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Ocarina of Time The Shadow Gauntlets: A Special OoT GLITCH Walkthrough


The One
Sep 3, 2009
Hello, ZD members. I've recently decided to make a walkthrough on how to obtain the shadow gauntlets in OoT. As you may or may not know, this process is difficult due to the necessary glitches required.
I want to start off by saying that these legendary gauntlets are available in all versions.
However, my instructions will be for the N64 version. If you're using a different version, figure out the correct buttons, okay?

I'll start off by listing all the glitches you'll be using:
Kokiri's Emerald skip*
Door of Time skip*****
Steal the fishing rod*
Reverse Bottle Adventure*
Infinite sword glitch*
Bombchu hovering/bomb hovering***
Early Shadow Temple*****
Adult Link in Deku Tree**
Door of Time skip (adult)***
King Zora skip(adult)**
King Zora skip(child)****

Kokiri's Emerald skip
For starters, you'll be skipping the Kokiri's Emerald. How, you ask? By leaving the forest. This seems impossible, but it is really quite simple.
There are two ways to do this.
1. Bypass the Kokiri who blocks your exit
2. Use the crooked cartridge to glitch through the boulders blocking Goron City in the Lost Woods shortcut

The first way out is simple.
What you need: Deku nuts equipped to C. Any C button will do.
How to do it: Enter the crawl space, then back out of it. Quickly read the sign while the black bars are at the top and bottom of the screen. Now, while still reading the sign, press the button to which you equipped your deku nuts. You will toss one and break the sign. You are now able to run around without the screen following you. This is where it gets tricky. You have to run out of the fenced area and head to the right where the exit is. Unfortunately, you can't see yourself at ALL. But if you Z-Target, Navi will fly to the sign on the screen from wherever you are. You can use this to judge your position. Once you've made it out, you'll receive the fairy ocarina from Saria. This is what we needed!

However, you can easily use the crooked cartridge trick to get through the boulders. OR, you can use it to bypass the same Kokiri. You have to go all the way to the left of him and begin running towards him and the exit while the CC trick is working. You should go through him. But WAIT! He's now blocking you in ALL DIRECTIONS!! Don't panic! Just go over to the right side of the passage and run at an angle towards the wall and the exit. You should bypass him.
QUICKLY restore your cartridge to its correct position, now!

Note that you don't HAVE to bypass this dungeon. But it is cool to do it as an adult :3

Door of Time skip
Oh, boy. This is the big one. This glitch is the single most difficult one that you will be doing. If you have bottles, make sure to get some fairies because you're likely to die several times doing this.
Now, then...let's begin.

This glitch was discovered a bit more recently than the others. It's very difficult to do, and will require patience, practice, and perseverence.
Take a look at this.
(click on it to see a bigger image)
Once you've done this, hold Z and press A (or the respective buttons on the GC/Wii), and then hold the control stick down and to the left a little, but don't hold it ALL the way. If the action icon says "jump," then ease up a little until it says "attack."
Your next move will test your reflexes BIG time. You need to press A to roll in the bottom left corner. Once you press A, JAM THAT CONTROL STICK AS FAR DOWN AS YOU CAN AND START MASHING THE A BUTTON LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! Make sure you hold the control stick slightly to the left, though!
If you do it correctly, Link will do a sidehop THROUGH the wall. DON'T DALLY! QUICKLY PRESS B TO DO A JUMPSLASH!
This has 3 possible outcomes.
1. You miss and fall awhile until you reappear at the entrance with one less heart.
2. You get spat back out on the side you were on.
3. You end up in the door.
If you get results one or two, try again.
If you get number three, quickly walk to the left. Congratulations! You just skipped the door of time!
To get past it as an adult, just save and quit. You'll reappear on the symbol in the room with the altar.
You won't be getting back into the room where you found the Master Sword as an adult until you get Biggoron's Sword and the Hover Boots.

I'm not sure how much time I have, but if I run out, I'll let you know and stop. I'll be updating this as much as possible until I've finished.

Steal the Fishing Rod
This glitch is simple. Go to the fishing pond and pay to fish. Next, since you won't have the hover boots yet, go to the place where a little water flows from the crack in the wall. There are some big rocks there which you can use. Get onto one of the rocks and run towards the edge of it. Next, press B just before you run off of the edge. Link will begin to cast, but will fall off of the rock. You'll then see the line FLING out from you. You'll now be running around with your line out. All you do now is head to the door and press A to leave. Link will put the rod away and open the door. Outside, you'll see that the fishing rod is still equipped!
This glitch is cancelled by several actions:
1. Pausing
2. Pressing B
If you pause and unpause, it will become your sword again.
If you try to cast the rod, Link will make the motion like he is casting and will then stand there forever until you reset.

Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA)
This glitch will screw your inventory up!
Make sure to take the following precautions!
1. DO NOT get the golden scale!
2. DO NOT get the slingshot upgrade from the Hyrule market!
3. DO NOT get the giant's wallet from the skulltula house!
This glitch isn't as tough as the rest. You'll need to steal the fishing rod, as I've described above.
What you need: 0 Deku sticks, a bottle with a fish in it, and the pocket cucco equipped to C-RIGHT ONLY!!!
Once you've stolen the rod, head to the water. Don't pause!
Get in the water to where you're swimming. Then, get out of the water.
Now pause and unpause, and you'll see that your B button has become DEKU STICKS!
If you have any deku sticks, the game will freeze when you press B.
Now, pull out your bottle with a fish in it, and empty the fish out. Then, catch the fish again.
This makes Link hold the bottle with the fish.
*Make sure the pocket cucco is equipped to C-right!*
What you do now is backflip and quickly press B and the button with the fish. Link should empty out the fish. Now, you have a BOTTLE on B!
Catch the fish in your B bottle (yes, B will actually use the bottle,) and...
TA-DA! Link's gauntlets will MAGICALLY change color!
Congratulations! You've just achieved the secret gauntlets!
Secret gauntlets specifics:
If you had no strength upgrades, you will receive the SHADOW GAUNTLETS. This requires skipping the goron bracelet, and is the purpose of the walkthrough.
If you had the golden gauntlets, you will receive the bronze gauntlets.
If you had the silver gauntlets, you will receive the Zora gauntlets (blue.)
If you had the goron bracelet and no gauntlets, you will receive the Kokiri gauntlets (green.)
However, getting ANY strength upgrades will override your gauntlets. If you get the goron bracelet, you lose the gauntlets. If you get the silver gauntlets, you lose the shadow ones (or whatever color you had.) Simply skip these upgrades.
Now, here we have a video.
Take a look.

