelda game".

Let me share mine.
* A Hyrule as big, if not a bit bigger, than Twilight Princess, and you can walk and ride a horse.
* Backstory on how Link is an orphan
* Link and Zelda have a relationship similar to Skyward Sword, complete with scenes like holding hands and alike
* Returning side characters, such as Impa, Malon, Aryll, Groose, etc.
* 9 Dungeons, each a different theme or element
* Ganon having a group working with him, playing to that "villains in a group" topic I made earlier, they don't have to be returning villains, it'd be cool, but I just think Ganon having a "Starscream" would be cool, whether or not its Vaati or some other preexisting character
* Good, big bosses, each with a second phase
* Upgrades
* Same controls as Skyward sword, but more refined and adding those extra features they say they didn't have a chance to add
* Returning weapons, the boomerang, the magical rod, the magic arrows, etc
* That awesome pose when Link puts his sword back when defeating a boss in Twilight Princess
* An actual black knight character (I don't mean Darknuts, I mean more like the Black Knight in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, one of the main villains, PS if that's the the wrong game then I'm sorry, I only know it due to TV Tropes)
* Have some good themes, like "Sliding Scale of idealism vs cynicism" a theme I myself am fond of, that is when the idealist is the main character
* Good music (well duh)
* The aesthetics of Skyward Sword, giving it the anime-painting style but with more depth the extra graphics can give
* Sidequests, enough to keep us entertained and give us more money and heart pieces, as well as develop our minor characters
* References to past games, such as someone telling the events of said game as a story
* Returning locales, Forest temple, Goron Mines, Snowpeak, Gerudo desert, Palace of Winds, etc.
* Returning species, Gorons, Zoras, Skull Kids, maybe Yetis.
* No really advanced technology like the Ancient Robots, strictly fantasy

So yeah, feel free to say I'm nitpicky and I do think I missed a few things, but yeah, if Nintendo actually released a Zelda with this list of mine checked off, that to me would be the perfect Zelda game, the Zelda of my dreams.

What is YOUR dream Zelda game?
Dec 19, 2011
In my zelda game, Link is a knight, but can also use magic, 11 dungeons, half the dungeon items are spells, the others are items. Two main villains would be nice, like zant and ganon, ghirahim and demise.


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Aug 10, 2011
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I don't have a hugely specific list, at least not at the moment, but I think they could learn a thing or two from Ubisoft's Prince of Persia.

I've only really played the 2008 game titled "Prince of Persia", but I thought the way the combat and puzzles were done were very well done. I also found the level design to be fantastic.

I'm not saying to have a game where we spend pretty much the entirety of the game sliding down crap, and climbing around everywhere with barely any ground. However, I think Nintendo could consider incorporating a couple things into the series similar to that. You know, like the puzzle, level design or the you battle the bosses.


The Zelda game of my dreams would be Link taken to a realm of wonder. Like a dreamland. What I'm saying is a collage of most Zelda games.
Feb 25, 2011
awesome thread! i actually have kind of made my own vision of Zelda WII U. with the major horse power of the system the could really pull of something that we haven't seen yet, but here is my thoughts-

The Overworld
1. Hyrule will be big, but it will be deviated into realms- the mountain realm and earth realm. i do not mean provinces or chucks of land like in Skyward Sword.
The earth realm will be the main overworld, but it will be connected to the ocean realm and the mountain realm. that means that you will have to climb the mountains and navigate the earth. you would have fly from mountain to mountain raiding the "winds of the mountains" and fly a mechanical birds controlled by wind spirits.
2. the overworld will feature a large amount of new locals, in edition to some familiar ones. the returning will be forest, volcano and desert, and some of the new ones will be a living mountain, a Japanese themed island and a dungeon in the sun!
3. the overworld will feature small villages along the journey, but not many, to create the feeling of a true new land tho explore.
4, as I said before there are two ways of traveling- raiding a horse and flying a mechanical bird.
5. the locals are big, not huge, but each will be packed will a ton of content, just like in Skyward Sword.
6. Overworld bosses will have a bigger rule this time around

