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General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

Jan 2, 2012
Alright, my buddy and I finished this in school. Here it is.

1 This precious ornament was part of Zelda's vision in OOT. Kokiri Emerald
2 The sword of evils bane in OOT. Master Sword
3 You needed 5 hearts to wield this in TLOZ. Whitesword
4 A blade that needed Force Gems in order to restore itself to full power. Four Sword
5 A dungeon concept that most Zelda games use. Water
6 He was the end boss of the Death Mountain Trail stage in FSA. Helmaroc King
7 "If you collect a lot of these, something is good is bound to happen!" Mysterious Seashells
8 Hyrule as it was known when Ganon was sealed away in ALTTP. Light World
9 Whenever you helped someone in SS, you got five of these. Gratitude Crystals
10 Name of the calcium-rich drink produced by cows in OOT. Lon Lon Milk
11 This sorcerer was under Ganon's control in ALTTP. Aghanim
12 This dark substance turned Link into a wolf in TP. Twilight
13 This sorceress kidnapped Nayru in OOA. Veran
14 A chunk of Hyrule that floated in the sky in SS. Skyloft
15 This wallet allowed you to carry 9000 more Rupees in SS. Tycoon Wallet
16 Use these little creatures to restore your hearts. Fairy
17 This mask was needed to complete a marital side quest in MM. Kafei Mask
18 A bomb eating dinosaur in OOT. Dodongo
19 Secret talents that helped expand Link's abilities in TP. Hidden Skills
20 The location of the Iron Boots in OOT. Ice Cavern
21 This ancient runes grew to four stories high in MM. Stone Tower
22 Helped Link dive his deepest in OOT. Golden Scale
23 This item from SS would really save the Big Bad Wof some huffing and puffing. Gust Bellows
24 These creatures were believed to create Hyrule. Goddesses
25 Annoying ghosts that haunt the cemeteries in TLOZ. Ghini
26 These creatures were the underlings of the Demon Lord's army in SS. Bokoblin
27 She's the daughter of a famous rancher in OOT. Malon
28 A famous song that brought forth rain. Song of Storms
29 These guys remained inactive until touched. Armos
30 This was a key weapon for defeating bosses in TMC. Minish Cap
31 When paired with its partner, these tools in TP made you feel like Spiderman. Clawshots
32 A instrument used to prove Link's connection with the Royal Family. Ocarina of time
33 You needed to win some Gold Dust from the Gorons for this blade in MM. Gilded Sword
34 Only the toughest of warriors could get these arrows in OOT. Ice Arrows
35 This item makes Rupees appear more in SS. Rupee Medallion
36 The official currency of Hyrule. Rupee
37 Annoying flying rodents. Keese?
38 Mummies in the Zelda Universe. Gibdos
39 You collected these in TAOL to help you obtain a boost in experience. P-bags
40 She found you stranded on the beach when you shipwrecked in LA. Marin
41 The brilliant mastermind behind all of Zelda's music. Koji Kondo
42 Hip and cool underground borrowing people in SS. Mogmas
43 Famous lake. Lake Hylia
44 Rock spitting creatures. Octorocks
45 He gave back your shield in LA. Tarin
46 Islanders call it the "Whirling Blade Technique". Hurricane Spin
47 Can only be killed when they are sitting still. Peahats
48 Without this man, The Legend Of Zelda series wouldn't exist. Shigeru Miyamoto
49 The combined form of Ganondorf's grandparents from OOT. Twinrova
50 An explosive shell that stuns enemies. Deku Nut
51 What the bosses are called in LA. Nightmares
52 A violent plant that bears a destructive fruit. Bomb Flower
53 The newest remake of OOT. Ocarina of Time 3DS
54 Captain Jack Sparrow would love to meet this version of Princess Zelda. Tetra
55 A magical item in OOT that made Link's invulnerable to damage. Nayru's Love
56 A musical item used to control time. Ocarina of time
57 An item that opened all locked doors in the original TLOZ. Magical Key
58 Link was given this sword in TP to deliver to Hyrule Castle. Ordon Sword
59 Link usually has this many hearts before he began an adventure. Three
60 The most hated Zelda games of all time were made on this system. Philips CD-I
61 Link's fairy companion after his previous one left. Tatl
62 An strong shield that deflects light. Mirror Shield
63 A long side quest about marriage that started with this woman in MM. Anju