Cool, huh?

Infinite Sword Glitch
This is the easiest glitch to do.
What you need: Just your trusty sword.
What you do: Go up to a sign, person, or something you can examine with A.
Next, crouch. Finally, stab with your sword and quickly press A to talk/examine/whatever. If you did it correctly, you'll notice that a line follows your sword. If you touch that line to grass, a sign, or whatever, it will cut the object. This glitch makes it impossible to fall off of ledges, and makes bombchu hovering/bomb hovering possible. Once you become skilled at it, you will learn to use bombs to do it. You simply take out a bomb, crouch, stab and then pick up the bomb mid-stab. Throw the bomb IMMEDIATELY. TA-DA! You are ISGed!
We will be referring to this glitch as ISG from now on. It'll come up often, so memorize this one!

Bombchu/Bomb Hovering
This is the most basic of all the tricks. It's a little tough, but it has a GREAT payoff.
What you need: Bombs or bombchu and the fairy bow/hover boots (adult) or slingshot (child.) Note that you do NOT need ammo to do this trick.
As an adult, you can use either the bow or the hover boots. The boots are MUCH easier to do it with.
What to do: For starters, equip your bow and some bombchu/bombs. If you're using bombchu, you'll have an easier time.
Now, activate ISG and head to a ledge. Be sure to have the bombchu/bombs and the bow/slingshot equipped!
1. Bombchu hovering
Face AWAY from the ledge. Put your back to it. Next, take out the bow or slingshot. Prepare to fire your weapon, and then Z target and hold the control stick as far down as possible. Next, you must be quick. Jump backwards by pressing A, then release your arrow/pellet and press the button you have the bombchu on, then QUICKLY and hold R.
Link will backflip, shoot, pull out a bombchu, pull out his shield and drop the bombchu. The bombchu will explode and hit his shield, causing him to stop falling.
Congratulations, you're now bombchu hovering! You can't move around at all, though, so make sure that you aimed yourself correctly before starting. You can't change direction, either.
2. Bomb hovering:
Face AWAY from the ledge. Put your back to it. Now, get ready for some quick movement.
Take out your bomb and wait until just before it explodes. Then, quickly Z-target, hold R, and backflip (DON'T LET GO OF R!)
Link will pull out a bomb, shield drop it, and backflip. When the bomb explodes, it will hit the shield and cause you to hover. Rinse and repeat until you are where you need to be.

Early Shadow Temple
This is one tough glitch, so be ready for MANY failures and tribulations. However, this will reward you with the fabled hover boots!
What you need: Bombs, hookshot/longshot, a mastery of the ISG, and PATIENCE!
What you do: There are two ways to do this. One involves getting on top of Dampe's hut and bomb hovering onto the wall next to it. Once there, follow it carefully over to the top of the passage towards the shadow temple. DON'T JUMP OFF!!!
Method 2: My favorite one involves the box where you find a piece of heart. However, you need to bombchu/bomb hover to it or use the longshot to reach it. Once there, you need to pull out a bombchu or a bomb and run towards the wall (the one to the south, not the east.) Once you jump off, shield drop the bombchu but QUICKLY LET GO OF R AND MASH B TO JUMPSLASH! If done correctly, Link will jumpslash for extra height, but get hit by the explosion. This will make him appear on the wall!!
Once you're on the wall, use a bomb to activate ISG, and CAREFULLY follow the top of the wall all the way to the shadow temple ledge. When you start out at the box area, you have to go to the left to get to the top. If you try to go right near the bottom of the wall, Link will fall off. Go left near where the wall begins to turn towards the graveyard exit, and go to the top and follow it to the shadow temple ledge. Once there, DO NOT JUMP OFF!!!
Next, make sure to be DIRECTLY above the passage into the torch room. Use C-up to face directly away from the shadow temple entrance, and then go back to third person. Pull out a bomb and drop it. If it falls down to the ledge, move up the wall a little and try again. If it lands on the wall in front of you, QUICKLY turn around and face the torch room. DO NOT walk forwards. Even though you cannot fall, walking forwards can make you walk out into air. If you're on thin air, the bomb will make you fall down, and you'll have to start over. If you do it correctly, the bomb will make you leap from the wall and towards the torch room. HOLD THE CONTROL STICK AS FAR FORWARDS AS YOU CAN!!! If you feel like you need some extra distance, jumpslash.
If done correctly, you'll be in the torch room, but the door to the temple won't be loaded. Simply walk through and into the shadow temple.
If you leave the temple, the door WILL be there! You WILL have to do the glitch again! DO NOT leave without those hover boots!
Make sure to save in case the power goes out, as well.

Adult Link in Deku Tree
This sounds impossible, but I assure you that it is quite do-able.
What you need: Hover boots, bombs, bow and fire arrows, green potion (not required, but recommended.)
What you do: Go to the kokiri forest, and head to the house closest to the entrance to the deku tree's meadow.
Watch this video.
Great explanation.
Now, let me explain a little.
You need to have the kokiri boots equipped when the bomb blows. But you need to equip the hover boots IMMEDIATELY after Link jumps over the edge. The low traction of them makes you go FLYING through the air.
Make sure not to jump off of the wall too early, either.
If you do, you'll end up loading the meadow, and you won't be able to enter.
You need the fire arrows for the inside of the deku tree. You can't use the deku sticks to bring fire to torches, so you'll instead be lighting them with the fire arrows. You can also use them to burn away webbing.
I promise you that Gohma CAN be defeated as an adult. You just need to hit her at the right moment. If you don't, your arrows are useless.

