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Zelda Art The Rise of Evil


Sage of Tales
Alright, all ya'll know that thread over in World of Zelda a while back where someone asked if we'd ever get a Zelda game with Ganondorf as the player-character/protagonist? And someone pointed out how it wouldn't work, so I responded by coming up with a scenario where it could?

Well, I've decided to fan fic it. The last time I did (co-did) a long fanfiction in the style of a Zelda game, it was quite successful (well-received despite or even because of the alternate universe content). I've decieded to see if I could pull off something like that again.

Anyway, the "creatively" named The Legend of Zelda: Rise of Evil is a story that attempts to run with a game-scenario of Ganondorf as progatognist, but like any good fan fiction, will be narrative and delving into details one would not get in an actual game.

Chapters will be linked here when done, as long as the board lets me edit this post. (I did not want to copy-paste here because I have too much delecate formatting I'm too lazy to correct so you'll have to put up with it being on fanfiction network).


The Legend of Zelda: Rise of Evil

Chapter 1: Ganondorf's Awakening

Chapter 2: Our Strength

Chapter 3: The Battle of Tantari

Chapter 4: Forest Fire

Chapter 5: A Hero in the Land
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Jul 4, 2010
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i care. i think it's really interesting to see something from ganondorf's point of view. i also like how you really did make it like a zelda game (i can just imagine myself playing this) plz keep it up :)


Sage of Tales
Chapter 5 is up, but I'm frequently getting page errors in accessing it. Got it up to link by luck.

Opinions: Should I just scrap this thread and create a new one by which I get un-lazy and copy-paste and format direct posts of chapters here? I'll have to really pay attention to my formatting and do a lot of work for it, but it will mean that it'll be up here, not just on fanfiction dot net's wonky system.

The thing is, I need to know if it's worth the formatting work to direct post here. ARE PEOPLE READING THIS? And do you want it direct posted?


didn't build that
It can be rather frustrating to get people to read any fanfiction, even if it's well-written.

It may benefit you to post it here, but then again, it may be simpler to keep it on fanfiction.net. If it's not TOO much trouble, perhaps you should post the whole chapters here and not just links since I currently can't access it.

I started the first chapter and liked it, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it. I'll offer a critique once I do. :) The concept is really not up my alley--I think Ganondorf's a good villain, but neither sympathize with nor care for his personal story. However, what I've read so far is well-written enough to hold my interest even given my personal biases. I'll definitely finish it, and I hope other members of ZD do as well.


Sage of Tales
I *am* trying to humanize him a little (because even the most evil of evil dictators had little human quirks, if you research history), and I see him as a rather elegant villain, sometimes polite to his enemies - if he feels like it, but I am trying to keep him very evil. It's just, like any good tyrant, he has personal mental justifications for his actions - but I'm trying to make them "not hold water" or everything be overbalanced by the evil.

I really don't like it in *any* fanfiction for *any* fandom - people "woobie-fying" the Big Bad. Ganondorf is evil. I do not want to weep for him. I want him to make me shudder. So, that's how I'm trying to write him - and the human touches, I hope, will make the shudder more intense.

(Frankly, one of the most disturbing photographs I've seen on the Internet was not bloody, gorey, or sexual. It was an old photo group of young men playing with kittens. The young men happened to be NAZIS. It's that kind of "human touch to evil people" that I find makes things scary - the "touch of gray" that says that "someone evil is just a bit like me"). It's something like that I'm trying to get at - the Big Bad is still the Big Bad, but has enough "human" in him to make him three-dimensional, and thus, all the more frightening.

Ganondorf normally isn't my favorite character, either, actually - but disscussion on this board of what a game for him might be like just really inspired me to try writing it out in fic form.


wow, i just finished chapter 1. you are extremely talented! amazing. please continue this!! :)
Jun 24, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I'm actually really looking forward to reading these! I've only read about half of the first chapter; I don't really have time with so much school work to do right now, but I'll get around to it eventually. Looks very interesting. Also, I don't mind the links, I'd personally suggest you keep with them, as apposed to having to go through pages of posts to read the comments. Either way doesn't matter to me though, keep up the good work!


Sage of Tales
Currently, I'm letting things rest. I have my plans, but I need to cool my writing pace a little.

This is also because I've been called upon by my signficant other to read and edit a rather massive, original sci-fi novel of his that he wishes to prepare for publication with a possible interested party. So, I have been busy doing that. Cooling my creativity heels a little bit to do editing work. It's more important than fan fiction.

Been doing a little writing, but I think it will help the story if I'm "on pause" for a little bit.


Sage of Tales
Once again, since I cannot edit the first post anymore:

Chapter 7: Double-Helix

The fall of the last of the principal Sages, a secret revealed about the last free Gerudo tribe, and the next to final chapter of this beast.

After I post the last chapter, I may have this thread scrapped in favor of posting the story straight-up here. I'll have to buck up and do the necessary edits. Might be cleaner that way.

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