64 Helped restore your sword to full power in FS and FSA. Force Gems
65 A stick used to light torches. Deku Stick
66 Link's favorite color. Green
67 Name of Madame MeowMeows pet in LA. Bow Wow
68 Demon Lord hell bent on resurrecting his master is SS. Ghirahim
69 The 35 year old "fairy". Tingle
70 A magical item in OOT that surrounds Link in flames. Din's Fire
71 An Omnipotent Symbol of the Hylians. Triforce
72 You're always saving her from the King of Evil. Zelda
73 The very first sword you get in SS. Practice Sword
74 The pig-form of Link's arch nemesis (as spelled in TLOZ). Gannon
75 This guy tried to take over Holodrum in OOS. General Onox
76 Link wields this Triforce Piece. Courage
77 A projectile attack in SS. Skyward Strike
78 Runs the Floating Airshop in SS. Beedle
79 Vintage milk sold only to exclusive members of the Milk Bar. Chateau Romani
80 This guy gave you a Lantern on your rescue mission in TP. Coro
81 Mad Batter inflicted this status on Link in ALTTP. Double Magic
82 The most dreaded dungeon in Zelda history. Water Temple of OOT
83 The usual maximum number of hearts Link has after a 1 % Run. Three
84 Zelda wields this Triforce Piece. Wisdom
85 Allowed you to see the unseeable. Lens of Truth
86 Give me toilet paper! ???
87 Whenever Link drew the Four Sword in FS and FSA, it was known as this. Four Sword
88 A fancy grappling hook in ALTTP. Hookshot
89 The blade of Hero's bane. Dark Master Sword
90 Rock eating creatures living in the mountains. Gorons
91 The blade of Evil's bane. Master Sword
92 He asked you to deliver a sword to the Royal Family in TP. Rusl
93 In TLOZ, These things took away 1 rupee every time you used them. Arrow
94 A musical item used to control the climate. The Wind Waker
95 Link's Fairy-like companion in Skyward Sword. Fi
96 The final boss in Skyward Sword. Demise
97 The egocentric idiot that was responsible for your bird's kidnapping in SS. Groose
98 Link's technique that let's him spin his sword. Spin Attack
99 A door that requires a key. Locked door
100 Link's most lethal attack. Finishing blow
101 The very first dungeon Link EVER encountered. Level 1 "Eagle"
102 This was Link's natural hair color. Brown
103 She gave the spirit of law to the world. Nayru
104 The ultimate blade in LA. Seashell Sword "L-2 Sword"
105 Stuns enemies and retrieves items. Boomerang
106 These creatures are usually Ganon's main soldiers in his vast army. Moblins
107 The gauntlet of 5 rooms in TP. Cave of Ordeals?
108 A coin in ALTTP that rained down fire. Bombos
109 Ganondorf was born here. Gerudo Desert
110 Link's Life Meter was measured in these. Hearts
111 A gauge that showed Link's remaining mana. Magic Meter
112 Challenge mode in SS. Hero Mode
113 A tribe destined to protect Princess Zelda. Sheikah
114 Ganondorf's last name. Dragmire
115 Brought Link back to life when he had one of these in his possession. Fairy
116 Link's fairy-like companion in TP. Midna
117 These gloves allowed Link to lift GIGANTIC slabs of stone in OOT. Golden Gauntlets
118 Fragments of a broken heart. Piece of Heart
119 The place where Din is hiding in OOs. Eyeglass Lake
120 Name of the island that Link shipwrecked on in LA. Koholit
121 You had to collect 60 of these in order to restore a rich man's body in TP. Poe Souls
122 This set of clothes protected Link from drowning in water. Zora Tunic
123 This chunk of rock gave hints to those utterly stumped in SS. Sheikah Stone
124 This dungeon item made chest and boss finding easier. Dungeon Map/Compass
125 With this set of clothes, Link never had to worry about breaking a sweat. Goron Tunic
126 Usually dubbed the most aggravating enemy in history. Redeads
127 A rocky location that has a morbid name. Death Mountain
128 You had to collect six of these in order to access Ganon's Castle in OOT. Medallions
129 Deity found inside caves that gave Link additional powers in OOT. Great Fairies
130 Name of Boss Rush and Time Trial Mode in SS. Lightning round
131 The Japanese used this type of artwork in the DS releases of The Legend of Zelda. Cel-shaded
132 The most annoying owl in Zelda history. Kaepora Gaebora
133 An ancient stone that proved you as the fiancee of the Zora princess. Zora Sapphire
134 Heavily armored soldiers wielding a guillotine sword in TP. Darknuts
135 You needed to rescue seven of these in ALTTP. Maidens
