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Zelda Art The Three Spirits from Phantom Hourglass


All about the treasure
Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
Yeah, I know. Not exactly the most glorious of fan crafts that have been posted, but I do like them. Someone once suggested that I spray them with something to make them sparkle. I decided not to; it would be too messy. So...yeah.

I really like these. <3 I think choosing pipecleaners for the medium of the wings was a wise choice as they could pull of the cartoony art-style of Phantom Hourglass a lot better than others (like feathers or felt or fabric...). I hope the glue didn't make them less fuzzy, though! D; Perhaps sewing the wings to the pompom would yield better results? I'm not sure how well pipecleaners could handle stitching, they probably could slide out, but they're bendy to be wrapped around and stuffs?

Anyways, I really like these. Leaf's always been my favorite spirit and he looks SO CUTE up there chilling with the other spirits. x3

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