King Zora Skip (adult)
When you go to head to the ice cavern, you'll find king zora's fat *** blocking your path. Luckily, you can get past him. All you need to do is go to the corner between the pillar on the right and the walkway up to where he's sitting. Then, start doing jumpslashes into the corner until you go through it. Then, carefully follow the thin strip of land inside the wall over to where the king is. Then, run in the direction of Zora's Fountain. Don't worry about running into the blackness. You'll end up in water and begin to float upwards. Make sure that you appear BEHIND the king!
Now just go into the fountain and head into the ice cavern!
Easy, huh?

Door of Time Skip (adult)
Alright, this is it. The big one. Getting back to your childhood.
What you need: Biggoron's sword and hover boots
What you do: This one is SO simple. Just do thrusts with the biggoron's sword (up and :cool: aimed at the corner of the door that you went through as a child. Make sure you have the hover boots on!
You'll eventually go through the door. When you do, quickly run to the chamber where the Master Sword belongs.
Listen to Sheik prattle on like a little school girl and then return the sword to its rightful place.
TA-DA! You're a kid again!

King Zora Skip (child)
Okay, so now you need to get into the Zora's fountain as a child, right? If you RBAed the spiritual stones, King Zora won't move for you. If you didn't, don't bother with this glitch.
What you need: Bombs/bombchu and the slingshot.
What you do: Start on the platform where you speak to the king and bombchu/bomb hover over him. That simple.

Okay, this is all of the glitches I can think of that you will need.

Now, let us begin!!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Glitch Walkthrough

Chapter One: So eager to grow up...
As the game begins, you go through the same boring opening sequence.
Now, get your *** outside and get the sword and shield.
Here's where you begin your glitches.
Use the Forest Skip glitches to leave. If you're playing on the VC or GC, you have to use the deku nut sign glitch. If you're on the N64, you can also use the crooked cartridge to get out.
Don't forget to get the fairy ocarina, though! You'll need it.
Hyrule Field
Now you're in the field. Listen to the lame old Kaepora Gaebora blab on and on and then haul *** towards the market.
Pro tip!
Side hopping toward the market will allow you to move MUCH faster than running. Use this to get there before the gates close.

Hyrule Market/castle
We have some things to do here, so go to the castle and get thrown out. Get the egg from Malon and head over to Talon, then go through the rigamarole to get Zelda's Lullaby. And when Zelda asks if you have the spiritual stone of forest, just lie and tell her "yes" ;)

Lon-Lon Ranch
Get on towards Lon-Lon. Once there, get the piece of heart from the silo and epona's song from Malon. The last step is getting the bottle from Talon. Now you're done.


Okay, now that you're in Kakariko, you have a few things to do. First of all, get the bottle from the cucco lady. Next, head to the graveyard and get the sun's song, Hylian shield, and piece of heart. Don't forget to grab the piece of heart from the guy on the roof, as well. Just climb the watch tower, go into the corner on the upper left (facing in the direction you are when you climb up the ladder,) and do a sidehop while holding left on the control stick. You'll land on the fence, and can then walk carefully over to the roof and talk to the guy to get the piece of heart.
Now, give the soldier Zelda's letter and head up Death Mountain.

Death Mountain/Goron City/Lost Woods/Sacred Meadow
Head up the mountain to Goron City. Once there, open up Darunia's room and use the torch and a deku stick to light all of the torches. Then, light the torches near the shortcut to the lost woods and use the deku stick to light the bomb flowers and blow up the boulders.
Now, get Saria's song and head on towards Gerudo valley.

Gerudo Valley/Lake Hylia
Okay, once you've reached Gerudo valley, grab the cucco and fly to the box with the piece of heart. Drop the cucco, break the box, then pick the cucco back up. This stops him from running off the edge. NOW pick up the piece of heart and scroll the text quickly. Pick the cucco back up and fly to the piece of heart behind the waterfall.
Now float on down to lake Hylia.
Once there, teach Bonooru (the scarecrow) a song. If you want, you can get the piece of heart from the fishing pond.

Now you are ready.
Head to Hyrule Market and enter the temple of time.
Perform the door of time skip glitch and become an adult.

Chapter Two: He grew up too fast...
Okay, so now you're an adult. But you're stuck in the room. What do you do? Save and quit, then reload your game. You're now in the main room of the Temple of Time. Exit and head on out of the area.

Getting Epona
Epona is one of the most important things you will acquire. So head to the ranch and win her from Ingo.
Race tips: The race is simple. Just make sure to race with Epona, and to stay on the inside of the curve. Accelerate as necessary, and he won't stand a chance.
When he locks you in, jump one of the big fences to look even cooler than if you'd jumped over his head.

Getting the Hookshot
You know the drill, guys. Head to kakariko.
Before you get the hookshot, head into the windmill and get the song of storms.
Now get the hookshot from Dampe.
Pro tips: Don't let the eerie noises and the fire spook you. He's not faster than you, and you can easily beat him. If you get hit by fire, just quickly get up and keep going.
Once you get the hookshot, you'll be trapped. You lack the song of time, so you have to save and reset once again.

Getting the Fabled Shadow Gauntlets
Make sure that you catch a fish in a bottle before starting this.
Head to lake hylia and get ready to get your hands on some sick handwear.
For starters, confirm your scarecrow's song with Bonooru. Now, head over to the fishing pond and play it to bring Pierre up to the surface. Sink your hookshot into him and head into the fishing hole.
Perform the steal the rod glitch and the RBA glitch.
Congratulations! You have the SHADOW GAUNTLETS! You are a REAL man/woman!
What you need to do now is win the golden scale from the fishing pond. Doing the gauntlet RBA sets your dive counter to 1! Yikes! So get the golden scale to fix this.
Also, if you didn't have the adult's wallet, you have it now. It's weird, I know.
Now, head to Ganon's castle and open up the area where the great fairy resides. Have her increase your health for you and get moving.*
*If this doesn't work and she doesn't appear, then you have to wait until you get magic from the great fairy on top of Death Mountain. This will be done after the next chapter is complete, so don't worry.