136 Spider-like monsters that yielded a collectible in OOT. Golden Skulltula
137 A creature that loves to speed up when aggravated. Helmasaur
138 People who chased Link down in the Silent Realm during a Trial in SS. Guardians
139 The building that houses the blade of Evil's bane. Temple of Time
140 Wind sorcerer who kidnapped Zelda. Vaati
141 This guy let Link use his boat in PH. Linebeck
142 They sold you odds, ends, and equipment upgrades in OOT. Shopkeepers
143 Last name of the lucky winner who made a cameo appearance in ALTTP. Houlihan
144 Whenever Link was at full health in TLOZ, he shot these. Sword Beams
145 A dreaded enemy that does insane amounts of damage with its axe in OOT. Iron Knuckle
146 Name of Link's horse. Epona
147 This guy kidnapped Ilia in TP. King Bulblin
148 A magical item in OOT that acted as a oneway portal in dungeons. Farore's Courage
149 This wand controlled the wind. Wind Waker
150 The name of Link's ultimate form in MM. Fierce Deity
151 The only arrow that can kill Ganon. Silver Arrow
152 The one who told about Zelda's capture in TLOZ. Impa
153 The location of Link's first sword in LA. Beach
154 Drawing this six-sided shape on a wall would make you rich in SS. Hexagon
155 Hyrule as it was known when Ganon ruled it in ALTTP. Dark World
156 Adorable little plant creatures that were always in danger in SS. Kikwi
157 You found him sleeping on the job in OOT. Talon
158 Whenever the Sage of Time was possessed by Ganon, she was known as this.
159 An ornamental wrist piece that granted Link additional strength. Power Bracelet
160 Your first dungeon item in OOT. Slingshot
161 Ganondorf's Final Smash in SSB Brawl. Beast Ganon
162 These arrows were shot at Ganondorf to stun him in OOT. Light Arrows
163 Link had to pay a big price in order to be invincible with this suit of metal. Magic Armor
164 Link loves to catch these things in WW. Pigs
165 Ammunition used for the Slingshot. Deku Seeds
166 A mischievous little puppet that was possessed in MM. Skull Kid
167 The 24th mask in MM. Giant's Mask
168 Ganondorf wields this piece of the Triforce. Power
169 You needed 12 hearts to wield this in TLOZ. Magic Sword
170 Link's most powerful sword in ALTTP. Golden Sword
171 How Link felt in LA when he got 200 Rupees. Ecstatic
172 A sacred jewel that was given to you by the rock people in OOT. Goron Ruby
173 The height of Hylian Technology in TP. Dominion Rod
174 Guardian of the Zoras in OOT. Jabu Jabu
175 You stole this guy's reservation at the Stock Pot Inn in MM. Link's
176 The villain in the 6th Zelda game. Majora
177 Zelda's alter ego in OOT. Sheik
178 Indiana Jones would love to have this item from SS. Whip
179 The archnemisis of the Hero Of Time. Ganondorf
180 Guardian and protecter of the Kokiri children. Great Deku Tree
181 There are six of these protecting Hyrule. Sages
182 Self-proclaimed king of the Twilight in TP. Zant
183 Link's fairy partner in PH. Ciela
184 You needed to find two of these to cut through Twilight in TP. Sols
185 The most powerful version of the Bow in SS. Sacred Bow
186 Link's hometown in TP. Ordon
187 She produced all life forms who would uphold the law. Farore
188 He delivers mail. Mail man/Running man/Post man/Post
189 An RPG cliche named after the Princess of Hyrule. Zelda
190 She cultivated the land and created the red earth. Din
191 A mouse-like explosive. Bombchu
192 A coin used in ALTTP to gain access to Turtle Rock. Quake Medallion
193 The legendary Hero of Time. Link
194 Storage containers that helped Link store items during his quest. Adventure Pouch
195 Dodongo dislike this. Smoke
196 Expanded Link's Life Meter by one unit when collected. Heart Container
197 Young Link's best friend in OOT. Saria
198 Link had to push a ton of these throughout his adventures. Blocks
199 Shoot an arrow into the sun to get these in OOT. Fire Arrows
200 The Hero of Time's murderous doppelganger. Dark Link
201 A strange hand at the Stock Pot Inn wanted this in MM. Paper
202 Their are twelve of these available in LADX. Photos
203 Underwater beings that live in Hryule's famous lakes. Zoras
204 A useful technique used to deflect attacks in TP and SS. Sheild bash
205 Vicious chickens in the Zelda Universe. Cuccos

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