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The Return of Magic in Zelda

Oct 2, 2010
Faron Woods
Ever since Wind Waker the Zelda series began to ignore the implementation of magic and magic bars in Link's toolset. Magic has been present in most Zelda gales but recently it seems the developers aren't interested to include it anymore in the series. When SS was announced I was expecting the game to have magic in it, but at the end we didn't have any magic implemented like in previous games. And it doesn't make much sense for a game with so many RPG elements to ignore a bar that regulates magical prowess.

I miss magic because magic allowed you to do many creative things in the game. In Ocarina the different spells allowed you to attack at all angles, return to a certain point and protect yourself to all attacks. You could infuse your arrows with fire or freeze enemies with ice. In MM the tranformations could improve. There are so many more uses they can add if Nintendo brings magic back and that is what I hope they do for future installments.
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Just Some Dude
Apr 13, 2012
I don't think the developers have abandoned magic intentionally, but it's something that has been loss in the shuffle of game design from time to time. With more and more focus on developing items, magic is something that can be hard to work in. For everything that could be done through magic, there's an item you can use or create to solve that problem. Heck, we might not have had magic in OoT, if it weren't for a late change in how the medallions worked.

That said, I really hope magic makes a come-back and isn't side-lined in the future due to a lack of original ideas for it.


The Inquirer
Apr 4, 2012
I guess its the same case why they didn't include great fairies, they probably didn't feel they needed it. I think the return of magic would be nice, but it doesn't really bother me if they do or don't.


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
I don't think Nintendo has completely abandoned the idea of the magic Meter, as Twilight Princess was originally supposed to have magic. But Nintendo introduced many new meters in SS, like your Stamina and your shield's sturdiness, so SS didn't really need the Magic Meter to make gameplay more interesting. In any case, I'm sure our friends over in Nintendo are mulling the feature over and I would hope they bring it back in future titles.
I believe recent Zelda titles have been building towards a more mechanical gaming style. Fighting is now more physical oriented than ever before especially in Skyward Sword. Magic unfortunately would be out of place in these installments.

Nevertheless, I do not believe this is the last we'll see of the feature. There are worlds of possibilities open with the inclusion of the magic meter and I believe we may see it return as soon as Zelda 3DS or Wii U. Time to brace yourself for more goodness. ;)


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Feb 8, 2011
No doubt the developers will intend to bring it back in the future, but for now I think they're just trying out different things. As ALIT mentioned, they're focusing more on the physical motions of the player and character. All the items in Skyward Sword required some sort of action on our part, which heavily suggests, before anything else, a move toward what he pointed out. I'm not certain it will go down that way, but I personally consider it a likelier possibility.

Should magic return in a later installment, I think Nintendo will include several more uses for it than the tradition "elemental" arrows or charged spin attacks. In regards to a more magic-based formula, I'm hoping they work more on producing a system where we can cast spells. I don't mean a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts system, but something that'd fit Zelda perfectly. Perhaps the spells from Adventure of Link could return, or more magical items like Din's Fire or Nayru's Love from Ocarina of Time, only different items with different abilities altogether.


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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove
I think it would be neat, but aside from items that required magic to use I never cast spells. I have never had it be a hindrance because there is magic plentifully in the pots and grass, and I never run out.
Jan 2, 2012
Yes, that would be nice to have magic like in OoT. I don't even care if they have no original ideas, Din's fire is just plain cool.
Mar 20, 2012
Clock Town, Termina
I miss magic...
TP: Rupees=magic: Bad plan
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SS: Hold your sword up to the sky and hope for the best...

Magic bars allowed for powerful but weighted items like the Cane of Byrna, Magic Cape, and three Medallions in A Link the Past, arguably some of Zelda's best implementations of magic. You could be invincible or really powerful for a price. It was really cool and I miss those kinds of choices in Zelda. The lack of magic and even of other weapon-like items forces players to use one particular item in each area, plus the sword. Magical and otherwise weighted items allowed for a semi-RPG-ish individuality.
Dec 10, 2011
Pocatello, ID
I like magic in Zelda games. In Twilight Princess I think it was suppose to have it. I think that Link should have had magic in Twilight Princess because Zelda was able to make light arrows and revive Midna, Ganon was able to control Zelda, turn into a beast, and overpower the magic of the Twilight Queen (Midna). So what I am saying is that there was magic within Wisdom and Power, but Link did not have anything really except maybe the hidden skills from the Hero's Shade.
Apr 6, 2012
I LOVED having magic! I really wish they would bring it back! The lack of magic just makes it feel so unlike LoZ, that it feels like any other game. I don't play Zelda for it to be jsut any other game, I play cause it's awesome, ALL of the experience. I think magic was a really important element in the original games, and taking it away is really hurting the series...

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