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A Link Between Worlds The Shocking Reveal at the Beginning of A Link to the Past 2


May 18, 2013
hmm, fair enough, no one has ever came at me with that idea, good job Sroa!
Yeah, if you think about it, Zelda in Oot probably became the monarch of Hyrule, so she possibly declared Link to be a knight of Hyrule, He was saving Hyrule under her command, soo... He's a knight? Maybe unofficially cause there wasn't a ceremony or formal declaration, or however people get knight or whatever.
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Jul 7, 2012
humm..link could be killed. lol after all the link in ALTTP has pink hair and in this new game the new link has blond so it could be a difrent link.. or that shocker could be LINK BETRAYS ZELDA FOR SOME REASON!!
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Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
Whatever this "shocking twist" is, it probably won't be one of two things:

#1: Anything extravagant that references other games and whatnot.

#2: Most of what fans will bring up pre-release.

For instance, I doubt we'll be seeing a cutscene showing the Hero of Time's defeat which leads to the Downfall Timeline. Awesome though that would be, Zelda rarely references other games not directly related to it. Even games like Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening barely referenced Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past respectively. An example of number two would be "Link returns to Hyrule, and it's the freaking Dark World, everybody!" Something like that is kind of expected.

Then again, Nintendo is looking to "rethink the conventions of Zelda," so for all we know, Barnes from Twilight Princess will burst in wielding a chaingun and tell Link he's his future son. I'd expect something a bit more conventional, yet still shocking. Perhaps it will suddenly be announced that Zelda is getting married, for instance, or that Sahasrahla passed away while Link was gone. Something genuinely shocking, but still within Zelda's fiber as it stands today. However it turns out, I'm looking forward to the big reveal.


Jul 1, 2012
I wouldn't be surprised if time travel is involved.

My guess is Link travels to the past to prevent the events of A Link to the Past from ever occurring.
I've really grown to this idea over the past few weeks and maybe that might be the shock we experience, however time travel has occurred before, so I don't know if that will be the "big shock", who knows though?

To be honest this game seems to hint at bringing a large connection with the original, which would mean some form of continuity. I think the best way to predict the so called shock is to explore A Link Link to the Past itself, maybe it has something to do with a specific character, location etc. What baffles me though is that Nintendo have come straight out and said there will be a big shock, now Nintendo games are no stranger when it comes to plot twists at the beginning, so how could this differ from the typical we normally see? I'll have to think a bit harder about this one lol.
Dec 17, 2011
We find out what Link's uncle was going to say before he died.

I really would love if they could somehow show what caused this timeline. I don't like feeling that this timeline is a "What if?" scenario, while the Child and Adult timelines happen concurrently.


Indigo Child
Jan 21, 2011
Krosno, Poland
Maybe Link will find a mysterious black treasure chest? After opening it, the Black Chest Demon will "curse" Link by giving him the ability to move on walls?


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
I think it'll have to with the Hero of Time's Defeat.

This is what i settled on bud. i mean its no shocker really, we know it happened but we have never seen it. so im hoping to get an actual in game reference to the Hero of Time being defeated! but i also would like it if there were something else that actually shocked me! i have no clue as to what it would be though!

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Maybe Link will find a mysterious black treasure chest? After opening it, the Black Chest Demon will "curse" Link by giving him the ability to move on walls?

Nah Nintendo did that with PM:TTYD ;)
"Besides it's usually a vire in a well/altar that curses" link when he sprinkles magic powder on it.

I think the big shock involves link being electrocuted to death by a buzzblob at the beginning of the game ;)
Mar 14, 2013
I'm sure it's about the ending of AlttP. Something that we didn't got to see, the reason why ALBW was made.

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