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Spoiler The Sheikah Tribe Are PURE EVIL!

Nov 21, 2013
Portland, OR
I have yet to come across this theory throughout my searches and to be honest, I’m really surprised it has not been said. In short, my theory is that the Sheikah are a tribe of malevolent intent who share the same ideal that wisdom is power and they will do whatever is necessary to obtain more of it.
I’ll start off by reaffirming that there WILL BE SPOILERS FROM OCARINA OF TIME in this and quite possibly some other games as well. So if you mind spoilers then I must ask you to escort yourself off this webpage.

I’ll begin by explaining my theory which I will follow with my supporting evidence and any unsupporting evidence I find. Please feel free to tell me how wrong I am. :P

As I stated previously, I believe the Sheikah aren’t all that great. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they’re evil, quite possibly the worst in Zelda History if you believe what I think, OR they just happened to have made a grave mistake and are now making up for that fact. My overall theory is that they are a tribe devoted to knowledge and truth. They seek the truth of the world by any means necessary. Some side theories which I will get into later that sort of spin off of this main theory is that they quite possibly could have created/summoned Ganon, and they also could have created/opened the Shadow Realm or the Dark World as it’s known as.

The evidence supporting that the Sheikah are a tribe devoted to truth and/or knowledge is astronomical. We have the Lens of Truth which we know is used frequently in the Shadow Temple which we also know is in close relation to the Sheikah tribe. We also have the Gossip Stones throughout Ocarina of Time and even predating back to Skyward Sword. These stones provide Link with helpful knowledge when he is stuck in certain areas, and they bear a similar resemblance to the symbol adorned by all of the Sheikah tribe. We also have Impa, one of the last remaining Sheikah, who protects and advises Zelda throughout history, and what piece of the Triforce does Zelda have exactly? That’s right, the Triforce of Wisdom. It only makes sense that a tribe devoted to truth and knowledge would guard and protect someone who is the very embodiment of truth and knowledge herself. But the knowledge the Royal Family could provide wasn’t enough to satisfy their need. Thus began what I consider the downfall of the Sheikah tribe. In the Sheikahs lust for knowledge they began torturing people for information. Machines used for torture are prominent throughout the Shadow Temple which lies beneath Kakariko Village which used to be inhabited primarily by the Sheikah. Where did they take these people they tortured from exactly? Well, it is known that most of the Sheikah tribe was lost helping the Royal Family in the Civil War. It’s quite possible that their victims of torture were in fact prisoners of war who were extorted for information not only to quench the Sheikah’s thirst for knowledge but also to help the Royal Family win the war.

I don’t have much evidence against this theory but that’s mainly due to the fact that I didn’t look quite as hard for evidence against my theory as I did for evidence for my theory. The only two things I could come up with is that if we’re to base the entirety of the Sheikah tribe on Impa alone then it would seem they aren’t bad people, but I already consider Impa to be somewhat of an outcast to the tribe as she is one of the few remaining and therefor has probably changed her views on life. That and she left Kakariko village; her hometown and the primary home to the Sheikah tribe, to become Zelda’s guardian and opened the village up to the poor folk of Hyrule. While still having been raised as a Sheikah, this to me is her renouncing herself as a Sheikah and trying to atone for her ancestor’s sins. Also there’s the whole theory on Bongo Bongo being some guy who could see the truth though for the sake of my other theories I’m inclined not to believe this. That and even if it did prove true, then it still doesn’t debunk my main theory since torture devices were obviously still used.

Now, I didn’t want to make these a part of the main theory because if you read these along with my main theory then overall I sound crazy. These theories I will admit are REALLY OUT THERE, and therefor are unlikely but they are still theories I came up with and I figured I’d share them. The main theory standalone is that the Sheikah tribe, in a thirst for knowledge, tortured POWs from the Hyrulean Civil War.