Chapter Three: Dodongo's Cavern
This is very easy as an adult. Don't be intimidated at all.

For starters, the passage into Dodongo's Cavern should automatically be open. Just head inside and use a bomb flower to open the main dungeon.

Okay, now we need to get that door to the second floor open. Head over to the switch. As a child, you couldn't reach this ledge. However, adult Link is more than tall enough to reach it. Just climb up and press the switch.
While you're in the main room, get the dungeon map.
Now, head into the room with the steps and then into the room with the compass. Kill the armos with your master sword and grab the compass, then go back and bomb the steps. Head up to the second floor and complete the puzzle in this room.
Now, head over to the room with the bombs.
You don't have the bow, so you need to either bombchu jump (you can get bombchu from the guy in the desert if you're good enough to bypass the gerudo in the fortress without the bow) or jump to the pillar on your left as you enter. It may seem impossible, but it's not. Just persevere until you reach it. Then, just jump over to the bombs and grab em.
Now, head out and press the switch to activate the pillar elevator. Yay.
Bomb the Dodongo's eyes and head inside.
In this room, kill the fire keese and hop up where the block is. (Yay to adult Link being tall!)
Push the block onto the switch and head into the boss room.
Bomb the floor and fight King Dodongo.
Now grab the heart and head outside.
The scene with Darunia and the others will play, and you'll see some weird things. Notice how the game "resizes" Link to make him look like a child when Darunia pats him on the back! And he still sounds like a little kid!
You get the spiritual stone. Great.

Now head up the mountain to the summit and get magic from the great fairy.
If you couldn't double your hearts at Ganon's castle, do it now.
While you're here, get the Goron tunic from Link the Goron in Goron City.
Also, get the Bolero of Fire from Sheik at the Fire Temple entrance.
Now we're done with this and we have the most important exploration tool besides the longshot: Bombs.

Chapter Four: Iron clad feet
Now that we've got bombs, we're ready to get into the ice cavern. Head to Zora's domain and use the King Zora skip (adult) to get into the fountain.
I'm not sure if you can get it yet, but try to get Farore's wind, too.
Make your way into the cavern (not forgetting that heart piece on the lone iceberg.)
The cavern is 100% do-able with your current equipment, so go ahead and breeze through it. Don't forget to take two bottles of blue fire with you out of the cavern, and don't forget to get the heart piece inside.
Once outside, warp somewhere and then go back to Zora's domain (the King is still in your way, remember >_<) and unfreeze the King and the shop.
Now you have the Zora's tunic.

You now have two options. You can
A. Get the longshot
B. Get the Hover boots

If you want the longshot first, follow my walkthrough.
If you want the hover boots, use the early shadow temple glitch described in the "Glitches" section.

Water Temple: It's a longshot, but...
Welcome to the water temple. You're missing some key items necessary to the completion of this temple, but you can still get the longshot.
Go and meet up with Ruto (whom Link has never met XD) and then get the key from the room. Lower the water and head into the central building.
Now, raise the water and sink down where that block was. You'll find a key once you complete all these puzzles.
Now, I'm not entirely sure where the next key is, but DO NOT open ANY locked doors!!!!!
Once you've found the next key, head to the second floor of the center building (in the main chamber, not inside the actual building.) Stand on the floating block on the south side, and kill the annoying tektites. Now, still standing on the east side of the block next to the wall, aim your hookshot up at the target on the next floor. Aim it as far to the left side as you can. When you hit it, do a jumpslash as soon as you reach the top. You should land on the third floor. Next, look at the ledge where you raise the water level to the third floor. Luckily for us, there is a glitch which allows you to grab onto this ledge by jumping! To do it, use one of two methods:
1. The bomb jump where you blow up a bomb to propel yourself farther than a normal jump.
2. A rolling jump where you roll JUST before jumping off the edge.

Here's a makeshift diagram.

You want to aim a little to the left of the middle. It looks impossible, but again, glitches are surprising.
If it fails, get back up with the hookshot and adjust your angle.
If Link grabs something but just stutters and tries to grab the ledge over and over, then you went too far to the right. If you miss it completely, you were too far to the left.
Once you've made it up here, raise the water level. Now, get moving into the western door on the third floor. Get through the waterfall puzzle and then head into the room with the dragon head statues. Get through the puzzle and into Dark Link's room.
Dark Link Battle!
Pro Tips!
Dark Link is a TOUGHIE!
He parries your every move with a sword swipe of his own, and the stab, thrust, and jumpslash are USELESS against him.
He won't go down easy, so make sure you have some fairies.
The trick to defeating this bad boy is to throw away your Z-targeting skills.
Just swing wildly at him. If he continues to block, try aiming slightly to the left or right of him. You're going to take some hits, too, though.
Luckily, you have the heart upgrade, and Dark Link's health is reflective of yours. However, he doesn't benefit from the upgrade. Only you do, and your health is probably close to 5-6 hearts. He's not difficult to kill.
Once he's down, grab the longshot and warp outta there!
Optional: If you're on the N64 version, you can use the Crooked Cartridge glitch to get through the boulders in Death Mountain Crater to reach the magic upgrade!

Chapter Five: Into the Wild
Now is the time to get those all-powerful Hover Boots.
We'll start by heading to Kakariko graveyard.
You won't have Din's fire, yet, so you have to use the torch skip.
Follow the method described in the above glitches and head inside the temple.
Now that you're in, get moving towards the area with the hover boots. You don't need the Lens of Truth for this, so don't worry.
Walk through the wall and into the passageway.
Grab those boots from the dead hand chamber and leave the temple. You can't beat it yet. Sorry!

