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The trophy score is broken

Oct 14, 2013
I just got a trophy and decided to see where I rank vs the other members here. After a little research I noticed the trophy scoring is broken.

Lets look at an example from a random member with the highest score.
Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 11.50.37 pm.jpg

The score they have is os 163. But if you add up all the individual points they have, that equals only 113.

Now look at my trophy list.

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 11.50.43 pm.jpg

I have more trophies and a correct score of 143. The individual scores for me actually add up to 143.

After looking at more members wth a supposed score of 163, it seems that 163 is impossible. Not a single person actually has 163 points. None of their individual trophy scores add up to 163.
It seems the max score you can get currently is 143.
Why do I think this issue could have happened?
  • Maybe there was a 20 point stophy that was removed but it's score was not removed from people's accounts
  • Maybe the system is just broken
  • Or is there some hidden trophy actually worth 20 points that no one knows about?
Obviously there is an issue here, the trophy score is either full of hidden trophies that add up to the score everyone has or the whole thing is broken and needs a fix.


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Jan 19, 2018
Hit "view all available trophies" and you'll see one for making 2000 posts worth 30.

Looks like it still doesn't add up, though. My bad.
Oct 14, 2013
Hit "view all available trophies" and you'll see one for making 2000 posts worth 30.
Correct. I just earned the trophy you are talking about. Having all 10 trophies nets you 143 points. That's the max you can currently get.
Thosse on 163 is somehow a flaw or bug in the system. So far there are 8 people with the broken 163 score.

Obviously the 2000 trophy is 2000 messages since the new forums or some later on check point. It's not since the begin as I have around 5k posts but as you can see only just recently got the 2000 trophy.


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I was looking into this briefly last night and noticed that. I’m not 100% sure of the cause yet but will look into it.

Perhaps @Satan is right or some other option that has been brought up is true. I’ll keep digging after work this afternoon.

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