The Story
1. the story will take place right after a great war between the three gods and an unknown evil, which almost brought distraction to Hyrule, and the survivors are scattered around on the world.
2. Link is a young man born in a small clan on one of the distant mountain. His clan are the keepers of the "Secret Temple" a holy sanctuary that holds the memories of the past and holds many secrets in it. the priestess of the temple is no other then Zelda herself. The power of the temple rests within the " Time Gems". The gems are the things that keeps history at it's path, but only a blessed heart can control them.
3. in the exposition of the game, the Gems are stolen by a mysterious shadow the came out from below the mountain, crashing the Secret Temple. Zelda strikes the shedow with the power of the goddess of time, creating an explosion that send the Gems flying to unknown places. Zelda had lost her powers and disappeared.
4. Link, as the prime warrior of his people is sent on a quest to find Zelda and the gems. the villages gives him the clans sword, a wooden shilled and a shard of one of the Gems of time, that inhabits an ancient spirit named Hao which will be links guardian and guild.
5. Hao might appear as an ancient and wise spirit, but he's actually pretty lazy and dislikes link. however, he has the power to sense the Time Gems, and can communicate with other spirits.
6. As link begins his journey he finds out that more people and mysteries forces are after the Time Gems, and that a mystical thieve found one of the gems.
7. With the help of Hao, Link manages to find the powerful mountain spirit. when link passes it's tests, the spirits tells them abut what he knows abut the shadows, which are a shred of the evil that fought against the gods, and a possible hide out of the Gems.
8. after several dungeons, link finds one of the Gems. then he is attacked by a young man with metallic gloves that allow him to use telekinesis, after an intense fight, link finds out that he is the magical thieve that has a Gem. the thieves name is Ampa. Ampa comes from a royal family that was vanished in the war. Ampa wants the time Gams to change the course of history and save his family. after some time, Ampa and link make a pack that if one of them gets the time stones, he will help the other. Ampa tells link that he knows where Zelda is, and link goes after her. in the same time, Ampa goes to hunt down anther time Gem, and tells Link that if he ever needs hime, he can call him throe the Hylia Statute in the center of the forest.
9. Link goes to save Zelda, which is held on an island fort. after finishing the dungeon, Link fights a boss which was created using the power of a time gem. Links sword takes the power of the time gem and transforms into a golden version of the Master Sword. Link brings Zelda to the Hylia statute in the center of the forest and meat Ampa.
10. Link, Zelda and Ampa are attacked by the Shadow, which is now bigger,has a form of a dragon and calls himself Herada's Anger. Link and Ampa fight the shadow. after escaping it, Zelda revels that because the Time gems are not at place, the flow of time is braking, casing nature itself to lose it's balance and awakening and evil god. the only way to stop this is to awaken the power of the goddess of time, that lays in the sun. the way to the sun is thou the Sacred Temple, that needs more time gems to be opened again.
11. Link, Ampa and Zelda return to the Sacred Temple, after gathering 7 Time Gems. To get to the sun, 10 Time Gems are needed, but The shadow consumed them. so Zelda decades to have a ritual that requires the power of the Time Gems and a life of a blessed soul. Ampa decides to make the sacrifice, and Link promises him that he will save his family. Link then lunches into the sun, only to find that The sanctuary of Hylia, which holds the power of the goddess in it ( the sanctuary is the sun) is overrun by the ancient evil.
12. Link fights with the ancient Demon Metador, that revels himself to be the servant of the Demon King Hadara. after awakening the power of Hylia, Link seals Hadara in the sun, and heads back to earth, to his villige.
13. Link and Zelda bury Ampa near Hylia statute in the forest, and Zelda prays that he will be united with his family.

Gameplay -
1. The game will feature motion control in similar manner to Skyward Sword.
2. The games Items and potions will be fully upgradeable.
2. 8 dungeons which include-
Mountain Spirit Dungeon
Forest Dungeon
Desert Dungeon
Lightning Mechanical Dungeon
Dragon Dungeon
Water Earth Dungeon
Fire Ice Dungeon
The Dungeon in the Sun
4. The main story will last abut 40-50 hours, with many side quest to extend playtime
5. bigger emphasis on boss battles, the game will feature a good amount of boss encounters, some will be defeated using items and some will be a sword fight
6. The game will be harder the previous 3d Zelda titles
7. Hero mode will make a return
8. the new race in the game is mountain spirits, with returning ones link Gorons, Kiwis, Rito and more

what do you think? it took my a while to write all this///
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Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I could go into long details about this, but I don't need to. I already have two that were my dreams: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. The only thing left for me is a game that depicts the Imprisoning War. (That is if that supposed timeline isn't true, which it better not be with out out there it is.)
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Jul 6, 2011
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I could go into long details about this, but I don't need to. I already have two that were my dreams: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. The only thing left for me is a game that depicts the Imprisoning War. (That is if that supposed timeline isn't true, which it better not be with out out there it is.)
I suppose they still could do the imprisoning war with that timeline, because OOT obviously would not be it(the imprisoning war) if link did not save the day in that.
I personally would like to see something in between OOT and WW, depicting the murder of the two sages, the great flood and basically Ganon ruining Hyrule. I don't know when the Triforce of courage was split. The History of Hyrule book makes it seem as though the TOC was taken out of the AT altogether for a while. I'm sure Nintendo could think of something here. And as for no hero appearing, he does not have to. His deeds can go unnoticed by the general population, like in TP, nobody actually saw or knew about Ganondorf and probably did not know about his defeat at the hands of link.