Now that you have the hover boots, you can finally beat the forest temple.
Head on over to the sacred meadow.
Pro Tip: Skip the maze by playing the scarecrow's song at the entrance. Pierre will appear on top of it, and you can use your longshot to climb up and skip the moblins. You can't bypass the big moblin, so just freeze him with your longshot and run.

Sheik appears, blah blah blah, get in the temple.
Okay, you know what to do. Get the key in the tree, go to the room with the stalfos and whatever you get there, and head into the west room.
In this room, go through all the block puzzles, and then use your hoverboots to reach the door which leads into the courtyard. Previously, you couldn't get in because the block of time was in the way. This way lets you get in and raid both courtyards of keys. If you've been following my strategy, you'll have no trouble going through the well to reach the other courtyard. Just use the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots. Don't forget the map in the center room, too.
Go back up and head through the twisted hallway. Use your keys to get through and fight the stalfos for the bow.
NOW we're talking. Hell yeah! The bow is what we've been needing to make our collection WORK.
From here on it, it'll be business as usual. Kill the poe sisters, reactivate the elevator, get the boss key, and kill Phantom Ganon.
Blah blah blah what a worthless creation this thing was and blah blah blah.

It is now possible to get the bottle by getting the big poes and selling them to the man in Hyrule Market.

Now we're going to Lake Hylia again.

Once here, fire an arrow into the sun in the morning to make fire arrows appear. To reach them, walk over to the large pillar and play the scarecrow's song. Oh, look! It's our old friend, Pierre! Thank him by shooting your longshot into his face and taking the arrows. What a pal!

Now we can do the Deku Tree. Make sure you have a green potion, because you'll be using fire arrows like there's no tomorrow in here.
If you run out of magic, you're effed. There's NO replacement magic in here.

Follow the glitch described above and get inside the tree.

Okay, this section is a little bit more detailed due to the craziness of the place.
If you never want to come back, follow my instructions. If you don't give a damn, follow these easy steps: Burn the web and head to the basement, then burn that web and head on into gohma.

Detailed strategy
Okay, so you want to do this 100% as an adult, huh?
Well, let's get started.
Head on up to the second floor and get the map. Then, go through the door to the slingshot. Nab it and use your hover boots to get back out. (Arrows can't knock the ladder down.)
Next, kill the skullwaltulas with your longshot or bow and go to the third floor. Head into the room and grab the compass and gold skulltula. Use your fire arrows to light the torch and leave the room.
Now, either jump from here and break the web or use your fire arrows.
In the basement, grab the gold skulltulas and burn away the webbings.
Head through the door. Go through all of the puzzles, and bomb the bombable wall in the last room.
Head through and take the gold skulltulas.
Now, you've gotten everything, so head to Gohma.
If you don't remember, the order for killing the scrubs is 231.

Gohma: WHAT THE F**K?!
I'm sure this title scares you.
Well, Gohma is a different ball game as an adult.
Your arrows can't stun her. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that you have to use bombs. Try that when her eye goes red.
If it fails, or if you know what you have to do, please let me know. I've only done this once.
Gohma dies and Link spits on her pathetic remains.
Take the heart and get the spiritual stone from the dead deku tree...which dies again.

Chapter Six: I miss being a kid...
It's time to return to childhood. We need to get that lens of truth, so we're going to go back.
We're going to need the biggoron's sword, though.
Remember that pocket cucco you've been keeping? I hope you haven't grown attached to it, because you're going to give it away.
Head to Kakariko and wake up Talon, then get Cojiro.
Take cojiro the the lost woods, then get the forest mushroom.
Take this quickly to the potion lady. To get there, use the shortcut into Goron City, then head down Death Mountain into Kakariko.
Take the potion back to the woods and get the poacher's saw.
Take this saw to the head carpenter in Gerudo valley, then take the broken sword to Biggoron at the top of Death Mountain. What? His eyes are irritated? Typical.
Take the prescription to King Zora, then take the eyeball frog to the guy in the lake. Use Epona for this one.
Take the Eye Drops to Biggoron via Epona. Once you reach Kakariko, hop off and HAUL ***. RUN AT TOP SPEED. You won't have the bean plant to help you, so you'll need to NOT stop AT ALL. When you reach the big wall, quickly kill the skullwalltulas with your bow and climb up. Give him the eyedrops, play the Sun's Song six times, and claim your sword.
Now we can return to childhood.
Head to the temple of time.
*fun fact*
The ReDeads in Hyrule Market CANNOT paralyze you. I don't know why, but it's true. You can hear the scream, but you don't freeze.

In the temple, use the Door of Time Skip(adult) glitch described above.

Listen to Sheik blab on about the song and then stick the sword where it belongs.
As a child, play that new song to warp back over on the altar side.

Okay, so now we're child Link again.
But we...kinda need to finish Jabu Jabu.
If you want to get the Lens of Truth first and finish the Well on a return run, go there now.
If you want to do the Well in one swoop, follow the guide.
Since we're child Link and we're in the market, go ahead and get that bullet bag from the shooting gallery. If you don't, your slingshot will be useless.
Once you do this, head on over to the bombchu bowling and get the piece of heart and bomb bag.

In fact, use this time to run any errands you may have, or to relax and gather some hearts.
Here's a checklist of things you should try to get accomplished.

  • Make sure that during your R&R you head to Kakariko and get the Skulltula rewards while you're there. If you want to get the lens of truth, go ahead. NOTE: If you didn't get the adult's wallet before the shadow gauntlets, then the guy that's supposed to give you this wallet will give you the giant's wallet. I don't know what will happen if you talk to the guy that's supposed to give you the giant's wallet, but I would save before doing it. It could put your maximum rupee count at 99 or worse, 0.
  • Go out and collect gold skulltulas
  • Get the pieces of heart that you couldn't get as an adult
  • Go and re-explore Dodongo's Cavern if you want. It isn't necessary at all, really.