After the war ended they became limited on victims to extort information from. It is my theory that the Sheikah, being skilled in dark magic, performed some ‘black magic’ if you will, in the Shadow Temple, using POW as sacrifices. What leads me to believe this is the ritual-like circle in the entrance area to the Shadow Temple. I believe that the Sheikah are not only responsible for summoning/creating Bongo Bongo, but for also summoning/creating Ganon as well. Now, here’s where there’s a big load of skepticism, but first let me explain. While yes, all of my theory has taken place so far in the Ocarina of Time era, I am inclined to believe that the Sheikah tribe has been performing these sacrifices and acts of torture for centuries prior to even Ocarina of Time. Of course at this point I have little to no evidence to support my massive claim but it just seems to make more sense that way. If they could summon Bongo Bongo, why couldn’t they have summoned Demise as well? It’s really difficult to speculate because in Skyward Sword, the only Sheikah we see, or even hear of, is Impa, but in Ocarina of Time we at least know that the Sheikah helped the Royal Family in the Civil War, so I think it’s safe to assume there were a lot more than just Impa. As I said before though, I believe Impa is an outcast to her tribe, and is predetermined to always be an outcast throughout her reincarnations. It’s not so farfetched of an idea. There are a lot of people born into families of religion who know they don’t belong so they just up and leave. So while Impa was protecting Hylia/Zelda, the other Sheikah could have easily been performing sacrifices and what not in attempts to gain more knowledge, and just accidentally have created/summoned Demise and even Girrahim. Where could they be? Who knows. If Impa could remain on the surface for all those years I think it’s safe to assume the other Sheikah could as well. Perhaps it is even because of this that Impa is reincarnated just like Link is. Demise cursed Link so that his reincarnations forever had to face against Demise’s reincarnations. Perhaps, after the Sheikah having summoned/created Demise, Impa looked to Hylia for forgiveness, and as punishment for her tribes sins, Hylia decreed that Impa shall reincarnate as Zelda’s protector and advisor forever. This would explain why despite her being raised as a Sheikah in Ocarina of Time, she renounces her tribes evil-ways and goes to be Zelda’s protector once again.

Now, for my other spin-off theory, I think it’s possible that the Sheikah tribe either created, or were the first to discover the Dark World, as it’s known in ALttP, or Lorule, as it’s known in ALBW. There are two plausible conclusions about what happened to the rest of the Sheikah tribe after the Hyrulean Civil War. There is the more likely, though less interesting, approach that they fled Hyrule for fear of being caught after having committed such heinous crimes. Or, there’s what is in my opinion the more interesting approach, which is that during their black magic rituals, they discovered a portal to another universe and either fled there or were entrapped there. Unlikely, I know, but still a fun idea I thought I’d throw in as well.

Anyways, those are my theories. I know I’m notorious for posting long-rambling theories like these with big holes in them and then not responding to them and I apologize for that. I do read your responses I just don’t usually have responses of my own, especially when you point out how wrong I am. What can I say to those other than, oh, I guess I was wrong. Above all, if you find the spin-off theories too outrageous to even consider, at least try and consider the overall main theory as it’s the one I personally believe the most. The Zelda franchise is a very religiously-themed series which is part of why I love it so much. It doesn’t seem so far off to me that while we have those worshipping the god/desses, that we’d also have those worshipping the demon/s, or at least people falling prey to their evil schemes. I don’t necessarily think the Sheikah are evil, more like a big irony. In their quest for knowledge they were ignorantly playing part in their own downfall.
Nov 21, 2013
Portland, OR
Nobody knows who made the shadow temple, it may or may not have been the sheikah.
I thought it could be easily assumed that the Sheikah made the Shadow Temple since Kakariko Village was primarily their home and, until Impa left, it was inhabited only by the Sheikah, and no one else. I mean I guess the possibility that they didn't make it is out there, but it just seems unlikely to me.


Apr 22, 2011
"Shadow Temple... Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred..." ~ random skull from the ST in OoT

I think this tells us that the Sheikah don't have to be the only ones involved, if involved at all. It might as well just been a normal semi-creepy Shadow Temple for the shadow people to meditate in. Meaning you'd have the dark rooms and illusions there from start, it is part of their culture after all. Although with Hyrule having a pretty twisted history this temple might have simply become a magnet for scum & villainy and basically a hideout for the most wretched, greedy, and insane people that lived in Hyrule. These criminals and maniacs probably just operated from the Shadow Temple, possibly even killing off the Sheikah that were there at the time making them go extinct.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Shadow Temple is basically a Crypt where dead are of course Hyrule's history of greed and hatred is there when they are Buried there. Yeesh, as is the Shiekah are spies and aides to the royal family that is literally shown from SS onwards, the Gossip Stones the protection of the royal family/goddess. Yes they may seek knowledge but the fact is all likelyhood this information is passed on to the superiors. They are not evil, yeah you point out the lens of truth that just proof that anyone can turn from the path and follow a lesser twisted path, no man is evil to himself. And you spin off theories are exactly that SPIN OFF they do not have any evidence for and no actual thought to them. The Dark World and Lorule are two totally different places, Lorule is the reverse of Hyrule while the Dark World is a twisted version of the golden realm created by Ganon when he took the full triforce for himself. The Shiekah were wiped out from OOT onwards so we can't use them to be "evil" in fact they don't even feature in many games only the gossip stone which people associate with them for the pattern they share.

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