The game is on!
Well I have to say, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the Zelda game of my dreams. To me it's the perfect video game, and I have no complains at all whatsoever. It's packed with contend, although there aren't too many places, but you can do more in one place. I like that a lot since you get to know the places much better that way. And the flying, ah the flying, it's wonderful!
Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
I would love, but don't expect, to see this happen!!!
Return of the shiekah, the zora & deku.
It would be during a civil war in Hyrule and the Zora, being the race of the of wisdom, led by Zelda (she isn't a zora) will be the ambassadors to the opposing side consisting of Gorons as their ambassadors because they at the time were very stubborn to compromise. Link will work closely with the shiekah to reunite Hyrule, first going to seek the treasures of enlightenment within the land in the third dungeon you find that there is really a evil clan that wants to split Hyrule so that they would be distracted as he searches for the tri-force. In the fifth dungeon you find the tri-force and meet the evil there too. Realizing that there is no way you could get the tri-force before thy do link throws the master sword at the tri-force shattering it, since it was blessed by a goddess (that backstory would be told in the beginning) and the tri-force then gets absorbed into the ones to resemble the force most, link absorbs the courage, Zelda the wisdom and Ganon the power only making the clan stronger! The Master sword also breaks in half. And that's only 1/4 into the game. After that I think Nintendo would make it as Epic as possible!!
Dec 17, 2011
The Beetle should come back, as well as the various upgrades to bombs and arrows. The Beetle is my favorite item in Skyward Sword, if not one of my favorite items in the series, and the Fire, Ice, Light, Silver, and Bomb Arrows should all make an appearance in a single game. I liked the idea of Water Bombs, so those need to be used again. I'm not sure what "the Zelda game of my dreams" would be, but I at least want all of those items in one game.


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Mar 22, 2012
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My Perfect Zelda game would have all of the following:

Midna, Vaati (Reborn Form and Sorceror Form), Ganondorf, a Fairy companion, Veran, Twinrova, a young Impa, Zelda, Link, Epona, Shadow Link(s), and the Six Sages (possibly minus one because of TP)
A cool boomerang, Crossbow, Bow, Hover Boots, Iron Boots, Pegassus Boots, Hero's Tunic, Zora Tunic, Goron Tunic, Nomad Tunic (for dessert and snow), Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield, Master Sword or Four Sword, some sort of hookshot, fishing rod, lantern, Majora's Mask (not wearable, but useful), Fierce Deity's Mask, and new unique items
Stalfos, Wolfos, Ghoma of some type (Boss or Mini-boss), keese, Armos, Beamos, Bubbles, Darknuts, Deku Baba, Baba Serpant, ChuChus, Poes, Poe (Boss), ReDeads, ReDead Knights, ReDead Archers, Tektites, Tile Worms, Flying Tiles, Wallmasters, Wizzrobes, Blade Traps, Floormasters, Skulltulas, Skullwalltulas, Deku Scrubs, Iron Knuckles, Anti-Faries, and other enemies (probably just new ones)
3 hearts to start the game, a magic meter, Stamina Meter, and a Dive Meter (unless wearinf the Zora's Tunic)
A huge Hyrule that includes Snowpeak, Gerudo Dessert, Lake Hylia, Castle Town, Hyrule Castle, Zora's Domain, Goron Mines, Kakariko Village, Faron Woods or Lost Woods, Death Mountain, and other places
Flushed out Twilight Realm
Zelda owns Epona
Zelda and Link have an intimate relationship, so that he has a legitimate reason to always be saving her (a relationship that is a little more intimate than in Skyward Sword)
Zelda is kind of a tom-boy, but dang she looks good in a dress
Hyrule has already been at war for years when the game begins, but Link has just lost his memory, so he has to relearn everything, including his feelings
Everyone believes Link is a Shiekah warrior, because he was raised by them, but he is actually Hylian
Zelda was raised by the Gerudo Tribe, because the Gerudos felt terribly sorry for all the pain that Ganondorf has caused, and they couldn't let him kill the King's daughter after he already killed the king
The Gerudos have abandoned Ganondorf except Twinrova
The graphics and different camera views like in the Wii U demo of Zelda
Has to have more references to previous games, than have been in previous games
Lots of sidequests that feel like they are part of the main journey, and without them, the main journey is extremely difficult
Great Fairies, Gerudos, Mogmas, Zoras, Gorons, Twili, Shiekah, Hylians, and other cool humanoid races
Some sort of transformation for Link or Zelda
Longer than any Zelda game in the past
Bosses get extremely hard, and they require Link to use multiple items to even get one hit in. These bosses have to have at least two stages, but I'm thinking three stages with three hits each.
A musical instument that again plays a special part in the journey, but that isn't the main item

I probably left some things out, but if it had all of that, it would be my perfect Zelda!!

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Nov 24, 2011
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Ganondorf as the villain.

A Fairy partner.

Zelda as a warrior as well as a Princess.

Dark Link battle.

Alternate Dimension Overworld

An overworld that is one big gigantic world that you can freely roam.

12-30 different weapons and variations of.

Many different tunics and abilites with them.

Several different swords and the ability to interchange between them.

Every Hylian character is a character and not just a nameless prop.

Link kisses Zelda in the end.

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