Okay, so now you're ready.
Head to Zora's River and go through.
Buy some magic beans, too, while you're here.
And don't forget the frogs! The song of storms is a free heart piece from them!
Also, there are two heart pieces that you can reach via cucco flight. Don't forget them!
So now you're in the domain. Dive down into the lake hylia shortcut and nab Ruto's letter.
Go back and give it to the king. If he doesn't accept it, you'll have to use the King Zora Skip(child) glitch that is described above.
Once in the fountain, offer a fish to Jabu-Jabu.

Chapter Seven: I miss being an adult...
Alright, so now you're in Jabu-Jabu. You know what to do from here. If you don't, then you shouldn't even be glitching. Play right the first time!!

Anyhow, being a child is going to feel strange and alien to you, now. You've done the Deku Tree and Dodongo's Cavern as an adult, so now you're going to feel small, slow, and weak.
Try your hardest to readjust.
Okay, shoot the switch and head forwards. Ignore the biri or cut them and electrocute yourself.
Into the room with Ruto! Yay! Blah blah blah.
Hey watch out for that... *screams*
Great. Follow her.
Pick her up and take her through the door.
Toss her up onto the other side and then kill the stingers.
Now step on the switch and head over to the gold skulltula. Don't forget that there's a fairy there.
Okay, now pick her back up and get moving. Take her back to the room with holes and go on past all of them. Head either to the left or right, here. If I remember correctly, the boomerang is to the left and the map is to the right.
To get the boomerang, you just have to stand on the switch with Ruto on your head. Take her into the room.
To get the map, you have to leave her on the switch. Navi will tell you if it's the one you need to hold Ruto for by saying "This switch looks heavy" or something.

Now go on and kill the tentacles and then head to bigocto.
Okay, use the boomerang on the tongues and then use them to head into the next room.
Hop onto the bridge and watch as you ride it down to the first floor.
Now take a box and put it on the switch for the newly accessible door.
Go through and take out the biri with your boomerang.
Get the gold skulltula and climb up the ivy or whatever that is.
Target the switch and toss your 'rang at it.
Head through and fight Barinade.
This is the same normal boss battle as ever, so fight him like you usually would.
When you beat him, get the heart and get out.
Yay to the spiritual stones. Your collection's complete and you have the boomerang.
*If you couldn't get farore's wind before, do it now.

Take the spiritual stones to the market entrance and watch the sequence. Grab the Ocarina and the song of time.

Congratulations! Your game can now be finished normally and without glitches.
You can open the door of time with your song, and can play normally.
But I'll finish the game with you, so don't worry.

Now we need to head to Kakariko. Pop the well open with the song of storms and head on in.
Lower the water with Zelda's lullaby and head to the dead hand. Kill him and take the Lens.
Use it in this room for a shiny 200-rupee...rupee.
Head out and use it around the central structure. You can find several alcoves with keys around the outside.
Next, head to the basement through any hole you like.
Freeze the redead and take him out.
Now open up all of the passages and explore them. One of them has the map. This will help you BIG time in here.
One of the passages has numerous ReDeads. If you walk in there without freezing them, you're committing suicide. Make sure to always inspect the passage before running blindly ahead!

Alright, now grab the silver rupees and head up the ladders. If you can only find four, just climb up. The last one's next to the exit.
Okay, now that you're back up here, take the west passage into the coffin room.
Light the torches to open the corresponding coffins. When you find the key, you're done. Unless you WANT to open the rest and fight gibdos and keese...
So now you should have all the keys.
Time to explore.
Open the two rooms in the central structure (and grab the compass if you haven't already. Watch out for the holes with the Lens of Truth.)
Raid them of their skulltula tokens and other treasures. Now, head to the northeast corner of the area. Go through the door and follow this until you reach the end. Beware! There is a room with a TON of holes in the floor! ALWAYS inspect the rooms with the Lens of Truth!

Once you have all of the skulltulas (indicated by a gold skulltula on you dungeon map subscreen,) you're done. Leave however you want.
Now it's freetime again.
Use this to gather up any heart pieces and skulltulas that you need.
Here's another checklist:

  • Get the second piece of heart from the frogs. With all of the songs, you can make them all big and then play their game.
  • Purchase the remaining magic beans and plant them.
  • Get the gold skulltulas from bean holes.
  • Clear out the Zora's fountain of gold skulltulas. Don't forget to roll into the tree by the great fairy fountain!
  • Plant the bean in the Gerudo valley spot. It's a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way down...
Once you're down with your free time, head to the temple of time and get your sword back.

Chapter Eight: This is Monotony
Okay, so now we're back to adulthood.
We now have several options.
1. Complete the Fire Temple
2. Complete the Water Temple
3. Glitch our way into the Shadow Temple again and beat it
4. Head to the desert and do the Spirit Temple

What you choose is up to you.
I would advise against the Spirit Temple, though, since some chests are only accessible with the megaton hammer, and we don't have that, yet.

I'm going to provide Temple strategies in order of Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit.

Fire Temple: I'm Used to it; I'm from Alabama
Put on the most awesome tunic (goron, of course :rolleyes:) and head into the Fire Temple.
Go and talk to Darunia, then free the Goron.
Fun fact: The pillar is NOT the only way to reach the boss room. Put on your hover boots, run quickly, and start rolling to reach the boss room. You can't open it, but it's funny to go "You're WRONG, FOOL!"
Don't forget the key from the goron cell.
Head over to the next room.
Go north and use the song of time to call the block down. You can then reach the room with a skulltula and a like like.
Exit and use the song to move the block again. Head through and rescue the goron and take his key
Fun fact: You don't have to talk to the Gorons to free them. If you don't, they'll just disappear when you come back into the room.
Now head to the south part of the room. Bomb the wall and head through. Save the goron and whatnot.
Now get moving to the east door.
If you want, sink your longshot into the top of the grating to reach the block more quickly.
Hop down and push it onto the geyser.
Ride it up and enter the maze.
Clean out the bottom floor of the maze and head through the door. Don't forget to
A. Save the goron
B. Nab the skulltula
C. Memorize the layout
Now, use your bow to poke the eye and open the door. Grab the map and head back through the door.
Now go through the other door and into the room with the curtain of fire.
Follow the room to the end and enter the door.
Now you're on floor two of the maze.
Stop here and look up and to the right.
See what Navi's doing up there?
Play your little moonlight sonata to Pierre and then shoot him in the face with your longshot.
The official Nintendo Power guide says that you can't do this with the hookshot, but it is WRONG. It is VERY possible to do it with the hookshot.

Now hop to the next platform and ride it up.
Follow the path and head up to the top floor.
Get the skulltula and the chest. Use your longshot on the pillar to fly there quickly and then use it on the chest to get to it in time.
Now head back the way you came. OR if you feel like being badass, try to figure out where the thin strips of walkway are in the gap below and jump down.
Now you're back on floor two of the maze. Bomb the floor and save the goron, then head back up.
Save this goron and head back the fire curtain room.
Take the door with the keyhole and enter the second maze.
Head to the right and find your way to the compass room.
Now head to the left and find your way to the room with the trapped goron. You can't save him yet, so just go through the next door.
Head over to the switch and press it to deactivate the wall of fire. Quickly make your way past it and bomb the false wall and door.
Kill the flare dancer.
Pro Tips
The flare dancer is the single LAMEST enemy you'll ever fight. It looks so cool doing all that fancy crap, but when you use your hookshot/longshot on it, you pull the little guy RIGHT out of his clothes. Beat him until he hops back in the flames and then rinse and repeat. You can kill him before he ever gets the chance to attack you!

So now, take the block elevator and enter the next room. Step on the switch and follow the thin strip of walkway closest to the inside of the room. Once you reach the chest, take the hammer and hit the little pillar near the door where you entered.
Hop down and slam this next pillar into the ground. OH LOOK, STEPS!
Take a crate and head on down. Leave the crate on the switch and go through the door. Pound this pillar and follow it down.
Now you're back in maze #2.
Pound the rusted switch on the ledge behind you and enter the door. Pound the switch on the ledge across from you and save the goron.
Now go back where you entered and pound the big pillar. Ride it all the way down to where you saw Darunia, then go back to the entrance of the temple.
Pound the statue to the right of the steps and follow the puzzles and rooms until you reach the goron. Take the boss key and head to Volvagia.

Volvagia's a pushover. Trust me.
Oh, my god this boss is annoying.
He isn't even tough! Just annoying!
For starters, pound his head with the hammer when he appears out of a hole. Then, beat him senseless with your biggoron's sword.
Rinse and repeat.
When he flies around and makes rocks fall, run to the edge of the area and try to jump off. You'll grab the edge and act like you're climbing. Sit here until the rock shower wears off.
If you're a good shot, you can pelt him in the face with arrows as he flies around. If not, stick to the strategy of pound and hit.
When he dies, take the heart and listen to Darunia blabber on about how he's the sage and you're brothers and all that.
Great. Now let's go finish the water temple.

*If you didn't get the magic boost or couldn't because you're not playing on an N64, get it now.
And don't forget that piece of heart from the bean plant ride in the crater.

Water Temple: I KNEW You'd Be Back!
Alright, you've already completed most of this temple.
For starters, head back to where you got the longshot, not forgetting the gold skulltula in the waterfall room.
Play the song to get the block to disappear, then head into the dragon maze.
Follow it to the end, keeping your iron boots and Zora Tunic equipped.
If you get sucked near a whirlpool, just try to run back up. You CANNOT be sucked in with the boots on. You have to fall in from a wrong move.
Don't miss the skulltula here.
Get onto the platform at the end and open the grate with your bow and the eye switch.
Now, quickly sink your longshot into the target.
Follow this into the current room you visited earlier for a key. Exit through the door.

At this point, lower the water level to the ground and open the door where you found Ruto. Yay, Din's Fire!
Get the key and raise the water to half-full. Now, head back to the Ruto room and bomb the wall on the second floor.
Grab the key (or whatever it is) and get moving.
Don't forget to get the gold skulltula from the first floor south passage. You open the grate with a spin attack. This is the only way to hit the switch on the other side.

At this point, just finish exploring all the rooms you haven't been to, yet.
This isn't a full strategy guide, fool! This is a glitch guide!
Now go kill morpha.

Morpha: I'm Feelin' Probe-y!
This boss sucks. It's the most annoying one in the game. Seriously.
What you need to do is try to catch the nucleus with your longshot. Use manual aiming if you're a good shot.
Stay on the outside of the room. It's much easier.
Also, as Morpha takes more damage, he'll create more tentacles than just the one he's in. Watch out, because no one likes being grabbed from behind and slammed into a *bleep*ing wall of spikes.
Once you kick his ***, perform the usual routine.

Shadow Temple: No, it's not pitch Black, it's pitch African American!
Okay, now we're ready to tackle the shadow temple.
Head to Kakariko and get the song from sheik, who gets his *** kicked by what appears to be air.
Anyways, go on into the temple.
You already have the boots and map, so just point the statue in the right direction and open up the way to go.
Follow it and nab the keys from the room on the left. Next, grab everything from the room on the right, and then bomb the wall in front of you and head through.
Follow this path down into the bowels of the temple. Head left once you reach the central hub.
Hint: The stone umbrella is a big block. Find it with the lens of truth.
Grab the skulltula and key.
Head back out and go the other way. Get all the silver rupees, the last of which is in the beamos.
Go through and complete the puzzle and get the key.
Come back out and use your lens of truth to find the platforms to reach the next door.
Hint: Use the iron boots to walk through the wind.
Once you have to equip the hover boots, wait until IMMEDIATELY after the wind stops and then put them on and RUN.
Put your regular boots back on and run straight.
The door here has nothing but a couple gibdos and a chest with a heart or something. Head back out and use the lens of truth to see where you must go. Put those hover boots on and let the wind take you there.
The key in this room is under a pile of garbage. Use bombs to blow it up.
Find the chest with your lens.
Now go through the door and kill the ReDeads. Use the lens to help you collect all the silver rupees, then go through the door on the left and get the key from the big spinning thingies.
Now head back and use the lens to find the longshot target on the ceiling. Go through the door.
If I'm correct, you're now in the room with the ferry. Use the block on the left to reach the ladder on the right. Climb aboard the ferry and look over to the structure which the block was under. Play that scarecrow song and greet pierre with a metal hook in his head.
Take the skulltula and head back to the ferry. Play the lullaby and wait.
Kill a stalfos.
Kill two stalfos.
Hop off to the left when the ferry starts sinking.

Head to the right and into a very different maze.
This maze is the opposite of false walls: INVISIBLE WALLS!
Follow it to the first door.
Raid the room and get to the second door. Again, raid the room and head to the last door.
Use Din's Fire to burn the spikes, then kill the ReDeads and take the boss key. Exit the maze and go back to where your ship sank.
If you look to the other side, you'll see a large statue with the same design as the front of the ferry.
Shoot the bomb flowers on the ground near it with arrows.
It falls. Use it to cross, and then head through the door. If you need more hearts, there's a small pillar which you can reach via the song of time, and then there's a ledge which you can reach by calling Pierre. Poor Pierre...Link just uses him like he's some cheap whore...and what's worse, he always gets a large metal hook in his face. What if he decided to put a large, metal hook in Link's face one day?

Anyways, go on into the room with the invisible platforms. Use the lens to find your way to the boss room.
Head inside and get ready for Bongo Bongo.
I'm not going to bother with strategy. Just equip the kokiri boots and shoot his hands with arrows, then put an arrow in his eye with the Lens of Truth.
Now beat the s**t out of him with the biggoron's sword.
Yay. You won.

Spirit temple time.
Gerudo Fortress/Haunted Wasteland
For starters, mount your trusty steed and get your bum over to the valley. Hop the gap and go into the fortress. Get captured.
Use your longshot to get out of your cell, but don't jump down, yet. First, use your bow to take out any guards that make you uneasy.
Now head over to the crates and enter the door on the left.
Save the carpenter.
Pro Tips
These Gerudos are NO pushovers. They aren't strong, but they'll knock you out COLD. If that spin attack hits you, you're caught.
Use the Biggoron's sword to penetrate their defenses. They can't even block it if you thrust (towards the enemy and :cool: while close to them.
Leave the way you came.
Enter the other door.
To save time, I'm omitting the other locations. Go read the strategy guide if you must know where they are.
If you want to get the ice arrows now, go ahead. I'll tell you now that there is one hidden key.
It is in the maze where the ice arrow is. Go through the door immediately in front of you when you enter the training ground, and then unlock the door to your left. Examine the ceiling with the lens of truth and you'll find the place where the key is.
Climb the wall to reach it.

Also, you can get the big quiver while you're here.
And two pieces of heart: One from archery and one on top of the fortress.
Now go over to the desert.
Either put on the hover boots and walk across the quicksand or use the longshot on one of the boxes on the other side.
Now follow the flags to the structure.
Go inside and take the spider, then get the purple rupee by lighting the torches.
Head up top and use your lens to find the spirit guide.
Follow him and head to the colossus. Get Nayru's love, enter the temple, and come back out.
Get the song from sheik, head back into the temple, and move the silver block. Did you forget about your shadow gauntlets? They have the power of the golden gauntlets, you know!
Go through the temple like normal.
If you want to go through as a child, go ahead. BUT DO NOT GET THE SILVER GAUNTLETS!!!! YOU WILL LOSE THE SHADOW GAUNTLETS!!! Just jump down or warp back to the temple of time once you reach the gauntlets.
Okay, now go through as usual and reach Twinrova.
Kill her and get out of there.
Alright, now we're ready to finish the game.

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WOW. I hit the text limit!

So here's the final chapter!

Final Chapter: I Told You I'd be Back
Okay, now we're ready to take out Ganondorf.
First, go and finish collecting everything. Once you have all of the heart pieces and skulltulas and whatnot, you are ready.

Head to the temple of time.
What? Sheik was Zelda? What a shock. I never could've guessed since Sheik acted so (wo)manly.
Get the arrows, curse Ganondorf's name, and head to the castle.
Go inside and enter the main chamber.
From here, you have two options. If you don't feel like taking down the barriers, head into the spirit room (first on the left.)
Once in here, take an armos and push it up against the wall with the door you entered. Now, stand at an angle towards where the armos meets the wall and equip the biggoron's sword and hover boots. Next, start thrusting into the wall and you should go through it. Now, try and find your way over the bridge (you have to use the spirit room to judge your position, since you can't see where you're walking.)
Walk into the tower and begin the final stage.

If you want to go through the rooms, be my guest.
Don't forget the fairy fountain under the bridge you just crossed to get into the tower (AND NOT THE RAINBOW ONE. The one in the actual room with the entrance to Ganon's TOWER. Don't go killing yourself outside!)
So now we're in the tower. Great.
Do the puzzles and get to Ganondorf.
Blah blah blah.
Tennis match time!
Pro Tips
If he starts to charge up a black ball, shoot him with a light arrow. Otherwise, just bat the energy back and forth until you get your chance.
If you're good enough, you can take him out with one volley of hits from the biggoron's sword. Use the stab feature to deal double damage (use R to crouch and then press B to stab. This attack does damage equal to the damage of your last attack. If you jump attack and then stab, you'll do double damage with your stab!)

He dies...kinda.
Get out with Zelda.

Ganon time.
Use the biggoron's sword to smack him in the tail. You can blind him with light arrows, too.
When the master sword becomes available, grab it and equip it. It makes you use it to damage him. The biggoron's sword will never kill him.

Rinse and repeat the previous tactic until he falls. Now, smack him in the face.
You win.

Congratulations! You now have a 100% file with the shadow gauntlets!
Your buddies are going to be SOOO jealous!

This guide has been entirely the work of Neo, with video credits going to the two Youtube authors whose work has been used in this guide.

Thanks for reading! Please give me some feedback on how helpful it was to you!
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